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Alpharetta Travel Guide

Alpharetta Local History

The town of Alpharetta grew out of the New Prospect Camp Ground in the early 1800s. The community consisted of a few tents and a log cabin school. The community thrived as it became a trading post between settlers and Indians. Some people suggest that it got its name from the Greek word 'alpha' meaning first and 'retta' meaning town first town.

Today, the town is one of the more popular outlying suburbs of Atlanta and has experienced intensive growth since 1980 when its population was a mere ten percent what it is today.

Alpharetta Attractions

Alpharetta Parks & Gardens

Big Creek Greenway You will find this park on North Point Parkway. It provides a paved wooded trail for walking, jogging, roller blading and bird watching.

Alpharetta Restaurants and Bars

Alpharetta Restaurants

Real Food For hearty portions of some of the best Southern comfort food you will find in Alpharetta, this is the place to come. The menu includes burgers, steak, fried chicken, rib sandwiches, fish and Yankee pot roast. The restaurant is open every night for supper and weekdays for lunch; the address is 3070 Windward Plaza.

Village Tavern This up market restaurant serves a fine assortment of traditional and modern American dishes, complimented by an award winning wine list. Although pricier than average the atmosphere is quite casual and relaxed; they are open for lunch and dinner daily. The address is 11555 Rainwater Drive.

Sweet Tomatoes Located at 950 North Point Drive, this is the place for hungry people. Here you can enjoy an all-you-can-eat experience with freshly prepared salads, soups, home baked breads and muffins and hot pastas. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner.

Alpharetta Bars & Clubs

Champs Americana For a casual night out with friends, this fun location should do nicely. Here, you will find a large bar, several big screen televisions, and a decent menu serving perfect hang out food like pizza, burgers and sandwiches. The address is 7955 North Point Parkway.,

Jocks & Jills For sports fans, there is no better location for a night out than right here. There are literally dozens of televisions tuned to every sporting event available. The well stocked bar and friendly service creates a friendly atmosphere and contributes to a good night out.

Taco Mac For beer connoisseurs everywhere, this popular hangout will not disappoint. You can get over 100 different beers on tap here and several hundred bottled varieties as well. The service is friendly and the prices are moderate which explains why this place is so popular. The address is 875 North Main Street.

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