LTI Costa Caribe Beach Hotel

, Margarita Island, Venezuela
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LTI Costa Caribe Beach Hotel

, Margarita Island

Rooms: 405

Via Altagracia - Margarita Island - 6309 - Venezuela Hotel Website | | 58 295 4001000
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from GMB10
My husband and I returned on the 12th May, we are rested and had a good tan (min SPF of 20 an absolute must).

We booked the 4* holiday in December 04 not knowing much about this island, and tried to think positively, despite some very poor reviews. (Did it matter that the towels were not that fluffy or that the drinks were too” strong) as long as it was clean, safe and sunny surely that would be enough? We have been to most of the Caribbean islands so thought we would know want to expect.

Having now been to this hotel, I am sorry, but will have to join the many that did not enjoy the experience ( I give it a 2*). We were on the standard package so our room was OK size wise and there was a balcony that overlooked the sand dunes and coast with a lovely view (I guess that’s the look of the draw) It was second floor so, hubby and I did get some exercise, climbing the steps daily (not great for everyone.) The room was furnished with Ethnic drift wood furniture and the bed was an orthopedic one as hard as a rock. The shower a bit hit and miss (temp and water), tiling was rough to say the least, but at least the toilet flushed (If you didn't know Margarita has the same bin system as in Greece).

My Husband and I had brushed up on our Spanish, which was a good thing as English appeared to be the 3rd language, German being second. Even our welcome pack was in German. (Oh and yes to get a beach sun lounger do expect get there before 7am, despite notices that reservation was not allowed, they are all taken).

Our first week was better than the second, as the week before the pool had been closed for repairs and the Mexican bar closed, so guest numbers were down. Ratio of staff to guests was good and we settled in quickly to enjoy our well needed holiday. The second week was different, the hotel was 80% full and boy did you know it. I have never had to fight for food on any 4* holiday, The British are known for standing in line, but this went out the window as we joined every man for themselves (D hope you have got over your toast being knicked). There was insufficient seating and bar area for the number of guests the hotel has, so on some occasions we retired to bed very early, or to watch a very fuzzy 2 channel TV. I have never had to do this before, and usually enjoy the bar, socialising or the entertainment.

Food and Restaurants
Main dining area – is open air, and despite bird nets there were always lots of blackbirds waiting around to steal food, some guests thought this was delightful; I waited to catch some terrible tummy bug. Food was of poor quality, canteen style, as were the 6 seater tables, but there was a very wide choice. The Mexican bar was closed for most of holiday and not up to much when it did open (Burgers best on menu, which is rich from me as I don’t normally eat them) Food was left uncovered, especially deserts (would you leave a cheesecake out at home uncovered when it’s hot??) and were easy targets for flies, they still have a lot to learn about Hygiene. To avoid the sometimes over powering heat in the evening, you could try the Italian, as it has air conditioning. It is waiter service but as the menu “never” changed from the 6 main courses on offer, it can get a bit dull. Our waitress on our first visit had an interesting understanding of customer service - when she asked my husband “what does “SHE” want?” Was it lost in translation, or are the natives not as friendly as they will have you believe?

Unfortunately the hotel did nothing to help guest relations and guests soon fell into their own groups with very little interaction. Thanks for everyone who tried! Thankfully we made friends with V&R from Scunthorpe and C&D from Odlham - Hi Guys.

Best buys – All relating to the shopping centre
Taxi ride to Polomar shopping centre £3 for 30 min journey £20-30 in UK
Steak Lunch at the Moet and Chandon restaurant £20, £40-100 in UK
Manicure at good salon an amazing £2 – I pay £10- 35 in the UK
Husbands Haircut in same salon £4
2lts of Gordons gin for £5 (£25-30 in UK)
Electrical goods and clothes generally same or more than UK

High Points -
The pool was great to swim in
Watching the flocks of pelicans from the beach
Checking out the old style American cars (No MOTs on Margarita)
Upgrading the flight home to Premier class

It was an experience but – we wont be going back.

