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Palo Alto Restaurants

California Cafe Bar & Grill - Stanford Barn 700 Welch Rd. This old favourite local restaurant is elegant and sophisticated dining in a unique venue. Californian cuisine is number one here and they do it so well. The service is first class, inventive choice of food is always a pleasant surprise and top it off with the excellent wine list.

Spago Palo Alto - 265 Lytton Ave. The classy restaurant was inspired by world famous chef Wolfgang Puck. For Californian cuisine with French and Asian influences. The menu often changes and is always on the cutting edge. You might even spot a celebrity or two at lunch.

Blue Chalk Cafe - 630 Ramona Street, Home cooked, deep south and big. This restaurant is a friendly local hang out for the Louisiana favourites like grits, red beans and rice and of course hot chicken wings. To wash it all down they offer beers from a microbrewery.

Palo Alto Bars & Clubs

Antonio's Nut House - 321 California Ave. A very basic bar for the workers and always humming with a older crowd in the daytime and at night the youngsters take over. The jukebox blares out rock classics while locals either watch big screen sports, play pool or video games.

The Edge - 260 S. California Ave. Weekend here are reserved for live shows and in the week DJs mix up the music and pump up the vibe. The good sized dance floor ensures you can rock and roll without playing bumper cars. The restaurant attracts an older set of people, but they also enjoy to party.

Rose and Crown - 547 Emerson St, The decor is of a typical British pub and they host a popular trivia quiz night. Jazz is live on Sunday night and they often have stand up comedy evenings. Most other times the jukebox rules and there is always a friendly game of darts on the go.

Q Cafe & Billiards - 529 Alma St. Don't know where the Billiards come in here, but this is a dance club with DJs playing house, hiphop, trance etc. If you want to trance the pool tables, dartboards or big screen sports then take the lazy way out.

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