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Davenport Travel Guide

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Davenport Restaurants

Davenport Cafe - 110 W Orange Street. This café offers a range of light meals and drinks at reasonable prices.

Greenleaf Chinese Restaurant - 4615 US HIGHWAY 27 N This pleasant restaurant offers a wide range of Chinese food at reasonable prices.

Hungry Howies Pizza & Subs - 5945 US HIGHWAY 17 92 N The food is tasty and the service cheerful in this place.

Davenport Bars & Clubs

Skimpy's Bar - 43356 Highway 27. This is a comfortable, friendly bar with a good selection of drinks.

Chaser's Bar - 43420 Highway 27. Located just 2.4 miles North West of Davenport, this bar is a good place to hang out for a beer, or two.

Comedy Warehouse - Pleasure Island - exit 26B off I-4 (Disney Village Marketplace) Take a trip north to this resort, which is an approximation of an abandoned island. The 'warehouses' are home for quite a few themed bars and nightclubs. One of the best is the Comedy Warehouse.

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