Emphatically, this is not a four, nor even 3 star hotel!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have been to ten different caribbean all inclusives and this is by far the worst! The rooms are extremely small, our bathroom light kept falling down and our toiled never flushed properly (though we reported it daily), in-room locks are an additional $2. a day, which is not bad, but this should be included in the cost of the room; food is the same daily, each meal. It is impossible to find a poorside lounge chair and beachside is not any better, though I don't know who would want to sit on the beach, with the wind blowing continuously and the sand going into your eyes. If you wish to sit with your spouse at dinner, know you will be joined by other couples, most likely not English-speaking, which makes it difficult to converse. It is predominantly German-frequented. The pool is nice, although the swim up bar is not adequately staffed, so you swim up with your order and then wait and wait and wait. The animation staff was enthusiastic and talented and we did enjoy them. Though we left a tip daily for the maid, we never had any "extras" like a flower on the bed, nor a towel cleverly made up into a swan...nothing remotely like that. And therein lie the problem. It was as though they made no effort at all to make you want to come back, which I will certainly never do again. Hotel staff, aside from the animation team, did not even smile when you offered a greeting or smile.

Please read this review before booking your trip

from didi98
Room economy was the size of a closet with a bathroom and one window six feet off the ground and one foot high. We could not see out the window and our luggage would not even fit in the room until my mother moved the single bed over to accommodate the luggage.

Wasted hours checking into a new room and viewed one other and had to fight to get a different room at $10.00 per person per day in American Dollars.

There were ants in our room.

There were cockroaches in our room.

Had to keep the lights on at all time to keep the cockroaches away even though I sprayed the room they continued to invade us.

No face towels and a continues battle to get them until we gave up.

No shower curtain and a continues battle to get them until we gave up

Room not clean

Food was uneatable

Norma and I had horrible pain in our stomachs since arriving at the LTI Costa Caribe Beach Hotel and continues to date

Did not drink the water and even brushed teeth with bottled water

Ocean was so full of rocks (large boulders) t was extremely hard to get into

Current was so strong we were advised not to into the ocean. So basically not swimable

Had to request and request face cloths until we gave up

Had to request and request towels until we gave up

Power went off one night and I was left in the dark unable to move and the phone did not even work

No clocks in the rooms

Cost us more money than the Hespera with paying for the upgrade

My mother is very upset with the goings on with this holiday and all the trouble we have had

Two television channel so not really satellite TV

The pool water was going down by the day and the water level was down by 1/3.

The beach was not private whatsoever

Toilet would not flush called maintenance and no one ever attended

Paid $10.00 American per person for Caribbean night the was a total disaster with fish I would not think of eating

Hotel was overbooked in my opinion when you could not even sit and enjoy yourself without having other people using your table

Not enough beach towels to supply the hotel. We had to use the same towels for days.

The lighting in the room was insufficient. There was not even enough light to read a book.
The switch for light beside the bed was on the wall and that was very inconvenient

In the bathroom there was one light bulb on arrival. I had the maintenance man come and put new light bulbs in and he actually had to put a fixture in above the sink. Then proceed to leave and no one came to clean up the mess

The bathroom was covered in mildew on the floors, wall, and shower

Most of the people in the hotel had nothing but complaints about the hotel

There was hair in my food

Not a sanitary place whatsoever

The pool had mildew all over it with broken tiles with rebar exposed that had rusted which was not pleasant

On one occasion two of the staff were sitting at our table and ate while we had some water. What kind of resort is this?

Great Time!!!

