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Illinois was under the control of France, Britain and Virginia before becoming part of the Indiana Territory. New settlers were able to acquire public land which proclaimed as Illinois Territory in 1809 and admitted as a state in 1818. Growth in the Rea was staggering, but with the move westward come the conflict with the Indians. This led to the 1832 Black Hawk War that forced removed the Indians to areas west of the Mississippi.

During the Civil War it emerged as an industrial state, developing steelmaking, meat packing, distilling, and heavy manufacturing items such as farm machinery and rail cars. Today the country's highest agricultural outputs of pork, corn and soybeans are provided by Illinois.

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Addison Restaurants

Applebee's - When you come to Applebee's, you get friendly service in a hometown atmosphere and some of the best food in town. From American classics like the Applebee's House Sirloin to signature dishes like the Crispy Orange Skillet and Oriental Salad, Applebee's is the place for great food and good times. (1407 W. Lake Street) (Tel: 495-0059)

RoSal's Italian Cucina - RoSal's serves up wonderful Sicilian food in abundant portions. Great varieties of pasta, fish, cheese, meat and bread can be enjoyed along with the sounds, aroma & flavors of the "old neighborhood". RoSal's truly takes you on a journey through Italy which is so rewarding. (1154 West Taylor) (Tel: (312) 243-2357)

The Milk Pail For almost 60 years now the Milk Pail Restaurant has been serving great country style breakfast to passers by on route 25 and most of those people return to the restaurant on their way back. This just goes to show how impressive the food here really is. On Sunday they have a Jazz Brunch which features a live jazz band and a huge buffet with over a 100 items to choose from. (14N630 Route 25, East Dundee) (Tel: (847) 742-5040)

John's Restaurant and Pizzeria - This is the benchmark of pizza in Addison. Whenever people order pizza from a new place or make comparisons, someone always asks: "Is it better than John's Pizza?" On Friday nights John's is the local hang out spot for high school students after football games. Some out-of-towners would even drive 30 minutes, just to get a couple of John's pizzas. (100 E Lake St) (Tel: 630-834-3563)

Addison Bars & Clubs

Rory's Music Café Rory's Music Café, one of the best live music clubs in Addison, pumps on the weekends with live bands of all styles coming to play on Friday and Saturday nights. Then on Sunday evenings they have a hilariously funny karaoke party. (701 W. Lake Street) (Tel: 630-543-3101)

J.D. Muggs If you are new in town J.D. Muggs is a nice friendly place to eat, drink and meet some of the local regulars that come here. Being one of the better local coffee shop / pubs in the area, it is very popular and is often crowded. It has plenty of specials that change often so check on the overhead signboard outside. (437 Addison Road) (Tel: 630-833-2570)

Butch McGuires In near by Chicago is this very popular singles bar. The owner estimates that over 6500 couples have met here over 23 million glasses of beer and gotten married. Although the strange thing is that he's a little fuzzier on divorce statistics, but never the less this is a great place to come and met locals and friends. (20 W. Division St.) (Tel: 337-9080)

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