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Lancaster Travel Guide

Lancaster Local History

Some believe that the name of Lancaster was bestowed by Mr Wicks, a real estate developer, who bought six sections of land from the Southern-Pacific railroad in 1884. Prior to that, Mr Wicks had started a Scottish settlement in the Valley and the town was considered a more permanent home for this settlement. Mr Wicks, apparantly then named this town after his former home, Lancaster in Pennslyvania. The area would not have developed without the influence of the Southern-Pacific railroad completed between San Franciso and Los Angeles in 1876. After the completion of the railroad and the establishment of a water stop, Lancaster prospered and developed.

Further development and prosperity followed in the 1890's with the discovery of gold and barox and then later, with the conducting of test flights, by the Air Force, at Muroc Air Base. In 1977, the city was incorporated and a spirit of community and commitment to the traditional rights of self-governance was developed.

Lancaster Attractions

Lancaster Parks & Gardens

Apollo County Park - The lakes are stocked every two weeks, so fishermen can always hope to catch something. There are also picnic areas, BBQ's and you can walk, run or bike along the tracks that surround all three of the lakes.

Jane Reynolds Park - Tennis and volleyball courts, softball fields, swimming pool, soccer fields, picnic areas and BBQ's and an informal play area are some of this park's features.

Lancaster Restaurants and Bars

Lancaster Restaurants

Nick's Pizzeria Restaurant - 43755 15th S. West. Not only is there a wide variety of pizza's to choose from, but also soups, salads, chicken and sandwiches.

Jimmy's Eatery - 43533 Sierra Highway. Offering a wide variety of Mexican and American favourites and open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some menu items include muchacha cheuriso, rancharos, hot dogs, triple decker sandwiches to steaks, fish and chicken, Mexican or American style.

China Empire - 907 W Ave. For the best of Chinese, from soups, stirfry, springrolls and bowties, this Chinese restaurant will have a taste of China for all to enjoy.

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