from feathers
I visited Margarita Island and stayed at the LtI Costa Caribe from February 24th until March 10th of 2005. Most of the time was spent on the beautiful beach or by the awesome pool. I have never seen a pool like big and never crowded and very clean. It is perfect for children and adults.
We did stay in an economy room (no frills, no balcony.) It was extremely clean and adequate. The food in the main buffet is very good. The staff are friendly. The hygiene around the food is excellent. I was not impressed with the Don Alfreda a la carte restaurant. I found the food tasteless...the best part was that this is the only air-conditioned restaurant. The others are open air. La Boquita beach restaurant is excellent. A must try are the french fries, hamburger and pasta especially at lunch time. As far as I know the water and ice cubes are safe in the restaurant and bars. Do not drink the water from the taps. You can get water at the restaurants for your room. I did not eat fresh salad. There is a mini fridge in the room. You can also get bottles of beer from the bars for your room. You may want to have a bottle opener on hand as they are not twist tops. I did manage to find an opener on the beach from the vendors. The vendors are set up with tables so they don't bug you. And, no one is trying to sell you real estate.Don't worry about the iguanas or lizards. They are quite common and very photgenic and cute. They won't hurt you. They are more afraid of us than we are of them. We took a taxi to Juan Griego which is a town close by. There is a list of prices posted in the lobby of the hotel. Negotiate the price before you go and remember gas is 4 cents a litre. El Agua beach is beautiful and a must see. The main dining room and Don Alfredo's has smoking and non-smoking tables. Other than that smoking is pretty much open. There are a couple of shops in the hotel where you can get sundries (suntan lotion, candy, pop, smokes, liquor, beer and some soveniers.) You will be supplied with one blue beach towel each. I was up early to save chairs on the beach or by the pool. My suggestion would be to bring light colourful beach towels and a bright colourful beach bag (left the bag at the chairs while at breakfast, no problems of theft of anything.)The reason I say that this is a good idea it that your chair(s) will be easy for you to identify. Be sure to check out the lobby bar at 3 as there are cakes, cookies, fruit and quite often good pizza. It is a very casual atmosphere for clothes so you really don't need a lot. The only time we dressed up was to go to Don Alfredo's and if you miss that you aren't missing much. I found the tours expensive and heard they were long and hot. As I was with my elderly Mom I passed. All in all it was a great vacation! I would go again. Good Luck and enjoy.

Definatly wrongly star rated

from jules05Essex
Visited LTI Costa Caribe March 2005. This hotel is 2* plus at the very highest.(no way its a 4*) The room so small and tatty, not dirty but just old and used. The main restaurant only had six seater tables, no cosy 2 seaters. The food was acceptable but nothing exceptionable. Both the Mexican and the Italian restaurants were good in comparison with the main restaurant. (No stomach upsets). Diet coke ran out contantly and i think the room fridge should have been stocked with water and not just an empty jug. Room cleaning was daily but towels came and went on an irregular basis. I thought the reception area and bars were unkept most of the time and apart from a handful of waiters i thought the staff were generally unfriendly. This hotel compares badly with all of the other 4* hotels i have visited in the carribean and i would be very reluctant to revisit it. The weather was excellent.

Had a great time at LTI Costa Caribe

from A TripAdvisor Member
We just returned from a great two week holiday at LTI Costa Caribe. We were supposed to have a balcony room but had to change in order to get flight we wanted. Ended up with economy pakcage. Our rooms (we were two couples) were small but functional. We had a king bed and no problems getting into the closet. The pool is amazing, you have to see it to believe it. The beach is nice white sand, though the ocean was rough. We enjoyed wave jumping. The grounds are well landscaped and there are two resident McCaws (Parrots) that live in the palm trees just outside the restaurant area. We found the food good, lots of variety and liked the theme nights they put on twice a week. The Italian a la carte restaurant was not difficult to book and food was very well prepared. The wait staff in the buffet restaurant were very friendly, always waiting to assist you, we made quite a few friends. Bartenders were also very friendly, they would mix any kind of drinks we asked for and were interested in learning some english phrases. We took several tours, the island is beatiful, very hot and you can see many mountain ranges. The hotel is in need of some repair; plumbing; upkeep but it is very very clean. We would definitley go back to this hotel in the future.

Really liked the LTI

from A TripAdvisor Member
LTI Costa Caribe
Margarita, Venezuela
February 17/05 to March 4/05

We reserved this hotel for 2 weeks with Tour Mont Royal and the flight was with Air Transat out of Montreal. Departure and return was more or less on time with a flight without any incidents to note. Duration of flight is approximately 5 hours 15 minutes both ways.


Upon arrival at the Polamar airport we had to wait for our baggage and once all of our bags were retrieved we had to go through a security check. Immigration asked to open one of our bags and within a few minutes we were on our way to the bus for the transfer to the hotel. It is quite easy to find your way at the airport and all the Tour Representatives are located just outside the main doors.

The return portion was extremely long and seemed very much disorganised. After arriving at the airport we had to wait in line to get to the check in counter, and then wait in line to pay the departure tax. At check in they give you a form to fill before clearing security where you also wait in line to get to the departure lounge. This whole process took more than one hour of our time.

Please be advised that after the check in on the return, security do a full body check. A male employee does a full body search to the men and a female employee does the same to the women. Many travellers found this a bit disturbing however all travellers are treated equally.

