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Mexico Information

Population: 100.35 million

Time Zone: GMT/UTC - 6 hours

Driving side: drive on the right hand side of the road.

Languages: Mexican, Spanish

Religion: 90% Roman Catholic
6% Protestant

Emergency #: Police: 060
Ambulance: 060
Fire: 060
(Emergencias 060)

Mexico Culture

Spanish is Mexico's predominant language. 15% of the population do not speak Spanish and there are around 50 indigenous languages spoken by 7 million people.

The ancient civilizations of Mexico built some of the spectacular architecture ever built in the world, including pyramids, temples and ball courts. These pagan structures were then replaced with Christian architecture when the Spanish arrived.

Since 1531, the most binding symbol between Catholic and non-Catholic has been the dark skinned Virgin of Guadalupe, who is regarded as a link between the two.

Mexico Popular Destinations

Mexico City The world's third largest city has the best and worst of everything from music and noise, parks, colonial buildings and skyscrapers to brown, polluted air. The city's historic centre is the Plaza de la Constitucion, paved in 1520 using stones from the temples and palaces of an Aztec city.

Acapulco The most popular resort city in Mexico, offers crowded beaches, museums, fun parks and the famous divers of La Quebrada, who leap into the ocean from dangerous heights.

Baja California Renowned for its long coastline of white beaches, bays and imposing cliffs this peninsula has become extremely popular for horse-riding, surfing and whale watching.

Guadalajara Mexico's second largest city, it has everything to offer that Mexico city has, without the problems. It is the traditional home to mariachi music, tequila and the Mexican Hat Dance. Well organised, clean and unpolluted this fine city has something for everyone.

San Cristobal de las Casas Nestled in the pine-clad Valle de Jovel of the Chiapas highlands the town is surrounded by Mayan villages. With its fine plaza and many churches, many regional crafts and Mayan medicine, it is a fascinating place to visit.

Mexico Beaches

Puerto Vallarta This cobblestoned, picturesque city is one of the Pacific coast's best known holiday places. Once a sleepy seaside village this international resort now boasts lively white-sand beaches, bars, restaurants and galleries.

Moving Around Mexico

Due to the vast distances between cities, the best way to get around is to fly. Flights are reasonably priced and if you travel on a known airline, they are efficient and clean.

Long distance buses are the most common mode of transport from one destination to the other. Once you arrive, the minibus is favoured for local transport. Be warned, they can be uncomfortable and dangerous check inside before you hop in.

Driving by car is not advised. Apart from the fact that the locals drive like madmen, there is the very real threat of highway robbery throughout the land.

National festival and holidays

Independence Day - 15th September The most patriotic festival in the country, it celebrates Miguel Hidalgo proclaiming Mexico's independence in 1810. On this day cathedral bells ring throughout the land and Mexican cities resemble New York on New Years Eve.

Feast of Our Lady Of Guadalupe - 12th December To show their respect for this Virgin millions of people take a pilgrimage to the Basilica where they crawl on their hands and knees. Despite the pain they go through, this holiday has a festive mood, celebrated throughout Mexico.

5th May Celebration - Celebrated throughout Mexico in remembrance of the French Army being defeated at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. This is the third most important holiday in Mexico.

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