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Macon Travel Guide

Macon Local History

The city is famous for it's cherry trees and every year thousands visit the city to admire the cherry trees in bloom in every backyard and street.

Macon Attractions

Macon Parks & Gardens

Long Branch State Park - On the western shore of Long Branch Lake is this area set aside for fishing, boating, picnicking, camping and other outdoor activities.

Macon Restaurants and Bars

Macon Restaurants

Green Jacket - This has a golf theme and hence the name, green jacket to represent the green of the golf course. It has golf motifs on the walls and other places as decor. Located on 325 5th Street, the menu is standard fare of ribs, seafood, chicken and naturally, lots of greens at the salad bar.

Jeanne's Café - On 524 Mulberry Street, this venue serves you at lightening speed despite the crowds. Desserts are concocted daily by the chef. A meat and vegetable plate costs around US$5

Macon Bars & Clubs

Dea - This is for those who like dressing up as this is an upscale clubbing venue with a strict dress code. Some will say that this is a small price to pay for the treatment and attention to detail that you get at this venue on 426 Martin Luther King Bvld.

River Front Bluez - Many national and international blues artists have come from Georgia and this shows from the calibre of artists that perform here, and in Georgia generally. Some are not always homegrown artists but the point is that once you play in Georgia, then you have come a long way. This club is on 550 Riverside Drive.

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