Nunavut Travel Guide

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Qaummaarviit Historic Park Here you get see the preserves of an old Thule Inuit settlement as it was over 750 years ago. It can be reached by boat or dog sled. (Iqaluit)

Inuit Sea Kayaking Adventures After renting an Arctic Survival Suit and kayak, you can enjoy a peaceful trip around Frobisher Bay or cross the bay to Qaummaarviit Historic Park. (Iqaluit)

Auyuittuq National Park This is one of only a few national parks north of the Artic Circle. The views of the mountain cliffs and deep valleys are breath taking. (Pangnirtung)

Bylot Island The entire island is a large bird sanctuary, which in summer is flooded with snow geese, murres and kittiwakes. (Pond Inlet)

Moving around

There are no roads of any sort linking any of the towns in Nunavut; in fact the only way to get around is by charter plane which can become very expensive. Each town has a small network of roads surrounding it but they go nowhere interesting. In the summer months, boats are the choice of transport to explore the nearby islands and bays.

National festival and holidays

Nunavut is such a sparsely population and wilderness province that many of the local festivals are not very well known. But they do celebrate the big national holidays and festivals such as Christmas, etc.

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