Pueblo Caribe Hotel

, Margarita Island, Venezuela
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Pueblo Caribe Hotel

, Margarita Island

Rooms: 100

El Tirano - Margarita Island - 6301 - Venezuela Hotel Website | 58 2 95 234 8852
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The more horrible expirience in my life.....

from A TripAdvisor Member
If you going on vacations to Margarita and want to enjoy it, do not ever think in staying in this place.

It's the more horrible hotel I have ever stayed.

The food, the rooms, the service everything was bad.

there was not water in the hotel from 6:00 am to 10:00 am, and from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm. This is incredible, isn't it?

I have not another comments, but I advise you to check around Margarita when you arrive there and choose another place, I'm sure that any another hotel will be better than the disappointed PUEBLO CARIBLE HOTEL.

Mary Torrealba,


from BarnabyScotland
Welcome Meeting
Anne Marie will probably be your First Choice rep. be careful to take her advice with a pinch of salt. For example You are safe here as we are not in the hurricane zone, a few days later Hurricane Dennis struck. Our trips to the mainland do not require inoculations as they are not in Yellow Fever areas, Foreign office and GP’s advice is different.

Given by the number of guests who suffered food poisoning or ear infections something is seriously wrong in this hotel. Adults and children were very ill; at least two thirds of guests were laid low, most being desperate to get home. It was quite normal to see rats run along the wall of the bar as you had a drink or cockroaches moving around the public areas. One of the most disgusting and indeed alarming sights was a guest receiving a bottle of beer which had a medical pill packet inside it.

These were rarely cleaned, a cursory sweep each morning. The edges were damaged and steps missed rungs.

It is advertised as having 4 eateries. Only a maximum of 3 were ever open, the beach snack bar was not there! Of the other 3 one was a sandwich bar, this left 2 others to have a meal in. It was therefore beyond belief when one of these closed for refurbishment for 5 days. This left one restaurant and guests queuing for tables, they were ultimately seated by the main pool when plastic chairs and tables were found. Around 50% of the plates, cups and bowls were chipped or cracked.

While there major refurbishments were taking place and aspects of the work carried out in this hotel should not have been carried out with guests within 10 – 15 feet. Constant drilling and power sawing are not conducive to relaxing by the pool, nor is industrial strength DDT being applied to the concrete. However the piece-de-resistance came when the drain covers were systematically lifted, around the pool, men dropped down the drain and proceeded to shovel large quantities of “dirt” out of the holes. All within 10 feet of sunbathers.

Going home
Despite all the above the British guests had now built up a good bond and as expected we couldn’t wait to leave and come home. The sight of a hotel worker breaking a baby birds neck and killing it in full view of all the children made us even more eager to leave.
If Anne Marie offers to help during check in please take our advice and say no, her help ended our holiday in an absolute fiasco.

Firstly we made the most of our time there and really did enjoy ourselves!!!

this island is different, certainly not like DR or Tobago, it has a real South American feel

Holiday cost
this holiday cost us less than an AI vacation in Europe, it demonstrates that you get what you pay for.

the hotel staff were very friendly and helpful and did whatever they could to help.

apart from the hurricane it was scorching

All Inclusive
Some of the AI features were better than anything we had experienced across the Cirib. or Europe.

Should you go there?, I would recommend Margarita but would steer well clear of this hotel unless you are feeling very brave.

Great Hotel

from Malil
If I had to write everything it would take too long. Here's the short version:
Tour Guide - efficient, had us out of airport on our way to hotel in 10 mins.
Hotel - one of the cleaniest you will ever find - 100%
Staff - very efficient, friendly, helpful, hard-working - "if you treat people with respect, you will be amazed at their reaction towards you"
Food - excellent! no repetition of meals, a wide variety of food every night, an option for everyone
Room - basic, spacious, clean, a/c worked fine, flat screen t.v., towels changed every day
Taxi Service - a very efficient tax driver by the name of "Carlos" who drives a white Cielo. He will pick you up, return ON TIME. He is located in the compound itself
Beach - just across a short road (very safe) to a lovely beach, a bit rough but not dirty
I know this sounds very unbelievable after reading previous reports BUT it is all true. I will be going back again in the near future

