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The Necropolis - The Necropolis is one of Toronto's oldest cemeteries, dating from 1850. It has a stunning 19th century neo-Gothic chapel in the grounds, surrounded by notable Canadians such as William Lyon MacKenzie, George Brown and Ned Hanlon which are buried here. Spring time is the best time to come visit here as the blossoms are just coming out. (Tel: 416-923-7911)

Music Garden - At the intersection of Lake Shore Boulevard W. & Spadina Ave West, you will find Music Garden, a park that was inspired by musician Yo-Yo-Ma. Though it is small, it is one of the most beautiful parks in Toronto; the funny thing is that it was originally planned for Boston. Mr. Ma worked with landscape designer Julie Moir Messervy to interpret in nature the music of Bach's first suite, with each part of the garden dedicated to a different dance movement. (475 Queen's Quay West) (Tel: 416-338-0338)

Mount Pleasant Cemetery While the Necropolis is Toronto's oldest cemetery, Mount Pleasant Cemetery is Toronto's largest. It is especially noted for its beautiful landscaping and a fabulous tree collection, considered as one of the finest in North America. As with the Necropolis, the spring time is the best time to walk the stunning blossoms. (375 Mount Pleasant Road) (Tel: 416-489-9129)

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Tim Horton's Tim Horton's Coffee Shops are scattered all over the suburb of Scarborough and the rest of Toronto City. Their coffee and donuts are widely regarded as, the way it should be. "DOUBLE DOUBLE" is one of the favorite local terms, which means double sugar and cream.

Congee Wong This Chinese restaurant is rated as the best in the city. Open really late on the weekends (closes @ 4am) and very decent prices make this restaurant the best place to get grubs after a night of partying and drinking. Try the soft shell crabs, General Tao chicken, spicy chicken, Cantonese or seafood chowmein and Yang Chow fried rice. (Dundas St W.)

Jakes Bar and Grill Jakes Bar and Grill is located in an old converted funeral parlour. This gives the whole place a very eerie and gross feeling; they even claim that a ghost appears in the Men's washroom in the basement. Regardless many people claim this place to be tons of fun with the best chicken wings in the whole Toronto area. (202 Main Street Unionville, Markham)

Giovanna Trattoria - In Little Italy you'll find what is said to be one of the most authentic Italian restaurants in the city. Giovanna Trattoria is a wonderful little restaurant with food that tastes so great that it's almost like being in Italy itself. The atmosphere in the restaurant is great, the waitresses very friendly, and the atmosphere feels very authentic as often there are lots of Italians dining here. (637 College Street) (Tel: 416-538-2098)

Scarborough Bars & Clubs

Lula Lounge - If Latin Culture stimulates you, well Lula is the place for you. Nice place to have dinner, learn some basic salsa and meringue moves and listening to Live Latin Music. The artists which perform at the Lula Lounge are often flown in from all over Latin America. Come and visit you won't be disappointed, but remember to dress to impress. (1585 Dundas St. West Toronto) (Tel: 416-588-0307)

The Horseshoe Tavern - The Horseshoe is the perfect venue for checking out some of the local up and coming bands, as well as some pretty cool International acts. It's dark, sweaty and a little tight; just the way a live club should be. It has been a Toronto music landmark forever, seeing the likes of Stompin' Tom and Ronnie Hawkins getting sloshed in the early days up at the front bar. (370 Queen Street West) (Tel: 416-598-4753)

Bovine Sex Club Don't be confused by the name, this isn't an 'actual' sex club full of old married men searching for a Playboy Bunny. It's a hip and happening hangout for the dark and disturbed Goth/Industrial/Metal/Punk/Glam crowd, in fact it's be around since '91. Can't figure out what to wear? Leather is always good, but black vinyl is even better. No sneakers and don't even think of wearing your favorite Justin Timberlake. (542 Queen Street West) (Tel: 416-504-4239)

Star Hunting Just like the old saying says 'Toronto is the place to see and to be seen', this is defiantly true and everybody knows it! All the stars come here to play, so you just never know who you'll bump into late in the evening. Remember to always carry around a fresh pen but don't worry about something to sign as all the stars carry around their own 8x10 gloss photos.

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