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Piscataway Travel Guide

Piscataway Local History

The Town of Piscataway was founded in 1666. The area was bought from the local Lenape Indians who thrived in the area, which offered good hunting and fishing.

In the 18th century mansions were built by some of the rich families, roads started to appear and bridges were built over rivers. In the 19th century, industry slowly replaced the farms and a variety of tradesmen made the town their home.

Today, Piscataway is no longer a large farming community, but a small industrial town.

Piscataway Attractions

Piscataway Parks & Gardens

Johnson Park This county park has a playground, bike paths, a racetrack and picnic areas.

Piscataway Restaurants and Bars

Piscataway Restaurants

Ellington's Restaurant This casual restaurant is an excellent choice for either lunch or dinner while you are in town. The prices are moderate and reservations are welcomed. The menu offers a balanced range of dishes to suit most appetites. The address is 121 Centennial Avenue.

Peking Duck House Located at 411 Piermont Road, this place is a good choice for dinner especially if you are vegetarian. The atmosphere is friendly and family orientated and the service is good. On Friday night there is a seafood buffet between 6 and 9.30pm.

Piscataway Bars & Clubs

Jug House This pub, located at 1106 S. Washington Avenue is a popular brewpub among the twenty and thirty year olds that frequent it.

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