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Niagara Falls City - The city that is home to one of the great wonders of the world. The landscape around the falls is a greenery of parks and gardens in order to be consistent with the natural wonder of the falls. Just across the river is New York in the United States.

Ottawa - This is a compact capital city of some 750 000 people. The Rideau canal, which flows through the town is the dominant feature and visitors can sail along it for some interesting sights of the city. The city has a British feel to it where even Parliament building in downtown Ottawa is modeled along the Westminster building in London. In summer, the changing of the guard daily outside Parliament, with the Mounties in their red attire, has tones reminiscent of Buckingham Palace.

Toronto - Located on the banks of Lake Ontario, its most famous landmark is the CN Tower that hovers over the city giving panoramic views of the city to those that are brave enough to be elevated into the sky. It is the largest city in Canada with a population of 2,5 million.


Beach at Providence Bay - This is near the south shore of Manitoulin Island and has some of the best sand in Ontario.

Toronto - The most popular beach in the Beaches District is the Kew beach section


Hiking - With 260 provincial parks and 6 national parks, there is no shortage of hiking in Ontario.

Canoeing - You can float through ancient pine forests or even do it on all the Great Lakes. Ontario has the longest paddling network in the world and so there is no shortage of choice.

Fishing - There are plenty of places in the province where you can put yourself in a log cabin and spent days catching trout, bass and trout.

Cycling and Skating - The Martin Goodman trail is the place to go for these fitness buffs.

Moving around

The international airport in Toronto is Canada's largest making both national and international easy. VIA Rail provides extensive rail services within the province.

Toronto is one of the few North American cities still using street cars.

National festival and holidays

Canada Day - (I July) - Canada's national day.

Ottawa International Jazz Festival - (mid June) - There is jazz day and night at Confederation park and some indoor venues too.

Toronto Street Festival - (early July) - A celebration the city where its citizens put up all sorts of performances.

Canadian Tulip Festival - (May) - Ottawa blazes with over 3 million tulips from Holland and locally.

Le Franco Festival - (June) - Canada's French culture is showcased through music, crafts etc in Ottawa.

Caribana - (August) - This is a West Indian festival that has a big parade featuring elaborate custumes.

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