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River Walk (San Antonio) The River Walk located in historic San Antonio is the city's most popular attraction. A central place for all of the city's lively action the area is filled with filled with children, tourists and locals. The heart of the River Walk is a collection of restaurants, shops and nightclubs, accented with fountains and majestic trees. Events and festivals are a common occurrence and the area is particularly crazy during Fiesta.

Dallas Zoo The Dallas Zoo is a 114-year-old refuge that more than 95 acres of exotic animals call home. An enormous 67 1/2 foot tall giraffe stature greets visitors of the zoo and has been named the tallest statue in Texas. The zoo features a chimpanzee forest, gorilla center and more! Of special note is the quarter-mile nature trail dotted with six natural habitats. Visitors can walk the trail, or jump aboard a 20-minute monorail ride that costs extra.

Tunnel Walks The enormous underground tunnel system is located downtown Houston. What visitors find beneath may amaze them. The tunnels are home to restaurants, hotels, gift shops and more. Major buildings of the area are connected by the massive underground tunnel system. Be sure to pick up a tunnel map, or schedule a Tunnel Tour; you won't want to get lost.

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