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Edmonton Travel Guide

Edmonton Local History

Edmonton prospered with the oil boom of the 1970s. But the town's history goes back to 1795 when the Hudson Bay Company established Fort Edmonton as a fur trading centre. In 1870, the Canadian government bought the land from the company and opened up the land for pioneers.

Although many residents are of British descent, quite a few have a German background.

Edmonton Attractions

Top Attractions

Elk Island National Park - About 45 km east of Edmonton, on the Yellowhead Highway, is this aspen forest preserved as the Elk Island National Park. Besides the free roaming herds of elk are concentrations of 35 other animal species including bison, beaver, deer and moose. Other outdoor activities you can enjoy include camping and picnicking and canoeing.

Alberta Railway Museum - There are lots of rolling stock and other railway memorabilia used between 1877 and 1950. The railways played an important role in the opening up of Canada and so one can understand the sentimentality behind this museum. On weekends, volunteers fire up some of the old engines and you can ride along on them or the streetcars.

Fort Edmonton Park - This is a living history site which has streets recreating the different periods in Edmonton's history from the early fur trading days in the 1800s to its the city in the early 20th century. It is reputed to be the world's largest living museum.

Strathcona - This is Edmonton's most vibrant area of restaurants, theatres, nightclubs and people up to all sorts of things. Besides that, it has many historical buildings dating to the 1800s. One interesting site is the Old Strathcona Farmers' Market with vendors selling from organic food to vintage clothing and crafts. The area is best explored on foot.

Ukrainian Heritage Sites - North of downtown lies an area rich in Ukrainian cultural history. There is a huge old Ukrainian church in the area but further insight may be gained by a visit to the Ukrainiam Museum of Canada which also features traditional items like costumes, dolls, tapestries and paintings.

Royal Alberta Museum Located in Edmonton, the Royal Alberta Museum is one of Canada's most popular museums. Set in a park just west of downtown, the Museum offers a full range of exhibitions and activities for every age level and interest. Feature exhibitions at the Museum are changing all the time. Behind the scenes, 13 curatorial programs are responsible for building and making accessible some of the finest cultural and natural history collections in the country.
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Edmonton Shopping

West Edmonton Mall - No shopping expedition would be complete without a visit to this complex, rated as the world's largest shoping and entertainment centre. There are even guided tours of the mall whose entertainment features include an amusement park, ice skating rink and the world's largest triple loop roller coaster.

Whye Avenue - This street has lots of gift shops, antiques and cosy cafes.

Edmonton Activities

Valley Zoo - This is home to over 400 animals.

Edmonton Restaurants and Bars

Edmontonians are said to love coffee and coffee shops have filled the need for alcohol free recreation by providing warm places to enjoy a cuppa.

Edmonton Restaurants

Silk Hat - The theme of this restaurant goes way back in time to the days of juke boxes and there are movie star posters on the walls. It was established in 1940 and still has old world values in prices where lunch specials are between C$6 and $8, and in quality where the shakes are made with real ice cream. It is on 10251 Jasper Avenue.

Sherlock Holmes Pub - Look out for the red British phone booth ouside the pub which is part of a small chain. Besides the usual English pub fare of steak and kidney pies, sausages and mash and fish and chips, the selection is varied enough to include items like curries and chicken cordon bleu. As can be expected, the beer selection is also good.

Hardware Grill - This is one of the up market restaurants in Edmonton and even if your pocket is a bit small, there is no harm in a treat once in a while. For starters, the restaurant is located in a historic building that once housed a hardware store. The menu changes reguarly but you can generally expect Canadian dishes such as seafood, berries and game.

Edmonton Bars & Clubs

Iron Horse - A very appropriately named pub as you have to be as strong as a horse to endure the non stop dancing and music. There is live music most nights. The pub has a side patio where a barbeque is lit in good weather. It is on 8101 103rd Street.

Yardbird Suite - If jazz is your scene, this is worth a visit on 11 Tommy Banks Way. The Edmonton Jazz Society lends its support to this venue which means that all the city's jazz people congregate here. When big jazz names are in town, this is where you will most likely find them playing.

Sidetrack Cafe - This is where Edmonton pulsates at night with live music and entertainment. Many Canadian bands know this place as they are recruited to play from all over the country and the cafe has been known to have world acts as well. The events calender is advertised well in advance so patrons are not taken by surprise. Designed in the style of a bustling Canadian railway station, it is also swings during the day whether it is for breakfast, brunch or lunch. It is located on 1033 112 Str.

Edmonton children's activities

Valley Zoo - This is home to over 400 animals.

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