beautiful place to visit

from A TripAdvisor Member
i stayed at this hotel for two weeks with my mum dad and brother
the food wasn't anything special most nights i had pasta and soup for lunch.
the hotel has 2 resturaunts and 3 bars. the entertainment was my personal favourite
the animation team are simply the best and they are really friendly
everyone talks to you and are always interested in where you are from and your name
i learned some spanish on my stay and woud love to learn more instead of french. i also learned to salsa dance a little bit and somehow talk to more people without being so shy all the time thanks to the animation team. at the hotel there is a manicurest** who is called anna and she is really friendly i had my nails done there and it only costs about 15 dollars which is really good because she dose a fab job.
the beach is sun kissed and truely beautiful.
but there are alot of people trying to sell you stuff so if you are not interested just pretend to sleep that is what i done lol
you can get your hair braided on the beach for about 30 dollars. so i got that done and it had lasted two weeks allready.
the waiters and waitresses are dead friendly just say ola when they walk by then they are youe best m8
the big pool has watersports like volley ball and net ball through out the day and the entertainers join in its great fun and also sessions of aerobics in the morning and massages.
this hotel is great for kids i cried when i had 2 go home because i would miss my friends from the animacion team . have fun!

nice place to vocation

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed in Caracas and Margarita Island 9 days the Hotel is cheap but the waiters are too slowly. Venezuela has beautiful places to visit but the hosts don´t know receive the guests.
If you want see ou photos in this Hotel go to: (----)

Great complex!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
We arrived in Margarita late afternoon, and I must say the Journey to the resort was a bit of an eye opener, and will be honest and say I didn't want to get off the coach when we arrived at the hotel!!

After a good nights sleep and a wonder around the complex the next morning I felt much better about the place.

The rooms are very basic, but clean. The cleaners made a real effort, making swans and baskets etc... out of the towels everyday!

The complex its self was very well kept, we stayed in La cascada side of the complex, the pool was very clean, and easy to get into for people who don't swim, its like walking into the sea, no steps into it, (mind it was very slippy), in the deeper part of the pool theres a waterfall and at the side of it a jacuzzi, very nice!!!

The staff are very friendly and will do anything for you, nothing is too much trouble.

The food was good most of the time, but they did tend to have a few weird combinations, but its the caribbean so what can you expect! There is something for everyone really.

The drinks were good, the local beers were very drinkable, and the cocktails had a tendancy to be quite strong!!! A nice drink to have in the daytime which they will make alcohol free is a Sol Y Mar (its like our milkshakes really) but very refreshing.

Theres not much in the way of entertaintment, and its not advertised well when there is any, so ask...... we missed most of it.

The hotel is situated in the middle of nowhere really, but if you want to get out and about taxi's are really cheap!!! We went on a couple of organised tours by the tour operater, they were both very good, but highly recommend the 'sights of Margarita' tour this was a very enjoyable day.

Things are very cheap in Margarita, the first day we went to the little shop on the complex to get some cigerettes and a bottle of coke for the room, after i'd worked out how much it cost I couldn't believe it!!!! 2 packets of cigerettes and a 2lt bottle of coke for £2.00!!!!

The beach is just across the road, its clean and the sea is lovely. Just watch out for the people on the beach trying to sell things to you, can be annoying after a while.!!

The weather there is amazing!!!!! Its soooooooo HOT, it reached upto 48 degrees a couple of days we were there, but normal daily temps varied between 30 - 40 degrees. We inly had 1 day off rain in 2 weeks.

Well all I can say is what a great holiday! We really enjoyed it, the hotel was great, the weather was great, the people were great, What more can you ask for?!!!!!!!

Would definately go back sometime in the future.

What a surprise, absolutely fabulous

from Pet1965
We have just returned from staying at the Pueblo Caribe and had a fantastic time. I was a bit apprehensive before travelling as I had read several reviews which weren't very positive but tried to adopt the frame of mind that as long as we had somewhere to sleep we could eat out if necessary.

We had two ajoining rooms poolside rooms both with 2 double beds. The rooms were quite spacious with plenty of storage. The shower room was spacious although the shower was a bit difficult to adjust. The rooms were spotless. The maid cleaned every day as were the towels and changed the beds every other day. She made swans out of the towels and turned down our beds.

