Laughlin Travel Guide

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Laughlin Travel Guide

Laughlin Local History

In the 1940's a small settlement began that consisted of a motel and bar that catered to gold and silver miners and the construction workers who built Davis Dam. However, one the dam was completed and the construction worker left, business fell flat. In 1964 Don Laughlin bought the property built a motel and bar and offered good and cheap meals. the Laughlin family were the only permanent residents.

When the postal service insisted Don Laughlin give the town a name, he chose Riverside, but they used Laughlin and so it was on the map.

The orignal motel (now the Riverside Resort) was extended and revamped in 1972 and again in 1986 along with other developments which lead to the huge tourist attraction it is today.

Laughlin Attractions

Laughlin Shopping

Horizon Outlet Center - With 55 shops, food outlets, a market, 9 cinimas and indoor parking, you should be able to do all the indoor shopping you need. The center is open 7 days a week and is situated smack bang in the middle of the casino district - so have plenty of money on you.

Laughlin Parks & Gardens

Lake Mohave/Lake Mead National Recreation Area - There are 200 miles of shoreline with coves and secluded areas to explore. With the wildlife, fishing, boating, camping, water skiing, organised hiking, it is the perfect place to unwind and take in the natural beauty. For further info please call the Ranger Station at (928) 754-3272.

Big Bend State Recreation Area - Just five miles south of Laughlin on the Needles Highway, for further info call 702-298-1859 or visit

Laughlin Restaurants and Bars

Laughlin Restaurants

Alta Villa - Famingo, Laughlin - serves seafood. Continental, gourmet and Italian. Meals are priced at under $30.

Beef Baron - Famingo, Laughlin - serves excellent steaks and American style food for under $25.

Boarding House Restaurant - Pioneer Hotel - is everything wrapped into one. From a coffee shop and diner to seafood buffet you are looking at meals for under $25.

General - With Laughlin being made up of so many hotels and casinos, there literally restaurants on every corner. They are all relatively good as the tourist trade is so big, they need to offer good food and service in order to stay in business.

Laughlin Bars & Clubs

Losers Lounge - in Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort - Tel (702) 298-2535 x616 - For live rock and roll/Top 40 bands from Tuesday through to Saturday nights.

Kokopelli's Lounge - Edgewater - Tel (702) 298-24531 - Something is always on the go - kareaoke on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Oldies and live entertainment.

Tarzan's Nightclub - Golden Nugget - Tel (702) 298-7111 - Offers live entertainment or DJ from Thursdays to Saturdays

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