Also important to note, is that on the day of departure the Venezuelan Government decided to devaluate the Bolivar and increased the departure tax from 87,000 Bolivars to 94,000 Bolivars per person. For the people paying in Bolivars purchased prior to the change this was and additional expense of $3.00US. However if you paid all the tax in US dollars the cost remained the same at $46.00US.


Transfer between the airport and the hotel and return is approximately 30 minutes and TMR has modern and air conditioned buses. Going to the hotel we were 13 passengers and on the return 22 passengers.


The temperature does not vary much on this island. At night it is 29/30 Celsius and during the day, in the shade it is 31/32 Celsius with little or no rain. During the day it is very hot with hardly any clouds in the sky. It is recommended to use a sunscreen with a high factor and apply several times during the day.

The ocean water temperature varies very little and it is always very comfortable to swim, which we did for several hours every day. The pool water is approximately 30 Celsius and never really varies day or night.


The hotel has many 3 story buildings spread over a large complex. There are a total of 405 rooms divided in three categories. There are 81 suites quite big with a balcony or terrace and 243 standard rooms about half the size of a suite, also with a balcony or terrace.

There are also 81 economy rooms with no balcony or terrace, and in my opinion these rooms are good for a single person or for 2 children travelling with parents located in a different room.

All 405 rooms have air conditioning, satellite TV, telephone, small fridge, shower with no bath and a small safe for valuables.

The reception is well staffed and check in and check out is no problem. There are many bars located on the site and all are well stocked with beer and liquor. The have beer on tap and in bottles (Polar / Brahma) as well as white and red wines that’s quite good.


This is usually the most difficult section to evaluate however in my opinion this is one of the better places for food. It is better than Cuba and most of the hotels visited in the Dominican Republic.

There is the main buffet Las Brisas with a very large selection of food choices. It is open from 07:00 to 10:30 for breakfast, from 12:00 to 14:00 for lunch and from 18:00 to 21:00 for diner.

There is also the beach restaurant La Boquita open from 12:00 to 17:00 with a buffet service that is quite good. They also have very good burgers and fries. At night this restaurant becomes the Mexican with reservations required.

The last restaurant is Don Alfredo, with a good selection of food, open at night only and with reservations. This is the only restaurant on the site with air conditioning.

All these restaurants are part of the ‘’all inclusive’’ therefore at no additional charge to guests. There is only one exception and that is on Saturday night for the Caribbean Night. Once a week the La Boquita is used for this event and it is an all you can eat buffet of prawns, shrimps, scallops, oysters, fish, roast pork and roast of beef. This diner is really very good and cost $10.00US per person. Reserve early because it is very popular and filled to capacity.


I believe this is one of the biggest pools in Margarita with many sections interconnecting together. In the center of the pools there is a covered bar accessible by several bridges and furnished with tables and chairs. There is also a portion of the bar accessible from the pool with 10 or so stools in the water. The pool bar is an ideal location for a quiet drink at night.

The pools are very clean and chlorinated and the hotel has many employees working full time to keep this area very clean. The pool area is always very busy during the day.


The beach is private and the LTI is the only hotel on this beach. It is approximately 2 kilometres in length and the sand is fine and golden in colour. It is very easy and comfortable to walk to both ends and as most beaches in Margarita they have good waves on most days.

There are many Palapas for shade but definitely not enough when the hotel is filled to capacity. There are no problems for getting chairs at the beach however past 10:00 at the pool it is quite difficult to get seating.


There are many to do however the two most important are the catamaran trip to Coche Island and the Jeep tour of the Island. Both excursions last all day.

For our catamaran we left at 09:00 in the morning and returned just before 17:00 in the evening. Included in the price were a light breakfast aboard and a full lunch including wine at the restaurant on the island. At all times we also had available cold beer and rum.

For those interested in shopping it is quite easy and cheap to get to the large Polamar flea market or the smaller one in Juan Griego. Prices are really good and you have to bargain before buying. The city of Juan Griego is located about 10 minutes from the LTI hotel and one can find just about anything you need. We purchased a bottle of top quality Cacique Anejo Rum for $2.75US. The island is considered a ‘’Tax Free’’ zone so no taxes on any of the goods purchased.


In all the trips we have taken, this is one of the best ever. The people are very nice and friendly, the hotel is well located, and the food was very good, all in all a trip to remember. We are definitely planning in returning at the end of February 2006 and we even are considering making a group to get the best possible prices.


