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Brunswick Restaurants

Star Fish Grill - 100 Pleasant St, the seafood served in this intimate restaurant has made it the favourite place to dine in Maine. Although it is not located in the prettiest part of town, the atmosphere and service, make it the perfect place for a fun evening with good food and good cheer.

Pizza Hut 2992 C Road, enjoy full-service dining or grab a take-away from one of America's best-loved eateries. Who does not know or enjoy the classic pizzas made by the experts at Pizza Hut?

Chan's Chinese Cuisine 1797 Pearl Road, there is something about Chinese food that makes eating it a special event for one's taste buds, and Chan's Chinese Cuisine gives them a royal celebration.

Tommy's Take Out 5928 Ridge Road, when the day has come to a close, and your energy levels are also coming to an end, spoil yourself and grab some ready–cooked take-away's from Tommy's. After all, you wouldn't do the barking if you had a dog, so why do the cooking when Tommy's around?

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