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Parkway Grill - 510 S Arroyo Parkway, this is one of the best restaurants in town, and serves marvellous pizzas, and other delights like corn cakes with warm oysters, and black bean soup with smoked pork and a lime cream. Reservations are required, which is always a given with top-rate restaurants such as Parkway Grill.

Xiomara - 69 N Raymond Ave, Old Town Pasadena, here the diner has a choice of two restaurants under one roof. Xiomara is in the front, and Oye!, around the back. The choice of food is mind-blowing and offers such tempting delights as Peruvian jalea, marinated, breaded, deep-fried seafood, or Ecuadorian ceviche, rock shrimp, scallops, and avocado.

Arirang -114 W Union St, Old Town Pasadena, enjoy some excellent Korean dishes such as marinated rib-eye steak, or their prawns or scallops, served with traditional rice, lettuce, raw garlic, sliced peppers, and other such yummy stuff.

Cinnabar - 933 S Brand Blvd, Glendale, if you can handle fake leopard skin chairs and white parasols dangling from the ceiling, this is a really good restaurant, with a menu that is as eclectic as its decor. Here you can enjoy the most creative seafood dishes, crisp spring rolls, and wonderful deserts, to mention only a few of the culinary delights of the menu.

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