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Monterrey Travel Guide

Monterrey Attractions

Top Attractions

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo - Situated on Zuazua y Ocampo. The museum is housed within a beautiful little building designed by Ricardo Legorreta. It houses a wonderful collection of art works created by famous Mexican and Latin American artists.

Grutas de Garcia - Situated on Carretera No. 40 hacia Saltillo. This is the perfect place to visit for those who wish to indulge in the natural beauty which Monterrey has to offer. The site consists of gorgeous caves which are believed to have originated more than 50 million years ago. The caves were discovered in 1843 by a parish priest.

Museo del Obispado - The museum is situated on Rafael Jose Verger. The museum is housed in a gorgeous building which was constructed in 1787, originally intended to be the home of Bishop Fray Rafael Jose Verger. The building is now the home of the Regional History Museum which depicts the history of Nuevo Leon.

Restaurant del Gormet Diego owns and operates the reastaurant. He was in charge of restaruant at Ambassador for over 20yrs and opened his own. Try the roast Duck and get the pineaple surprise for desert. It is a show in itself...
submitted by T Russell, 03/10/06

Museo de Historia Mexicana Located on the Plaza de 400 anos, the Museo de Historia Mexicana offers an in-depth tour of Mexican history, from the first arrival of man to the mid-90's. Exhibits include artifacts from the Maya, Olmecs and Aztecs, as well as detailed reproductions of ancient cities, along with relics from the Colonial occupation, 19th century Mexico and its industrial development, along with an actual train car from the Mexican Revolution! The museum offers guided and self-guided tours in English and is free on Tuesdays. Very worth the time!
submitted by Jon, 15/06/06

Monterrey Parks & Gardens

Alameda - The park is situated on Avenida Pino Suarez y Washington Poniente. The park is equipped with lots of beautiful trees which make it a perfect spot to sit back and relax. The park hosts a range of concerts and outdoor activities during the hot summer months.

Parque Canoas - The park is situated on Avenida Garza Sada y Camino al Diente and is set on the banks of a beautiful little lake. It is a wonderful place to enjoy a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing and biking.

Aviario del Parque Ninos Heroes - Situated on Avenida Alfonso Reyes y Ahorro Postal. The park features a large glass domed aviary, which is home to an extensive range of bird species. This is truly a bird-watchers paradise and offers visitors hours of relaxation.

Monterrey Restaurants and Bars

Monterrey Restaurants

Gorditas Dona Tota - Situated on Avenida Batallon de San Patricio 1000. This is the perfect place to visit for those who wish to indulge in a superb selection of traditional Mexican cuisine. Their specialties include freshly-made gorditas which are sliced in half and stuffed with a variety of delicious ingredients.

Regio - The restaurant is situated on Gonzalitos y Vancouver and is one of the most popular and traditional restaurants on Monterrey. The restaurant is frequented by many important people such as politicians, artists and celebrities. Their specialties include cuts of grilled meat and delicious soups.

Meson de la Paella - Situated on Paseo de los Leones 1325. This is one of the nicest restaurants serving an excellent selection of deliciously prepared traditional Spanish cuisine. Their specialties include a Valencian paella and fabada, which consists of Navarran-style cut of loin.

Monterrey Bars & Clubs

5ยช Avenida - The bar is situated on Avenida Vasconcelos 300 Ote. It features a very modern and fun-filled ambiance and is set in a late 19th century style surroundings. The bar offers visitors a wonderful selection of drinks, ranging from ice cold Mexican beers to sweet liqueurs and fruit juices.

Bar 1900 - Situated on Ocampo 443 Ote. The Bar 1900 is one of the most traditional Mexican bars in Monterrey. The decor consists of classic English chandeliers and a beautiful collection of dark wood furniture. This is a wonderful place for an intimate meeting with friends whilst enjoying a resfreshing drink.

Escena - The club is situated on Hidalgo 450 Centro and is the biggest nightclub in Monterrey. This is the perfect place to let your hair down and party the night away with friends. The club features a very big dancefloor which is very spacious and offers no obstructions for those dancing.

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