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Amman Travel Guide

Amman Local History

The city of Amman served as the modern and ancient capital of Jordan and is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world with remains from the stone age having been found during excavations, In the 3rd century BCE Amman was renamed Philadelphia after the Pteolenaic ruler Philadelphus. In 30 BCE Philadelphia became part of a loose alliance of ten Roman ruled cities and many great examples of Roman architecture can still be seen today.

In 635 after the city had started to decline it was once again ruled by the Arabian armies of Islam and the origional name of Amman was restored. THe modern history of the city began in the late 19th century when the Ottomans resettled in Amman and after the great Arab Revolt in 1921 Amman was re-enstated as Jordans Capital.

Amman Attractions

Top Attractions

Citadel - the ancient Citadel is pearched atop Jabal al Qala'a one of the cities seven hills and towers over Amman. The most impressive building on the site is al Qasr (the Palace) which has a monumental gateway as well as an audience hall, 4 vaulted chambers and a colonaded street that runs through the complex. Close to al Qasr is a small Byzantine basillica from the 6th or 7th centuru CE and about 100m south of the basillica is the Great Temple of Amman which is belived to be a temple of Hercules. Also on Citadel Hill north west of the Temple is the Jordan Archeological museum which is quite small but houses an interesting collection of antiques from prehistoric time through to the 15th century such as an exhibit of Dead Sea scrolls and four rare iron age sarcophagi. Museum open 08:30 to 17:00 daily except friday 09:00 to 16:00.

Roman Theatre - located downhill from the Citadel and 5 min walk from downtown, the Roman Theatre is the most impressive relic of ancient Philadelphia. The theatre is cut into the northern side of a hill that once served as a graveyard and is similar in design to the Amphitheatre at Jerash. Accommodating 6000 spectators the theatre is still used for sporting and cultural events. There are also 2 small museums at the theatre. The Museum of Popular Traditions (open daily 09:00 to 17:00, closed Tuesday) displays traditional Jordainian costumes, fine embroidery, antique jewelry and 6th century mosaics. The Jordan Folklore Museum (open daily 09:00 to 17:00 except Friday 10:00 to 16:00) dispays items of traditional Jordanian life.

King Hussein Mosque - the area around the mosque is the bustling heart of modern downtown Amman with pedestrians, vendors and juice stands. The mosque itself was rebuilt in 1924 on the site of an ancient mosque and has a lovely Ottoman style. Also visit the nearby famous gold souq with its rows of glittering gold treasures which is located between the Citadel and al Hussein Mosque.

Salt - located 30km northwest of Amman the ancient city of Salt has retained its small town charm and is filled with wonderful Ottoman architectire. Just before you enter the main part of Salt you will see the Department of Antiquities Museum and the tourist office on the left. The museum houses a great collection of pottery, coins, mosaic panels and early photo's of Salt. Open daily except Friday 08:00 to 14:00 and entrance is free.

Apple Bees Amman, Mecca Street near Alharamain crossroad. They have the most fine steak plates and shrimps ever.. Try it and you won't regret it
submitted by Ruba Kawasmi, 17/07/07

Kanabaye A place that opens from 10 am serves international food ,free wireless int.con. At night it becomes a club, they do DAILY different stuff, and WOW they do lady's nite(free drinks )
submitted by Tina Fosters, 12/04/06

Ren Chai Amazing new Chinese restaurant... close to The Royal Hotel and has amazing food... Awarded for best restaurant design...
submitted by Fares, 06/02/06

Amigo Super chilled out bar with a poor table, with low lighting and dodgy 70's student bar decor, if amigo is overcrowded and you feel like an extra quite night then check out the small bar right next door (the wooden door with no name).
submitted by Sam, 31/01/06

Vinagrette Best sushi and views in town, on the top floor of the Al-Qasr Howard Johnson hotel in Shmeisani, can easily be combined with a night out in Nai in the basement.
submitted by Sam, 30/01/06

Shaman Chilled out Bar with Delicious food located in Abdoon near the American Embassy. Nice environment. Plays all kinds of music. Good service.
submitted by Laura, 24/11/05

Nai One of the Poshest clubs in Amman at the moment. Located in Shmeisani at the Howard Johnson Hotel. Awesome decor and great sushi. Live entertainment on Thursdays and hosts’ great events! Quite expensive but worth every penny. Nai is known for its elite customers and happening environment. Highly Recommended!
submitted by Laura, 24/11/05

The Living Room Located in Jabal Amman near Romero Restaurant. Very relaxing, chilled out and friendly atmosphere. Known for its fresh sushi and reasonable prices. Plays chilled out music (not loud) and is a favourite venue for tourists and experts. Great place to meet new people.
submitted by Laura, 24/11/05

Prana Prana is the happening Club at the moment in Amman. Located on Abdoun Circle above Cafe De Paris. Prana plays house music generally and usually has a younger crowd. Great fun if you enjoy that kind of music. The VIP section is very exclusive and one can chill while sipping his/her drink on comfortable couches if not in the mood to dance. Fridays is chill out night in which mellow music plays after a wild Thursday night!
submitted by Laura, 24/11/05

Amman Restaurants and Bars

Middle Eastern cuisine is full of flavour and spice. Specialities not to be missed when visiting Amman include falafel which are deep fried chickpea balls usually served with a sauce or dip as well as the delicious chickpea spread known as hummus that is served with flat Arab bread that usually contains cummin seeds.

Lamb dishes are also very popular in Amman and roasted lamb served with couscous is a good dish to try.

Beverages are usually non alcoholic and strong mint tea with lots of sugar is a favourite drink in Jordan.

Amman Restaurants

Al Quds - located in King Hussein Street. Also known as the Jerusalem Restaurant, Al Quds is situated opposite St Georges Street and serves delicious, untouristic food at reasonable prices. The meals are huge and particularly good is the hummus and arab bread as well as the half chicken with rice and the lamb mensaff.

Lebnani Snacks - located at Douwar Al Abdoun. This is a great place to eat simple western style food. The service and setting are good and the fish sandwhiches and fresh orange juice are particularly tasty.

Fakhar al Din - located off Second Circle. Housed in a lovely old renovated house in a swanky section of Amman this restaurant serves fantastic food and has a woderful outdoor sitting area. Fakhar al Din is famous for their desserts specialy the Osmaleyeh which is light fluffy cheese topped with shredded filo dough and drenched in rose syrup, this dish is a must!

Amman Bars & Clubs

Da Willy - located at Jebel Amman. Situated on the top of Jebel Amman hill it is the epitome of cool. The décor in the restaurant is striking and this is the best place in Amman to drink a few pitchers, eat great food, listen to music and smoke Argileh. Da Willy is located above a bookstore where you can pick up english books and magazines and use the internet cafe.

Tche Tche Bar - located near the USA Embassy. This is a great place for evening drinks and is one of the few places where it is considered okay for woman to go in the evening.

Champions Bar - located at Issam Ajluni Street, inside the Marriott Hotel. A nice hotel bar that serves a good selection of drinks.

Old Irish - located in the basement of the Dove Hotel between 3rd and 4th circles. This bar serves cheap beer, has a small dance floor, friendly bartenders and bad music.

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