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Montreal Travel Guide

Montreal Local History

The city was founded in 1642 by a group of French Catholics as a Christian community and port. About 70 percent of the population is French speaking.

Montreal Attractions

Montreal Parks & Gardens

Jardin Botanique de Montreal - It has the largest collection of bonsai trees outside Asia. There are 30 outdoor gardens and one of them is the peaceful Montreal-Shangai Dream Lake Garden. It is on 4101 Rue Sherbrooke.

Parc Mont Royal - Meadows and hardwood forests, all on a hill with panoramic views of the city, combine to make this a popular park among Montrealers.

Montreal Restaurants and Bars

Montreal is famous for its smoked meat so it it worthwhile sampling some whenever there is a chance.

Montreal Restaurants

Restaurant Buona Notte - Although Montreal's trendsetters and Hollywood types are said to be seen in this restaurant now and again, it is not as expensive as that would suggest. The celebrities who have been here get to sign their autographs on a Buona Notte plate which is displayed for all to see as part of the wall decor. The location is 3518 St Laurent.

Cafe Santropol - The most interesting sandwiches that you will ever come across are at this venue. You can have a mint and apple sandwich besides other fruit and herb mixtures. They have their own special teas and organic coffee.

Alouette - This has been going strong since 1948 and boasts about its steak and seafood. They are on 1176 Ste-Catherine W, downtown.

Au Pied de Cochon - This restaurant has re-invented classics like shepherd's pie which, for instance, is made from venision instead of the usual minced beef. And then there are the hearty things pig's feet stew. Prices range from between C$8 -C$20. It is on 536 Ave Duluth.

Beaver Club - This is where the business elite of the 19th century, the traders and bankers, used to meet and the club has not lost that tradition today. Given that background, the setting is formal and the dress code is smart. Prices are not too bad C$20 - C$30 and you can expect a lot of roasts and other things you would expect bankers to eat like poached salmon.

Montreal Bars & Clubs

Le 2 - This will not be your cup of tea of you like loud places. Everything here is serene and calm and would appeal to those who still want to have a good conversation while enjoying club surroundings. Its on 2 Sherbrooke E.

Jupiter Room - On 3872 St Laurent, you may want to check what is happening on the night you intend visiting as the music played depends on the night. On Thursdays, you are more likely to get 80s music and Fridays, hip hop and R and B. Prices are average and the crowd is mixed.

The Mile End - Is a farily new establishment on the Montreal scene and seems to have a growing clientele. On 5322 St Laurent, it covers three floors.

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