A few tips for the LTI

from A TripAdvisor Member
Have recently returned from the LTI Costa Caribe and offer a few lessons to improve your stay:

- Overall, the resort was terrific…staff were great, had bathroom problems solved in minutes, desk staff helpful, food was excellent (including an abundance of local fruits), the whole resort was clean and cheerful – a great experience

- restaurant has marmalade only...bring your own jam or jelly

- there are two exchange rates (at the hotel it is 1920 B and through the black market it is 2200 B to the US 1) – our black market connection was the tour company rep at the hotel

- you have three choices to secure a sun bed (get up at 6:00am and put your blue beach towel on your sun bed, pay on the boys on the beach to do it for you, just move someone’s towel once you get to the beach - the hotel will back you up as there is officially no reserving) - if you move someone’s towel, be prepared for a few minutes of argument or yelling as you explain the resort policy to them

- coming from US/Canada be prepared for the open smoking (people even smoking in the island airport!)

- visit the parrots in the courtyard and be prepared to see many small lizards on the grounds

- if you do not leave a credit card imprint at the desk, you will not have use of the phone in your room

- check the hotel lobby for taxi rates into the cities and stick to them – and agree on the price before you get in the taxi!

- the hotel shuttle to Porlamar will take you to the big, North American style mall on the outskirts of the city…be prepared to pay 4000Bs for a taxi into the city center

- take the jeep tour – it’s a great day out

- if you wish to tip the staff, sit in the same section of the restaurant all the time…the staff work the room in zones and that way you will get the same staff all the time and can tip them at the end of your stay

- the resort has a small shop but process in town are much lower on sun screen, etc..

- try the burger and fries every afternoon in the beach restaurant

- go to the 9:30 evening shows…a little chessy but very entertaining

- book the special meal options (Carib night and Mexican night were especially good)

- free HBO in the room!

- Be prepared for the physical search of your person both coming and going through the airport

- bring a clock – the room does not have one

- best advice – when leaving at the end of your stay, the tour company will shuttle you and your luggage to the airport – but pay the extra 10 US for a taxi to the airport…and get there before your tour group…it will shave 2 hours off your checkin time

If you have any questions, feel free to email.

Have a great trip!

Loved the Island, but the Hotel.....

from A TripAdvisor Member
We spent a week at the Costa Caribe (Feb 9-16) .... LOVED the island, the shopping was fantastic (Juan Greico is a much nicer place to shop than Porlamar by the way ... lots of choices and shops without the crowds and because its right on the ocean ... not nearly as sweltering!), the weather wonderful ... and loved a lot about the hotel, but it has problems. We booked a VIP package with an oceanview suite ... and we could see the ocean from the balcony, a little. The room service was erratic ... somedays we got face clothes and hand towels, but only once on the same day ... our "stocked" bar in the inroom fridge was "filled" with anywhere from none to 4 beers ... and most of the promised extras for the VIP package were not there at least half the time (our last night the maid BEGGED us not to give her a bad review ... and we suddenly had an extra bottle of rum in our room!). The room came complete with crickets (kept us awake two nights until I tracked them down and beat them into submission) and one day, a baby gecko (him I carried out and set free). The front desk was somewhat surley and lacksadasical ... 3 calls and over an hour to get someone to fix the toilet that was backed up .... however, the food was quite good, the bar service was EXCELLANT, the beach was okay (a fantastic public beach with a whole raft of patio bars is right over a small hill, about a 15 minute walk away ... highly recommend it!). Our sense from other places we've been is that the staff in this resort just don't have the same "hunger" to please that you see in Cuba and the Dominican .... maybe because they aren't as desperately poor.

We'd definitely go back to Margarita, but I'd never waste money on the VIP package at this hotel, and would really think twice about going to it at all. An okay 3 star, maybe ... a 4 star?? No way.

Beautiful Resort

from tater383
A few of us just returned from our 2nd trip to Margarita Island and I will be returning again next year! This resort is exceptional! The beach is beautiful, the pool is out of this world! The staff are very friendly and helpful! The food very good with lots of variety. The rooms are small but clean. Hey, how much time do we spend in our room anyway!! The weather was incredible! Hot and sunny with little rain at night. I miss it all already! See you all next year!

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  • Address: Via Altagracia - Margarita Island - 6309 - Venezuela
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