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If you plan to do some gift shopping in Bloomington don't expect to find something that is totally unique to the area, as Illinois stood out more for its agricultural produce than anything else. But if you're in the mood for the usual holiday knick knack type gifts, you'll be sure to find plenty. Most of the gift shops seem to stock a huge amount of homemade items.

Things from personalized cards and candles to wooden carvings and stoneware dishes. The bonus is that the stores are very well equipped and most will ship your purchase worldwide.

Bloomington Activities

Bloomington Parks & Gardens

Comlara Park and Campground This is probably the best place in Bloomington for a family day outing. Playgrounds, a beach for swimming and picnic areas can be found, besides for the campsites, showers, boat launches for those of you who enjoy skiing and docks. An environmental education facility is also located in the park. Here you will find displays of wildlife as well as ancient artifacts from the area. (Rural Hudson) (Tel: 309-726-2022)

Constitution Trail Constitution Trail was named because it was officially dedicated in celebration of the 200th birthday of the USA Constitution on September 17, 1987. It's a multi-use trail winding through Bloomington and Normal, which one can bike, jog, walk, skateboard or skate along. The trail has been beautifully landscaped and passes under the historic Camelback Bridge and the Audubon Gardens, as well as other points of interest. (PO Box 4494)

Miller Park - If you are thinking you would like to do something for recreation, visit Miller Park. Located in the park is a small zoo, along with a bandstand, pavilion, swimming beach, boat docks, fishing, tennis courts, miniature golf, horseshoe pits and sand volleyball courts. A great way to pass a summer day. (S Morris Ave)

Bloomington Beaches

Bloomington Restaurants and Bars

Bloomington Restaurants

Alexander's Steakhouse Rated as the best steak has in town due to it having the largest steaks in town. Alexander's offers a variety of cuts such as filet, rib eye, t-bone and top sirloin, along with chicken, pork and seafood. Try the steak kabob or teriyaki for something different. Then take a look at their great dessert menu, with items such as creamy cheesecake. (1503 E College Ave) (Tel: 309-454-7300)

Divino Fishmarket - The Fishmarket is an elegant restaurant adorned with a central, canopied bar and a sunken, candlelit dining area. Main courses feature lobster fettuccine with sweet Thai chili glaze served with bok choy, onion and carrot sautee, along with many other succulent beef, pork and seafood specialties. (401 N Veterans Pkwy) (Tel: 309-661-9922)

Grand Hotel - The Grand Hotel has the best fried chicken you've ever tasted. Take a trip back in time while seated in one of many rooms, flanked with plastic red and white table covers and red brick walls. Fried chicken is featured, but they also offer daily specials of beef and seafood. (1201 E Emerson St) (Tel: 309-827-6410)

Bloomington Bars & Clubs

Daddio's - Dance, Euro, Progressive and Top 40 can be heard at this popular downtown bar, featuring live music on most nights. A variety of music styles can be heard with bands such as Krush, Who Cares, 10th Sister Groove and Luster. Nightly drink specials feature Red Bull drinks, vodka specials and Long Island Iced Tea. The "Hottest Hot Body Contest" that it hosts is very popular with the collage crowd. (527 N Main St) (Tel: 309-828-4434)

Elroy's Flanked by massive awnings, you will easily find Elroy's in its huge downtown corner location. Large booths are scattered throughout, surrounding a circular bar with stools. Elroy's is fun, lively and is the prefect place to grab a beer and watch the game on its eight giant-screen and four large-screen TVs, which can be viewed from almost anywhere inside. (102 W Washington St) (Tel: 309-828-0142)

Windjammer In this eastside bar you'll definitely find a party atmosphere, complete with nightly drink specials, free food during happy hour, theme parties, and a beer garden with sand volleyball court. Enjoy playing a game of pool or darts while listening to the nightly live music and dj's. (2303 Stern Drive) (Tel: 309-663-2233)

JuJu's Sports Bar and Restaurant - Drop by Juju's Sports Bar and choose between burgers, beer and billiards. On clear warm nights try use their outdoor seating. This local hangout is a downtown pub with character, from its historic facade surrounded by awnings, to its exposed brick walls. (525 N Center) (Tel: 309-827-4178)

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