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Beaverbrook Art Gallery This Art Gallery displays several works by many of the great local New Brunswick artists. (Fredericton) Acadian.

Historical Village Here you can see a 1780 Acadian village just as it was back then, with chapel bells ringing, and duck waddling around the lake. (Caraquet)

Campobello Island The island can be reached by 2 different toll ferries. Once there you'll be able to view the home in which the past president of the USA, Franklin Roosevelt, spent the summers with his family. (Fundy Coast)

Fundy National Park At this nature reserve the views, from the dark sand stone beach, of the surrounding bay are truly incredible. This is one of the best sites in the area. (Fundy Coast)

Moving around

The easiest way to get around New Brunswick is by car due to the fact that the province has an excellent highway network with plenty of facilities. You'll need a map though and these can be found at the any of the tourist information centers for free. The great thing is that it's the only map you'll need. The major points of entrance into New Brunswick are from Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.

National festival and holidays

New Brunswick Summer Music Festival For four days in August a classical music concert is held at the Memorial Hall. (Fredericton)

Handicraft Show In the first weekend in September, at the Officers' Square, you'll find locals selling all sorts of handmade crafts. (Fredericton)

New Brunswick Highland Games Festival At the Old Government House in Fredericton, in late July, you'll get to see a 2 day Scottish Festival with dancing, music and contests.

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