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Toronto travel guide

  • Submitted by: Brian Lucas
  • Submission Date: 04th Feb 2005

Table of Contents

General Information transportation, accommodations, weather, special events...
Attractions/Activities what to see and do, and what not to see or do

This guide is made up of the edited comments of various people on the Internet, who may not have ever been to Toronto and may not remember what it was like. Well, you know how the Internet operates; be sure to take all comments with all the seriousness they deserve.

This is not a comprehensive guide of things to do or see in Toronto. Its purpose is to relay individual travellers' personal impressions, opinions, and recommendations, to give a more personal note than you would find in a commercial tour book.

WARNING: This Guide has errors! Not intentionally, but it has them, I'm sure of it. If you find them, please tell me. If you have anything to add, or any impressions you think should be included, please write and tell me. Your help and constructive criticism is appreciated by me and by everyone who will read future editions of this guide.



Since I don't live in Toronto myself, I rely on other people to help me maintain this guide. Their names are mentioned throughout this guide where their comments have been incorporated, and are also listed below. Thanks to you all!

Ahmed Al-Hayderi, ac705@Freenet.carleton.ca (01 Apr 1993)
Allison, Cornelson@CyberServices.com (27 Jan 1997)
Karin Berger, kb42+@andrew.cmu.edu (08 Jul 1992) (Compilation)
Amanda Brown, browna@aur.alcatel.com (93Jun01)
Gillian Bell, gbell@sobeco.com (92Dec07)
Monroe Boces, monboc@TRANSIT.NYSER.NET
Mark Brader
Chris Burton, disco@minerva.cis.yale.edu
Agnes Carlin, agi@the-wire.com
Joel Chan, joel@math.toronto.edu
Allen Clark, aclark@waterloo.ncr.com (92Dec07)
Robert d'Abadie, RDABADIE@CIVIL.watstar.uwaterloo.ca
Angela Dawson, ADawson@EDU.YorkU.CA (September 1997)
Arlene Fleming, afleming@superior.carleton.ca
Stephanie Moskal Fysh, sfysh@epas.utoronto.ca (11 Nov 1992)
hlam@umiami.ir.miami.edu (30 Nov 1992)
Jeff Heenan-Davies, comnikay@dircon.co.uk
Lisa Holzwarth, lholzwar@ACS.RYERSON.CA
Daniel Philip Iggers, iggers@scilink.org
Albert Jeans, ajeans@hplred.HP.COM (18 Aug 1992)
Phil King, pki@itcyyz.ipsa.reuter.com
George Kirikos, gkirikos@epas.utoronto.ca (17 Aug 1992)
Mark Knapp, mk69+@andrew.cmu.edu (92Dec01)
Marg Krutow, c/o fabrs@yrrcssb.edu.on.ca (22 Nov 96)
Howard Lem, h.lem@utoronto.ca
Li, liberte@blade.com
Brian Mears, bmears@usaor.net, Jan 1996
Monika,693398@ican.net,May 1997
Neal Rayner, rayner@enterprise.ca, March 1997
Peter Renzland, renzland@scilink.org
Diane Richard, diane.at.thefrenchconnection@sympatico.ca, August 1996
Ed Sangalang, notes.esangala@a50vm1.trg.nynex.COM, December 1996
Cynthia Sanoy, csanoy@bcars689.?.? (08 Mar 1993)
Dave Shoemaker, dave@53iss1.waterloo.ncr.com (27 Jan 1993)
Lan Sluder, lansluder@delphi.com (1994 Mar 08)
Gary Stollman, garys@netcom.com (17 Aug 1992)
Suzi, suzi@centrenet.on.ca (Dec 1996)
Jerry Sy, ah301@yfn.ysu.edu (93Jun01)
Wendy Vine, fulfschool@saltspring.com (April 1997)
Barbara Wasson, barbara@forit.forut.no (10 Nov 1992)
Special thanks to:

Karin Berger kb42+@andrew.cmu.edu for an early compilation
Mark Brader for lots and lots of stuff
Phil King pki@itcyyz.ipsa.reuter.com for restaurant info


Comments, questions, suggestions, and additions are welcome.
Brian Lucas, Lucas@travel-library.com


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