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Clinton Travel Guide

Clinton Local History

The City of Clinton, southern gateway to the Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas, has a heritage of progressive idealism dating back well beyond its 125 official years as a mainstay of commerce and community good will throughout the region. Clinton is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, community settled by homesteading pioneers in this region of Arkansas.

It has a dynamic history dating back more than 175 years to the 1830's, when hunting was a primary means of earning a living and one man's annual harvest of the abundant local deer herds could produce 500 hides to barter for necessities and luxuries at the mercantile. It dates back to a time when the idea of boys and girls going to school together, as they did in Clinton's "Male & Female Academy," was considered "radical" and the newspaper in which everyone read such facts was called "The Clinton Banner."

Clinton was founded, in 1842, by George Counts and named for New York Gov. DeWitt Clinton, noted for building the Erie Canal. The little village became Van Buren County's seat of justice in 1844.

Clinton Attractions

Clinton Shopping

Choctaw Ridge Country Store - For visitors interested in the collection of antiques, there is no place better to visit than this store. It offers old farm equipment, antiques, antique and primitive tools, a large selection of cast iron, license plates, some select glassware, gifts and collectibles. Be prepared to spend quite a bit of time and money at this spot, because the selection is so wide that you will find it hard to choose. The Country Store is located at 2971 US 65 South, Clinton. Tel: 501/745-6625.

Antique Warehouse of Arkansas - The Warehouse has the largest inventory of antiques in Arkansas. It consists of 13 buildings, 80,000 square feet, and is direct importers of antique and replica furniture, clocks, lamps, cut glass, pottery, mirrors, glassware, woodworking tools and unique gift items, and has inventory of antique stained glass in the United States. Antique Warehouse has dealt exclusively with European antique furniture for over 30 years and personally guarantees nothing but the highest quality and craftsmanship. The Warehouse is 50 percent wholesale and 50 percent retail. Located eight miles north of Clinton on U.S. 65 & Ark. 110, Clinton. Tel: 501/745-5842 or 501/745-8777.

Clinton Florist and Gifts - This spot offers gift items, collectibles, flowers, plants, candles, potpourri, crystal and Camille Beckman products. Open Monday to Saturday from 8:30am to 5:00pm. Located on Highway 65 South, Clinton. Tel: 479/745-7673.

Clinton Parks & Gardens

Nestled in the Ozark Mountains, Clinton offers you a warm welcome and abundant outdoor recreation, highlighted by the 40,000-acre clear-water wonderland of Greers Ferry Lake and the Little Red River.

Greers Ferry is home of the world-record walleye and hybrid striper bass. The lake is widely popular for swimming, water-skiing, boating and camping. The Little Red River is home of the world-record brown trout.

Clinton Restaurants and Bars

Area restaurants provide a variety of dining choices including down-home southern cooking, Asian dishes, fried catfish, authentic smoky barbecue, steaks, pizza, and of course a variety of national, quick-service restaurant chains to choose from..

Homemade yeast rolls and cornbread make a tasty accompaniment as does a frosty mug of iced tea or glass of Arkansas wine..

Just be sure to save room for dessert and coffee or perhaps a specialty ale from an Arkansas micro brewery.

Clinton Restaurants

La Rosita Mexican Restaurant - This spot is a lovely restaurant with a seating capacity of 90. Authentic Mexican cuisine are served during lunch and dinner, and take-out orders are available. All in a festive atmosphere. The restaurant is located 65B & Main Street, Clinton. Tel: 501/745-8120.

Chip's Court Street Cafe - With a seating capacity of 82, this is a cozy cafe for the hungry. There is a Non-Smoking area available and the cafe serves cafeteria style breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The menu features some excellent home-style cooking. It is located 507 North Court, Clinton. Tel: 501/745-2163.

Taco Bell - Taco Bell Corp. is the nation's leading Mexican-style quick service restaurant chain serving tacos, burritos, signature Quesadillas, nachos and other specialty items. Located on 1014 Highway 65 S. Clinton. Tel: 501/745-6900.

Clinton Bars & Clubs

Huddle House Highway - Is a popular sports bar with traditional American cuisines. A favourite amongst local and visitors. Located on 65 By Pass, Clinton. Tel: 479/745-8858.

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