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Montauk Travel Guide

Montauk Local History

The windy coastal city of Montauk was originally intended as a resort at the furthest tip of Long Island. Unfortunately after the Wall Street Crash of 1929 it didn't quite turn out as such. The city isn't exactly stylish or picturesque, but it does allow easy access to one of the best look out points of Long Island, the Montauk Point.

Nearby on the South Fork of the 125 mile Long Island is where all the incredibly rich Manhattan dwellers have their massive summer mansions. Summer time the island is flooded with people trying to regain their sanity after a busy work year in New York.

Montauk Attractions

Top Attractions

Montauk Point Lighthouse Construction finished on this 86-ft high lighthouse in 1796 making it the oldest lighthouse in New York State. Attempt to climb the 138 spiraling steps on a clear day and you'll be rewarded with magnificent views across the Long Island Sound to Connecticut and Rhode Island. (Tel: 668-2544)

Will-o-the-Wisp If viewing landscapes isn't very exciting or adventurous for you then attempt the climb of the lighthouse again on a foggy day. You just might catch a glimpse of the Will-o-the-Wisp, a ghostly clipper ship under full sail with a lantern hanging from its mast. Experts claim that the ship is only a mirage formed by the presence of phosphorus in the atmosphere.

Okeanos Whale Watch Cruise Those of you with decent sea legs will want to take one of the exciting whale watching trips at Okeanos Whale Watch Cruise. They take you out on one of their vessel to spot fin, minke, and humpback whales. Trips are quite expensive but last for 6 hours. It's a great way to spend the day. (Tel: 728-4522)

East Hampton Take an afternoon drive, around the South side of the Island, through what must be the most trendiest and wealthy of all the Hampton areas. It's filled with stylish shops, restaurants and the massive mansions of celebrities like Steven Spielberg, Jerry Seinfeld and Martha Stewart.

The Lakeside Clam Bar serving the freshest seafood on the East End. Great frozen drinks, sunsets and live music. A true vacation spot.
submitted by Robert, 17/04/06

Montauk Restaurants and Bars

Montauk Restaurants

The Lobster Roll Just off the highway is the Lobster Roll, which is rated the ultimate Montauk dining experience. The eponymous sandwich is just one of the excellent fresh fish dishes which are on offer here. (Tel: 267-3740)

Westlake Clam & Chowder House As you sit down at this sea side restaurant, you can see the fisherman bring in their catch and if you like can have it delivered to your table via the kitchen within minutes. Also give the delicious sushi a try. (Tel: 668-3050)

Sen Another one of the incredible sushi bars in the area has to be the superb Sen. Located amongst the several good, less expensive restaurants along Main Street. Sag Harbor (Tel: 725-1774)

Montauk Bars & Clubs

Boom Bistro The club of the moment is the insanely popular Boom Bistro, which lies just across the street from Baron's Cove. It's the perfect place for those night owls who are looking for big pumping bass beats and some small meals. Sag Harbor

Jet East Just like the name implies this exclusive upscale nightclub will jet club goers off to the Far East for a night's entrainment. The clubs super-rich locals often fork out hundreds of dollars to reserve Saturday night tables. Southampton

Stephen Talkhouse This terrific bar and music club is the perfect place to go partying on the weekends. Stephen Talkhouse is a very lively place and often gets well-known folk, jazz, and rock performers year-round to come and play. 161 Main Street, Amagansett. (Tel: 267-3117)

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