Amazingly this was very good. For breakfast there was omelettes (cooked for you whilst you wait), a selection of venezualan dishes plus continental cheese and ham. Lunch saw a wide range of dishes and there was always the pasta bar if you didnb't fancy any of the main meals. At night the meals varied tremendously, we loved the mexican night (though it wasn't very spicy) and the barbeques best. No one in my party was ill.

We drank very much in moderation although alcohol was available all day. All bars and resturants had iced purified water which you could fill up the jugs from your room or your own bottles as often as you wished. There was also fruit juice available. This was fantastic although you were never sure what it was going to be as they made it with whatever fruit they had surplus. Polar beer light was our prefered drink although the cocktails were pretty super too. If you have children the bar staff will make a coconut drink with no alcohol for you (as adults we had this several times and it was very good). I am not sure how you write it but it sounds like Kocarla.

There were 2 of these. We stayed by the smaller one as our rooms opened out onto this poolside. The other pool was frequently mainly by the German tourists. The pools and the whole resort was spotless.

A narrow area of sand but perfectly okay for sunbathing. The sea was quite rough and only suitable for strong swimmers and even then I would suggest just playing at waist height.

The staff at the hotel and other Margaritains we met out side the hotel were so lovely and friendly. We spoke very little spanish but with sign language and a phrase book we got by.

Very little entertainment at this hotel which for us was part of the appeal. We had a very chilled relaxing time. This hotel won't be a 2.5 star for much longer. I am glad we got in whilst the prices are reasonable.

fantastic temperature, no rain, balance O.K.

from A TripAdvisor Member
March 6 to 21, 2005

My brother returned from Margarita Island at the end of February and was
pleased with his vacation. If interested please refer to his review on the
Hilton: February 4, 2005, “Hybrid Tourist Resort“.

We were looking for an inexpensive last minute deal (the only way we travel) and found this resort at close to 550$ per person off the regular price. A two week vacation for 2, cost us $2,300.00 taxes included. We read the negative comments from some of the previous reviewers but decided to go anyway. If the food were as bad as some said, my brother told me that the local restaurants were quite good and not that expensive. We decided that if necessary, we could eat out every night. Everything was more than acceptable and you get what you pay for. In my opinion it was a very good 2.5 or 3 star facility (different ratings depending on where you look) By the way, my wife is a very fussy eater and she always found something to her liking. I would not hesitate to return to this hotel. By the way, we did go out for a few meals and found some good restaurants that we would like to share with you:

Playa de Agua - Restaurant PACIFICO - Seafood. My wife and I split 2.5 Kilos of scampies, including wine, beer and return taxi and the cost was 45$ U.S.

Polamar - Restaurant CHEERS -Steakhouse. A 2 inch T-bone 23,000BS, about 9$U.S. Filet mignon in pepper sauce 19,000BS about 7$U.S. Brucheta(bread), wine, beer , bottled water, fries, the total cost was 60,000BS or
25$ U.S. We split a taxi with another couple and the return cost was
15 000 BS 6$ U.S. each.

We go south every year (twice a year, if possible) for two weeks to roast in
the sun and have some fun. As long as the accommodations are clean and safe, the room aesthetics are really secondary for us. If I want great food, there are more than enough 5 star restaurants back home (Montreal, Canada).

I must say that I concur with the two previous reviewers (not to repeat the
same comments):
March 30, 2005, Aliston, Ont, Canada
March 30,2005, Leicester England.

Too many people complain for no reason. I have worked for 2 of Canada's major financial institutions and I truly believe to many people are frustrated with their personal problems and want everything their
way or else. There is a difference between good service and somebody being your personal slave, believe me, I have seen it on many occasions. We are of the opinion that we received good service. We believe a good number of the people travelling should stay at home and unfortunately lack a little savoir faire!

I spoke with one gentlemen who travel's 2to 3 months each year. He just
returned from a 4 week trip to Thailand and its surrounding areas. He had a very simple comment, if your fussy about food and accommodations stay at home or go only to 5+ star hotel and pay the big bucks these places charge!

Personnaly, we would rather save money and travel more frequently. You
decide what is best for you. We prefer 14 days of 35 to 45 degree weather
than the snow and cold (PS no high humidity like in Montreal during the
summer) On one particularly hot day, people were cautioned to stay out of
the heat. One gentleman had a temperature gauge which registered 47 degrees. Some people did not listen and suffered from heat exhaustion and
dehydration. Many problems can be avoided, if only people would listen
and/or use common sense.

