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Greenwood Greenwood has turned into a working plantation producing cattle, hay and pecans. It was originally built in 1830 and is the original Greek Revival plantation house survived the Civil War and post-war economic recession. Greenwood burnt down in 1960 and has since then been rebuilt and houses many period antiques.

Creole Nature Trail This world famous 180-mile drive through vast marshland shows the natural habitat for alligators, migratory fowl, exotic birds & wildlife. This is a beautiful and educational drive as well as the land that trail is on.

Mardi Gras If you are planning a trip to New Orleans it is a must that you plan your dates around the city's biggest party of the year and one of the best known in the entire world. Parties begin in the morning and continue on through the night. Visitors will enjoy beautiful floats and costumes, parades, food, drink and more.

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