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Another Beach, Another Bar

After a couple of false starts for our Cozumel trip in June, we finally arrived on the beach in front of Plaza las Glorias Hotel.

Without a superstitious bone in our bodies, we carried our luggage to the airport on June 13 and were delayed a full 24 hours due to --- rain. Rain, rain, and more rain in Cozumel flooded the airport and several resorts. Apparently the forces-that-be (or were) determined we were destined to arrive on June 14. At last it happened!!

While in the air, the pilot informed us that he'd get us as close to Cozumel as possible. If the airport was still under water, we would be deposited in Cancun, and left to our own resources to get to Cozumel. Luckily, the airport conditions on our favorite island were greatly exaggerated and we landed with no problem. The rain was gone, the sun was out, the beach was waiting. So with a great sigh, we settled into our room with a tremendous view of the Bay of Campeche and Cancun a distant mirage on the horizon. We prefer the laid-back attitude on Cozumel to the slick-photo quality of Cancun. But that's just us. We dumped our stuff and made for the shore in front of our hotel. Then we discussed a loose schedule of where we would eat and which bar we would grace with our presence that evening.

That's about it for our planning. Cozumel is a great place to do nothing or you can fill every day with activities, water sports, educational sites, and tours. The beautiful part is that your schedule is all up to you. The nightlife is really great fun too? We have a few favorite haunts that not everyone knows about that we enjoy sharing with our close friends (yes, you are included).

First, there's Viva Mexico, an airy, waterfront nightclub on the second floor of the shop of the same name. Here the tequila shooters flow freely and the waiters will teach you to tango, salsa, and Macarena along with a few other moves. Make a special request to hear the old disco favorite, "YMCA", and the waiters turn into a dance team extraordinario!

If you start missing CNN and want to know the latest sports scores, hit Kelly's Bar on Avenida 10. Kelly started his bar on hopes and prayers a short time ago and has more and more customers every time we see him. He serves very cold beer, great fried shrimp and American burgers. On Friday nights he has live music that is the best on the island.

And don't tell anyone, but on this trip we actually visited a karaoke bar for the first time in Cozumel. At first, the main draw to the Cozumel Fried Chicken and Karaoke Bar (yes, that is actually the name) was the air conditioning. Inside was cool and dark with lovely drinks and a huge list of tunes to totally embarrass yourself by performing. Maybe I should qualify that and say that some of us embarrassed ourselves by performing, but what a blast!! We would definitely do this again.

Now, here we are back at our desks, watching our tans fade. No regrets, however. The annual girls trip to the beach is an important part of our mental health. As long as we know that crystal blue water, creamy white sand and breezy palm trees are there waiting for us, we can make it through another year. But the location isn't as important as the company. Luckily, this group of friends found each other at crucial points in our adult lives and have stuck together through many life experiences. Divorce, wayward teenagers, hysterectomies --- you name it. If there is a life experience to be had, one or more of us has done it. And we will leave the rest to your imagination.

We'll see you next time at another beach, another bar.

Vamos a la playa,

Adelia, Iris, and Karen

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