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Greenville Travel Guide

Greenville Local History

This area of Mississippi was inhabited for thousands of years by the Native Americans. In 1827 the Washington County was organized and became the 22nd county of the state. The town of Greenville established in 1828 was named for the Revolutionary war hero Nathaniel Greene. George Washington after whom the state is named was a close friend of Nathaniel Greene.

Greenville was burnt to the ground during the Civil War when troops landed here and the residents began firing at them. Because of its location Greenville was rebuilt and became a major port on the Mississippi river. It was a centre for manufacture, retail shopping, gaming and entertainment. It was also the heart of agriculture research facilities and processing plants.Greenville has survived, flood, fires, tornadoes and ice storms and still survived. It is a town that's community comes together in a crisis, which has made it stronger.

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