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Billings Travel Guide

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Billings Parks & Gardens

Western Treasures - 4533 Palisades Park Drive, If you have more than a week here, try to book for this adventure of a lifetime in the beautiful Absaroka and Beartooth Mountains. Learn to fend for yourself in the wilds and you may even be lucky enough to fight a grizzly single handed. There is a well trained guide to help find your way around. Get the cowboy experience with beans round the fire.

Lake Elmo State Park - This 64 acre park is to be found in Billings Heights. The lake is popular in the summer for swimming, fishing and boardsailing. There are plenty of nature trails to see the big beautiful country all around.

Pictograph Cave State Park - This is where the original Billing residents lived. The caves were carved into the sandstone cliffs by the wind and water. You will explore 3 caves on the guided trip and see the ancient artefacts discovered here. The park itself is a state treasure and locals are proud of their heratage.

Billings Restaurants and Bars

Billings Restaurants

Fifth and Diner of Billings - 2816 King Avenue West, This restaurant is very popular with the locals and you are advised to come hungry. The ever changing menu contains good old home cooked American fare. Great portions and good value here.

The Lucky Diamond Restaurant - 27 N. 27th. Street, Located 20 floors up in the Sheraton Hotel. Elegant dining morning, noon and night and the best views of the town. The restaurant cooks a magnificent 100% beefburger and what the chef can do with a steak is no ones business. In fact all the food is first class and a fine wine list adds to your enjoyment.

Red Robin -1603 Grand Avenue. Local families have been loving this place for years and their consitant standard and extensive menu is testimont to that. Gourmet burgers are served with relish. The barman also comes up some really great and original cocktails. So if you are in town this is a dining gem.

Travel Cafe - 313 N. Broadway. This place is unique as it serves as a travel agency and internet cafe. Their speciality coffees are arguably the best in town. So if you want to see if there is life outside Billings and enjoy a snack, then this is IT.

Billings Bars & Clubs

The Den - 1603 Grand Avenue. The laid back atmosphere suits a more sophisticated crowd, despite the name! A great mix of cocktails are served and live music can be heard. If you are into a little flutter there is a separate little casino to suit. So for a quiet evening where you can hear each other speak try this!

Doc and Eddy's - 1403 Main Street, There is more to this restaurant/bar/casino than it's central location. The 40 one armed bandits are a popular local hang out. Great big portions of steak to satisfy the most hungry and the bar is well stocked.

Underground - 1002 1st Ave N, This popular night club is about 20km from town, and you can do a full wine taste from around the world, If you have swallowed then the dance floor is open to all.

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