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City of Casinos Las Vegas USA

  • Submitted by: Birinder Dhillon, India
  • Submission Date: 29th Jul 2009

City of Casinos Las Vegas USA

By: B.S.Dhillon

In the month of June I took a flight from Texas State of USA to Las Vegas early morning at 6 AM. My original plan was to fly from Texas via Seattle to Vancouver, but a week before my departure American Continental air lines cancelled the direct evening flight from Texas to Vancouver and they automatically re-routed us to a connection via Las Vegas. All's well that ends well From my window of plane I was viewing beautiful hills and streams of America.It were a small plane of United Airlines. It reached Las Vegas in two hours. The time was still of 6AM, because the time zone of Nevada state is two hours behind the Texas. As compared to other Airports, every where on Las Vegas Airport are Casino machines.
I took a Taxi and reached my Hotel. The driver was also from my Punjabi community. I got a room for 95$. It was on discount. The hotel was with all the five Star facilities. Wonderful food and prime location I took a shower and after my luncheon slept. In the Evening I went to the main City Centre.
Las Vegas was a desert, now gamblers made it a heaven. It is a biggest city of Nevada State. It is called a city of casinos. Desert is a dry place but not without life. It is a busy place filled with life. But it is still a place of extremes. While it may be close to ninety in the mid-day sun it can drop to below freezing in the dark. The animals, plants and people who make it their home have spent thousands of years learning to adapt and live together. Instead those who chose to live there had to learn to live with what the land gave them. Gambling here was legalized in 1931. There are 500 Casino companies operating electronic machines in Las Vegas. Now big companies of Las Vegas have facility for online Casino gambling.

In India too now casinos have started like Las Vegas. Many casinos have come up in last years. Gambling has been illegal in India, by law. But To promote tourism Casinos have been started in Goa. One is named after Las Vegas ‘Las Vegas- The gaming club’,

There is enough greenery in the city. It is desert land so summer and winters are like my state of Punjab in India. Divorce is very easy in Las Vegas. You can get divorce in a day. With a population of two million this city is enlightened daily like America day. Visitors from all over world come here. It is a city where you can become millionaire or beggar in a night. In the university there are gambling faculties. A guide was telling me now Macao City of china is number one for casinos, earlier it was Las Vegas. A company named Las Vegas Sands is operating now from Macao also. Once socialist china is now learning gambling from America. The hookers were every where out side casinos and lot of police, Gambling is directly connected with crime. In Indian mythology, one emperor had gambled his empress. Las Vegas is nothing like the new-money facades of the Strip. North Las Vegas is run-down and haunted by vagrants and mid-day drunks. It is the last place in America where freedom is truly free.
When I reached Las Vegas that there was a fair of twins. All the twins with similar faces came therein similar dresses. I enjoyed for two days and two nights in Las Vegas and from there I proceeded for Vancouver. In the plane I was remembering my family back in my Town Absence makes the heart grow fonder. This homeless fate is maybe not so bad. When you leave what’s not important behind, when you have no gardens to tend and few belongings, when you have no music, no entertainment and all that is left is you and your life partner, then the idea of home really strikes you. The more you gather, sometimes, the less you remember that home is really an ongoing conversation with family than a residential place.

B. S. Dhillon
Advocate High Court

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