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Princeton Travel Guide

Princeton Local History

Princeton is one of the most historical towns in the United States. It was the sight of the Battle of Princeton, which helped raise American morale following their victory. The city served briefly as the capital of the United States after the Revolution when the Continental Congress met in the town from June to November 1783.

Today the town is most famous for being the home of Princeton University, one of the country's finest Ivy League University's.

Princeton Attractions

Princeton Parks & Gardens

Barbara Smoyer Memorial Park This park has ball/playing fields, fishing, ice skating, picnic areas, playgrounds and walking trails.

Princeton Community Park Contains an amphitheatre, has facilities for picnicking, fishing and ice-skating. It is also noted for its wildlife and wild flowers.

Mary Moss Park This small park has a swimming pool, playground and picnic area.

Princeton Battleground Park This park contains historical structures as well as picnic areas, playfields and trails.

Princeton Restaurants and Bars

Princeton Restaurants

Tre Piani This upscale restaurant is to be found at 120 Rockingham Road. The pricing is expensive but the quality is excellent. The food is mainly Mediterranean and is open for lunch and dinner. Reservations are recommended.

Good Time Charley's Located five minutes north of town, this is the place for a good time in Princeton. The restaurant has been in operation since 1969 and serves good food including a variety of meat dishes, pastas, poultry and seafood dishes.

Halo Cafe This incredibly popular ice cream parlour has only two tables and in summer the line goes around the block! The servings are excellent and really cheap at $1 for a cappuccino.

Princeton Bars & Clubs

Catch a Rising Star Comedy Club With out a doubt one of the best attractions of Princeton as far as non-historical attractions go. This 190-seat venue is in the Hyatt Regency Hotel where you can get a dinner and show package. Thursday night is ladies night out and non-smokers catch a break on smoke free Wednesday nights.

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