For the price we paid, we consider we received good value and have no qualms recommending this hotel to budget travellers looking for a decent all inclusive 3 star facility.

Pleasantly surprised

from checkoutgirl
We (myself, my husband and two sons aged 16 and 12) stayed there March 9 - 23, 2005. After reading some of the reviews we were a little worried. We were pleasantly surprised. We found the room clean (cleaned daily), the grounds lovely and the staff friendly and more than willing to accomodate our requests. We tipped the maid $1 US every other day and we had no problems with dirty towels or bedding or bugs. The meals did tend to cater to Venezuelan and European tastes but there was not one meal that we could not find something that we liked. We especially enjoyed BBQ nights where the seafood and meat were cooked on an open grill. The pasta restaurant is also open at meal times as well as the sandwich bar so there was always something good to eat. The animation staff had lots to offer with a show every night, sports in the pool, spanish lessons, bingo etc. The front desk was also helpful with our questions about good shopping areas etc. They have a taxi price list posted so that you have an idea of what you should be paying. The beach was not great for just swimming as the waves are huge but we had so much fun in the waves that we really didn't notice. The hotel is also just down the street from a new water park which we also enjoyed. We did 3 tours, jeep, horseback riding and party cruise to Coche Island. We enjoyed them all tremendously and highly recommend the horseback riding as the scenery is beautiful. The only negative thing was the little mouse that visited our room every once in a while but after talking to someone from another 4-star hotel who had gecko in her room we thought we were getting off easy. This is not a 4-star hotel but for the price we think it was terrific and would stay there again.

I Luuurved Pueblo Caribe!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
After reading reviews from some of the people on this site, I had a sleepless night before departing for Margarita.

But I found the rooms to be lovely (NO COCKROACHES) very clean, the maids do a room clean and towel change daily (eg. arranging the towels into swans with flowers) a linen change every other day.

The Cascada bar serving sandwiches and toasted sandwiches and cocktails, beer, whatever! This was the best bar, Rosa and Jose the day and night chefs are just wonderfully friendly, along with Carlo and Ricarro, the bar staff, who were just amazingly efficient and super, super friendly!

There is also the Sol y Mar Restaurant serving Italian food day and night and also burgers and hot dogs at lunchtime. My husband absolutely loved the spare ribs, I myself, liked the lasagne and the pizza.

There is a beach bar that serves snacks and in the evening (reservations required) becomes an a la carte seafood restaurant.

The main restaurant, for breakfast only one word - omelettes!!! These were really lovely, they also did a continental breakfast and cereals and some margaritan dishes. For lunch and evening there was a wide variety of foods from salads to mashed potato, beef and veg. They also do barbeques with steak, etc.

Excursionwise we only did 2, but wow - what excursions. We went swimming with dolphins (aprox. £30 each) this was great fun, we had the dolphins swimming amongst us and instructed them to sing, they took us for a ride and gave us a display! The other excursion was to Venezuela, an overnight stay in the Orinoco Delta following on to a flight to Angel Falls and Canaima National Park. We were going on boats through the jungle to get to the camp and you see the Wao indians and theirs homes, some unbelievable wildlife, we went piranha fishing, at night we caught the sunset, then the stars, which believe you me you can see the milky way there! They caught an aligator(only a little one) which we have a photo of my husband holding. The next day we went to Canaima and walked behind the waterfalls. Altogether Magical.

The First Choice Rep Carlos Tovar - the most friendly and efficient rep I have ever come across, at the welcome meeting he gives you his mobile in case (hopefully not, tho') you need to contact him whatever the time, this I have never known a rep to do before. Also he is Venezuelan so is very knowledgable and informative, with a wicked sense of humour and unlike the usual reps genuinely cares that you have a wonderful holiday!

So to sum up, would I go to this hotel again, yes I've already booked it for next March

Other names for Pueblo Caribe Hotel

  • pueblo caribe margarita island
  • pueblo caribe margarita
  • hotel pueblo caribe
  • Address: El Tirano - Margarita Island - 6301 - Venezuela
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