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Anchorage Anchorage is the place to be if you enjoy participating in winter sports activities. The city has some of the best Nordic and telemark skiing anywhere. Fur Rendezvous and Iditarod sled dog races keeps Anchorage in a winter carnival atmosphere for most of February and March. There are also three downhill skiing areas, dog mushing as well as lake skating.

Barrow At Barrow you have the chance to experience the most extreme winter conditions in the world. Barrow is off the shore of the frozen Arctic Ocean and it is dark for 65 days. The only lights are the aurora, and it is an incredible awesome sight.

Sitka At Sitka the humpback whales make there appearance in late fall and early winter during their migration to warmer waters. Sitka is accessible and interesting during winter and summer, but in winter there are fewer crowds and the prices are lower.


Yakutat Yakutat is located on the beautiful Monti Bay and is the only sheltered deep-water port in the Gulf of Alaska. Yakutat is renown for it's fishing, both commercial and sport. There are miles of untouched sandy beaches. The surf is ideal and asks to be ridden.

Petroglyph Beach Located in Wrangell. This beach has the highest concentration of petroglyphs in the Southeast of Alaska, and has recently been designated a State Historic Park.


Childs Glacier Located at Cordova. From the Copper River Highway from Cordova there is a great glacier viewing experience awaiting you. This glacier is cut by the Copper River, which is ΒΌ of a mile wide. The views are spectacular. There is a picnic area where you can relax and enjoy the views, but be wear, once the creaking and popping ice gives way, you need to run like hell to get out of the way, otherwise you could potentially be drenched. The only place where you are safe from the falling ice is in the viewing tower, where there is no fear of being wet. This is such a fantastic experience that you will never forget, you can even feel the ice groaning in you gut.

Kodiak Island This is the best place for roadside salmon fishing in Alaska, and the remote fishing at lodges or fly in stream banks is legendary. This island is not very populated with people, but the wildlife and fish is something you need to see to believe. You will be surprised at the size of some of the bears that live on the island, but if you really think about it, they could not be any smaller with all the fish that fill the rivers. This is really a great experience for those who need to step back in time and enjoy nature as it has been for thousands of years.

Yakutat There are some beautiful hiking trails such as the Russell Fjord and Situk Lake. Yakutat is a great place for kayaking and hunting. There are several Hunting Guides operating out of Yakutat. But the thing Yakutat is famous for is fishing, both commercial and sport fishing. This is something everyone must try when visiting Yakutat.

Moving around

Moving around in Alaska is no problem, because of the modern Alaska Highway, which is traveled by thousands of people every year. The highway is open all year round, and all but a few miles are paved. There may be some delays, due to seasonal repairs and road maintenance. In Southeast Alaska, residents rely on the state owned ferry system. Most of the roads in this area are not connected. The transportation is very popular, so you might want to make reservations to ensure you have a place.

National festival and holidays

Cordova Ice Worm Festival This festival is held annually in Cordova in February. It is a festival, which celebrates the ice worms. Yes, they do exist, really. The highlight of this festival is the annual march of the ice worm down the main street. Several dozens of people dress up in a costume, which has dozens of feet sticking out to enable them to walk.

Polar Bear Swim The annual Polar Bear Swim takes place in Nome in late June, but only if the sea ice has opened up sufficiently to provide enough water.

Mountain Mother Contest This is an interesting event, which takes place in the July Moose Dropping Festival in Talkeetna annually. In the Mountain Mother Contest, several mothers compete in a test of Bush skills that include splitting wood, carrying water, diapering a baby and balancing on rocks to cross a stream.

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