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Corning Travel Guide

Corning Attractions

Corning Parks & Gardens

Finger Lakes Wine Country - This lovely outdoor area has many attractions. Walk by a waterfall, take a cruise on a glacial lake. And explore the second largest wine producing region in the in New York.

Spencer Crest Nature Centre - provides environmental, educational and recreational activities in its 250 acres and 7 miles of trails.

Corning Restaurants and Bars

Corning Restaurants

Aniello's Pizza - 68-70 East Market Street. The pizzas here are excellent.

Keuka Maid Dinner Boat - P.O. Box 339 Hammondsport. The dinner cruises here are a good way to enjoy the local cuisine whilst taking the sites.

London Underground Café Market Street. This is a favourite eating place for many locals and tourists. It is a high calibre restaurant which has been given a high rating by the AAA and and has been recommended by the New York Times and Travel and Leisure magazine.

DeClemente's Deli & Restaurant - 30 West Market Street. If you are planning a picnic buy your supplies here or alternatively have a lovely meal in.

Old World Cafe and Ice Cream - 1 Baron Steuben Place. American ice-cream is world famous, try one here and see why.

Corning Bars & Clubs

Market Street Brewing Company 63 Market Street. This is one of the best meeting places around. The beer! Ranges from the lite and refreshing to the dark and strong. The menu of gourmet beers and ales is extensive. There is often live music from the areas hottest bands on offer.

Glory Hole Pub & Eatery - 74 East Market Street. This is a good place to have a drink in a convivial atmosphere.

The Gaffer Grille and Taproom - 58 West Market Street. This comfortable bar is a good place to sit and enjoy a good chat.

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