Smokey Mountain Travel Guide

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Smokey Mountain Travel Guide

Smokey Mountain Ski Resort

  • Nearest town: Labrador City
  • Ski Season: Mid-December to mid-April
  • Mountain Range: Wapusakatto Mountain Range
  • Number of Lifts: 4
  • Number of Slopes: 18
  • Snowboarding: Yes, both park and pipe
  • Cross Country (km): 12 kilometers long

Smokey Mountain Ski Information

General information

With the natural beauty of the area, which you are visiting, you need to take time out of your schedule to enjoy the beauty around you. Labrador is renowned for its angling and beautiful scenery. There are nearly 50 fishing camps around the area. Hiking and camping under the undulating northern lights is an adventure all on its own. The Labrador Straits offer small fishing villages and rich historical site that can be visited The easiest way to get to the Labrador Straits is on a ferry from island of Newfoundland.

  • Languages: English French.
  • Temperatures: Winter – -27°C to –13°C
    Summer – 4°C to 19°C
    Spring & autumn – -19°C to 11°C
  • Driving: Drivers drive on the right hand side of the road
  • Emergency contact numbers: All Emergencies 911
  • Population: 9061
  • Religion: 46% Roman Catholic 36% Protestant
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The après ski activities at Smokey Mountain are not as exciting as you would like them to be. A restaurant, cafeteria, and bars are located at the base of the mountain. The lodge houses the ticket office, washrooms and the rental shop. After a long day on the slopes, it is always enjoyable to find a seat in the lodge and have something warm to drink while enjoying the view out of the large glass windows.


Smokey Mountain offers a variety of skiing opportunities, from beginners to the extreme skiers. For those who don’t yet know how to ski, the ski school offers lesson by certified instructors. The rental shop has all the equipment that you might require if you do not have your own. For parent there are children’s programs to keep your kids busy while you are hitting the slopes.

Smokey Mountain Attractions

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