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Harrisburg Travel Guide

Harrisburg Local History

In 1893, at Chicago's World Columbian Exposition, a young professor named Fredrick Turner proclaimed the 'closing of the American Frontier.' It seems appropriate that such as proclamation was made in Illinois, as it was known for its vast prairies and the arability of its soil. But now a day the fate of the prairie continues to play out, with legislators dishing out urban agendas and farming interests.

The harsh mix of both north and south goes down quite easy for most state residents, despite causing some political indigestion. Perhaps they follow the words stressed by a lanky native son, Abe Lincoln, who quoted the bible verse 'a house divided against itself cannot stand.'

Harrisburg Attractions

Harrisburg Shopping

Like most of the other small towns in Illinois don't expect to find something that is totally unique to the area, as Illinois stood out more for its agricultural produce than anything else.

But if you're in the mood for the usual holiday knick knack type gifts, you'll be sure to find plenty.

A huge Eastland Mall in nearby Evansville has most of the major chain stores, such as Gap, Talbots, Victoria's Secret, Body Shop and Disney.

These stores provide plenty of gifts and items that can be bought at reasonable prices.

The Mall is closed on major holidays though.

Harrisburg Activities

Harrisburg Restaurants and Bars

Harrisburg Restaurants

Gingerbread Man - It's hard to miss the Gingerbread Man. Green, red and gold on the outside, its cheerful facade opens off Market Street into what might be a bit of old Dublin. Open the menu and, once you're past the beers, you'll find some great tasting food such as the New York deli-style sandwiches, six-ounce burgers, grilled-chicken breast sandwiches, monster salads and tacos. (312 Market St) (Tel: 717-221-8400)

Bonanza Steakhouse - It's been more than 35 years since Bonanza Steakhouses began serving affordable steak and entrée dinners to families. They provide tasty, fresh-prepared meals, cooked to order and served sizzling hot, complemented with our spread of delicious buffet items. The friendly atmosphere is also provided, free of charge.

Hacienda Mexican Restaurant - The atmosphere at Hacienda Mexican Restaurant, in Evansville, is great, they are constantly having Mexican holiday specials, the price can't be beat and the staff is the friendliest you will find. The food is stunning and even if you don't enjoy really hot food, you can order the meal 'Sissied.' (711 N First Avenue) (Tel: 812-423-6355)

Cork and Cleaver The Cork and Cleaver is a little on the expensive side, with a meal costing easily $50. The atmosphere is quite romantic for a normal steak house making it prefect for the traveling couple. Aside from the atmosphere, the food here is incredible. Try the rib eye steak or prime rib.

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