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Fairbanks Travel Guide

Fairbanks Attractions

Fairbanks Parks & Gardens

Pioneer Park - The park was built in 1967 and is located on Peger Road by the Chena River. The park is a lovely city park which features an interesting theme. It consists of 44 acres of land and also features a historic theme park area and the first Presbyterian Church in Fairbanks. It features a lovely relaxing picnic area which is surrounded by gorgeous roses and a centre for arts, which ensures that there is enough entertainment available to entice the entire family, both young and old.

Fairbanks Restaurants and Bars

Fairbanks Restaurants

Gambardella's Italian Cafe - Located on 706 Second Avenue. The restaurant features a lovely warm atmosphere and offers a large selection of delicious Italian cuisine. Their specialties include dishes such as chicken rustico and a delicious version of Italian lasagna. The restaurant also features a patio dining area with beautiful hanging flowers, which is perfect for the warmer days.

Lavelle's Bistro - Located on 575 First Avenue. The restaurant features gorgeous decor consisting mainly of chrome, stone and glass. The menu consists of a great variety of dishes, inspired by many different types of cuisine, each meal promised to be a great treat. They offer an extensive wine menu, which consists of more than 3000 different wines.

The Pump House Restaurant and Saloon - The restaurant is located on the Chena River. It features a stunning deck dining area, where visitors can watch paddle boats and canoes pass by. The restaurant also has a fully equipped bar, offering a great selection of drinks. Specialties include dishes such as smoked salmon salad and fish chowder.

Fairbanks Bars & Clubs

Pub at Wood Center - Located in Wood Center. The pub offers visitors great live entertainment, featuring many different local artists. They also offer wine and beer tasting evenings occasionally. There is no dress code and is usually littered with students, making it the perfect place to go out, be yourself and enjoy an evening of devilish partying.

Howling Dog Saloon - The perfect place to visit for an evening of wonderful entertainment for those who are particularly into the whole rustic Alaskan atmosphere. Live music, lots of dancing and a fully equipped bar is the order of the day.

Blue Loon - Located off the Parks. The Blue Loon is definitely aimed more at the enjoyment of the under 30's market, sporting funky dancefloors, pooltables and a great selection of hip-hop, dance other popular music.

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