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Museum of Man & Nature This museum is all about history, culture and wildlife. Here you can see recreations of Native Indian villages and daily life plus many more other interesting exhibits. (Winnipeg)

Narcisse Wildlife Management Area Bring a lunch and come see all the different types of snakes that can be found in Canada at this great snake park. (Narcisse)

Eskimo Museum Among the usual historical and culture information provided by museums this one also has some Eskimo artwork which can be viewed. (Churchill)

Lake Manitoba Shoreline Come get away from the rush of normal life at these small villages with lots of cottages scattered along the shore line of Lake Manitoba. Just about all of them have great sandy beach views.

Moving around

Manitoba is one of the more densely populated provinces hence the road network of freeways and connecting roads is very well developed and maintained. Interstate highways cross the Canadian and American borders and then branching off from those are 2 lane highways which continue through most of the province connecting just about every town.

National festival and holidays

The Red River Exhibition A week long carnival is held in late June near the Red River with lots of games, rides and an amusement park.

Winnipeg Folk Festival If arts and crafts are more your thing then the Winnipeg Folk Festival in July is definitely for you. (Winnipeg)

Le Festival du Voyageur This is a 10 day festival held in the winter month of February and features a Governor's Ball complete with costumes, arts and other activities. (Winnipeg)

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