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Little Rock This town was the starting point for ex-president Bill Clinton's presidential campaign in 1991. Though it has a stormy past in terms of racial issues, the town is now the political, geographical and economic centre of Arkansas. It has several nice outdoor markets and museums that will interest most visitors.

Hot Springs This little town has been a sanctuary for weary bodies for centuries. Besides for the natural hot springs the Hot Springs National Park is also quite an attraction in this area. Do not forget that ex-president Bill Clinton grew up here.

The Ozark Mountains This is currently one the fastest developing rural areas in the USA. Although it is a very popular retirement destination, it is rapidly becoming more of a tourist attraction. Eureka Springs, a Victorian Spa Town, and Mountain View State Park are the two main attractions in this area.


Hot Springs National Park This national park falls within the city limits of Hot Springs.

Ouachita Mountains A unique mountain range that runs east to west instead of the normal north to south.

Ozark Mountains Although these mountains do not quite reach the 2 000 feet mark, their steep ridges and jagged spurs are quite spectacular.

Moving around

Little Rock and Hot Springs are fairly easy to reach by public transport but anything beyond that requires use of one's own motor vehicle. Little Rock also has a small airport.

National festival and holidays

Spring Folk Festival third weekend of April. Join the folks of Mountain View in their celebration of spring.

Bean Festival fourth weekend of October. Late fall commemorates the bean harvesting season in Mountain View. Join locals in their celebrations.

King Biscuit Blues Festival weekend before Columbus Day (second Monday in October). This free festival attracts some of the big names in Blues annually.

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