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Jiddah Travel Guide

Jiddah Local History

The city of Jiddah has a history dating back for almost 2500 years, what started off as a small fishing village is now a busy metropolis and the second largest city in Saudi Arabia. The city experienced a welcome boom with the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, becoming a major trading port of the area. Nicknamed the "Bride of the Sea", due to its location on the banks of the Red Sea, there are even buildings in the Old City whose walls were built from coral from the Red Sea coral reefs.

The city draws life-giving water from the sea via a large desalination plant which processes up to five million gallons of water each day. The population of this city has been enriched by foreign Muslims from all over the world who have decided to stay here after making the haj to nearby Mecca. Although a far cry from its humble fishing beginnings, the city still makes a good living from its port, shipping oil to all four corners of the world.

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