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Mahe - The biggest of the Seychelles islands and also the economic and cultural hub of the inner islands. It's capital, Victoria, is the only major port in the Seychelles and is set against an awesome backdrop of 1000m high granite peaks. Victoria,is one of the smallest capital cities in the world, and also the only town in the country - every other settlement is a village.

Bird Island The Seychelles most northerly island, once known as Lie aux Vaches, because of the sea cows that thrived there.. This is a privately owned island that stands at the forefront of Eco tourism as there are several conservation programmers running on the island. Bird Island is one of the principal nesting sites for the sooty tern and also hosts populations of lesser noddie and fairy terns. From May to November the spectacular colony of Sooty Terns can be seen raising their young. Marine Life life here is varied and interesting.

Cousin island - Has been a nature reserve since 1968, and is home to several endangered species, as well as being a breeding ground for seabirds and turtles. The rarest birds are the brush warbler and magpie robin, and occasionally a white-tailed tropic bird, the emblem of Réunion and Mauritius apperas. The island is also home to two very old tortoises, George and Georgina, who follow visitors around hoping to get their necks stroked.

La Digue - One three central islands in the Seychelles made granite. One of the main attractions on La Digue is rock climbing. The great block and cliff-faces offer some magnificent climbing opportunities.


Anse Aux Pins and Turtle Bay - This long stretch of coastline has narrow beaches and shallow waters that lie close to the coastal road. It's a wonderful walk with all sorts of marine life to be seen trapped in rock pools.

Anse Intendance This beach is half a mile of powder white sand and enormous breakers. The waves are larger than most of the other beaches as there is no reef, making it suitable for surfing. It is also a fabulous beach for sunbathing.

Anse Lazio - The best beach on Praslin and one of the best in the country The beach has soft ,white sand, granite boulders water that is a gorgeous turquoise colour and snorkelling at the quiet end of the beach. There's even a really good restaurant at the end of the beach road.

Lazio - The beaches east of Lazio are protected by a beautiful reef, which makes the water like a giant jacuzzi - it's warm, shallow and safe.

Moving around

Air - The local carrier runs frequent flights to Praslin, Frégate, Desroches, Bird and Denis Island, and on occasions charter flights to other islands. Helicopters also fly to a few of the other islands.

Ferries - Run regularly between Mahe, Praslin and la Digue.Other islands can reached by chartering a boat.

Bus - A service operates throughout Mahe, and there's a limited service available on Praslin.

Car and Taxis - Car hire is available and taxis run on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, the fares are set by the government.

Walking and Cycling - Bicycles for hire can be found on Praslin and La Digue, but not so much on Mahe. Walking is probably the best way to get around on most of the islands, distances are relatively short and the scenery is beautiful.

National festival and holidays

Subios - This festival is held for 3 weeks in November to celebrate Seychelles' underwater world. It attracts internationally recognized underwater experts in filmmaking, conservation and photography. Competitions are held in photography, painting and video to help promote awareness of the delicate beauty of the natural world underwater. Hotels on Mahe and Praslin host presentations by the experts and admittance is free.

Festival Kreol This is the major non-Christian event in the Seychelles and was set up to preserve and promote the Créole culture. It is held every year around the end of October. The festival lasts a week and is an exciting celebration of Creole culture, ranging from its cuisine, fashion, art and music to traditional Creole dance. The festival draws in Creole artists from all over the world to take part in exciting street theatre performances.

Round Table Beau Vallon Regatta Held in August/September the regatta comprises of Yacht races, a swimming competition and tugs-of-war on the beach.

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