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Seaside Travel Guide

Seaside Attractions

Seaside Parks & Gardens

Laguna Grande Regional Park - Located on Canyon Del Rey Boulevard. The park consists of a 60-acre restored wetland and a gracious and beautiful 12-acre lake. The park also has a bicycle path and a stunning paved walking trail which is ideal for bird watching. For the kiddies there is a lovely playground area, as well as a designated picnic area.

Seaside Beaches

Marina State Beach - The beach consists of 170-acres of beautiful yellow sand. It features a 70-foot dune which offers wonderful hiking opportunities. The beach is a popular spot for surfing, fishing, gliding and soaking up the sun.

Seaside State Beach - Located at Highway 218. Best known for its long stretches of beautiful sandy, walkable beach. It is the ideal beach to visit, whether its to walk the dogs or to enjoy the magnificent sunsets which it has to offer. Another highlight of the beach is the native plant dune restoration project which is currently underway.

Seaside Restaurants and Bars

Seaside Restaurants

Ambrosia - Located on 210 Holladay Drive. The restaurant is situated stylishly inside former bank building and features beautifully modern and colourful decor. The restaurant specializes in fresh local produce and particularly in an interesting collection Mediterranean cuisine. Their specialties include delicious seafood dishes.

Kalypso - The restaurant is located on 619 Braodway Drive. Situated only a couple of blocks from the beach and serving a delicious combination of regional and international cuisine, ensures that this has become a very popular choice of dining. Their specialties are dishes such as shrimp salsa, beachcomber's stew and razor clams.

Vista Sea Cafe - Located on 150 Broadway Drive. The cafe features intriguing antique style dining booths and large windows, giving it a typical old-school appeal. The menu includes simple, yet delicious meals such as pizza's, salads and delicious sandwiches. Their specialties are clam chowder served with homemade beer bread and a delicious original creation of blue-cheese pizza.

Seaside Bars & Clubs

Dunes Bar - Located on 500 Broadway Avenue. The bar features a lovely atmosphere and has become a very popular watering hole with the locals around town. They serve a wide selection of local and international beers, as well as wines and other popular drinks.

Orient Express Restaurant - Located on 1884 Fremont Boulevard. The restaurant offers its guests a unique dining experience with a menu consisting of a wide selection of international and local cuisine. There is also a stunning separate bar area which is equipped with a great selection of beers, wines and other drinks and a spacious dance floor. It is a lovely place to enjoy a hearty meal and end off the evening having a cold drink with friends while boogying the night away.

Shadow Box - The gorgeous little bar is located on 1904 Fremont Boulevard. It offers a great selection of drinks, as well as a couple of light bar lunches. It is a very friendly bar with nice people and a generally happy vibe. A very popular choice with the locals.

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