Rio Othon Palace Hotel

, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Rio Othon Palace Hotel

, Rio de Janeiro
5 star

Rooms: 584

3264 Av. Atlantica - Rio de Janeiro - 22070-001 - Brazil | 21 2525 1500
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Reviews - Rio Othon Palace Hotel

Submitted by: Christine & Ilija in 23/01/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
This was a postponed honeymoon and we were very excited to go to Copacabana, Brazil! The hotel was acceptable. The rooms were not a perfect 10, but they were clean, and the view from our room 2006 (what a coincidence since we were excited for New Year's 2006) was a 10. The decor was strange....wild colours on the bedspread, a fake brick wall backsplash, outdated furniture, but the pictures on the wall were impressive; cable TV with HBO and HBO plus; and a balcony door for sliding open, but about 6 inches of balcony space, standing room only.... It seems that they were doing some updating as during our stay they changed the upholstery on our chairs and the headboard of the bed. But really though, you just don't go to Rio to stay in the hotel; if you're paying too much attention to the hotel, you probably shouldn't go to Rio in the first place. There's so much to see and the room serves its purpose-but the focus was certainly not the hotel, not for us anyway. The showers, considering we were on the 20th floor were powerful, and we had no problems with theft, in fact we had a safe in the room which they charged $1.50/day USD. There was also a hairdryer in the bathroom. Plenty to outlets to plug in your battery chargers, etc....The lobby was beautifully decorated with Christmas decorations and there was always plenty of staff and security-you want to feel safe anywhere you go, so this was important for us. We did not eat any meals at the hotel, but I did get to see what they served for their breakfast buffet and it was very plentiful. We decided to go to Sucos Bars every morning which are interesting little outdoor stands that you can get fresh tropical fruit juices and sandwiches and breakfast for two was never more than $8. We fell in love with Ipanema and will more than likely stay there next time-just for change of scenery. Rio Othon Palace is located in the heart of Prostitution-ville, this must be noted, so don't feel like something suspicious is going on if you decide to eat at one of the outdoor restaurants next to the hotel, there is something going on...although it may be illegal, it does occur and the club "Help" just 200 ft from the hotel is densely congested with this, so if you have children this may not be too cool. But again, this was just another interesting aspect of Brazil and the reality that it is a very poor country. You will see the poverty almost immediately (on your trip to the hotel from the taxi cab). By the way we took yellow cabs and they were fine, the private ones charge 63 Reals from the airport to the hotel and the yellow one charged only 35 to the airport from the hotel. Tip: get up early and enjoy long walks on the beach with the locals. This is a very "fit" society, everyone walks....ALOT. Try the Acai at a Suco Bar, it's awesome. Have fun and definitely blend in with the other Carioca's by purchasing a pair of their beach shoes, this way you don't look like too much of a tourist. Oh yes, the hotel, again it was very nice. We enjoyed it and we give it a 7.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Rio Othon Palace Hotel

Certainly no palace

from wbw
We stayed at the "palace" from August 20-26 and had a horrible experience, from the moment we checked in (when the rate went up 40% from the quoted rate) to the time we checked out (when management initially refused to remove bar charges that we did not incur and that were signed by someone from another room!).

While access to the beach was convenient, the rooms were in dire need of refurbishing, promised amenities - such as turn down service, towel replinishment, and airport shuttle service - were irregularly or just not provided, and the managment were not responsive or helpful.

Rio is a great town, but stay somewhere else!

Loved the Othon Palace

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just got back from Rio on 5/30/06. Loved the hotel. Was a bit worried after reading some of the review just before leaving. I tried to change hotels after reading the reviews. I am glad I didn't. The hotel upgrade our room. We stayed on the 24th Flr with a wonder view of the ocean. Staff was wonderful. Hotel was clean. My only complaint is...tiles in the bathroom should be replaced.

great hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
just come back to the uk after 5 nights at this hotel, got upgraded to ocean view room, brilliant view. rooms a bit old fashioned but so is rio!! great location right on the beach....take breakfast on the 30th floor, hardly anybody there, great views for U$8 for a great buffet breakfast.

Honest Review - A Great Stay!!!

from Mickey61
We stayed at the Rio Othon from March 22 to April 01 2006.

We stayed on the 21st floor facing the beach. What a view! It was incredible.

Here is our opinion of our stay:

The rooms were clean, maid service daily, we did not have any problems with towels being delivered as I read in a previous review. Yes the rooms were outdated but what do your expect for a hotel that was probably built in the 60's. There is pics on the Hotel website and yes that is what it looks like. We did not spend all that much time in the hotel other than wine and cheese in the afternoon along with a nap to prepare us for the evening out.

The room we had had two twin beds. From what I understand, there are rooms with queens or kings....we were happy with what we got and wanted to get on with the vacation after the red eye flight. Remember that you are not in the US and special requests/customer service is not always like back home at an upscale hotel and may take a little longer than expected.

The staff was courtious and there was always someone that spoke some english (most don't) to help with the basics...cabs, phones, directions etc.

The view from the top of the building (where the pool is located) was awesome. Spend some time up there enjoying the view and the pool.

The pipes in the bathroom made a bit of noise every now and again....but not consistantly and not anything that was annoying or that would wake us up or keep us awake.

The room had a small fridge. Tip: go to the grocery store and buy some wine, beer, cheese, crackers, fruit, snacks, drinks...the cost is much cheaper than the items the hotel provides in the fridge and is a nice break between meals. We would set out some grapes, cheese, crackers, deli meat and have some wine in the afternoon all awhile enjoying the view and people was soo relaxing. There are two very well stocked grocery stores within a short walk 1 or 2 streets north and west of the hotel.

There are a couple of chanels on the TV that speak english and there is an HBO channel for those who want a little TV relaxation.

The hotel offers laundry and drycleaning service. Tip: for laundry go to the shop 1 street behind the hotel and a few yards to the North...a laundro mat and the prices are much better....about $10 for a full basket of clothes...they are very friendly but very little english spoken. Tip: learn some basic portuguese, get a english to portuguese phrase book or buy an eletronic translator. My wife bought me one that translates in 7 or so languages and was a life saver. As I said, most people do not speak or understand english. The translator also says the word for was a blast and part of the adventure trying to was a trip saver....trying to order red wine or giving directions to the cabbie or just basic communication was achallenge but much fun for us.

The restaurants were great..we never had a bad meal..the salads were Canadian it at the duty free for your stay if you want couldnt find it in any grocery store. You can purchase up to 500us per person on the way into the your hard liqour there if you want some in your room. Marcus James was a great local cabernet that we had much of. Most restaurants have english menus so that the waiter can compare what you pick with the portugeuse menu and understand what you want.

The spa at the top of the hotel is not included . I did not use it so I cant comment on the facility. We did not eat at the restaurant on the top floor but did talk to other guests that said the food was good but you pay a premium for the what else is new?

Tip the bell gut one real per bag. Take the metered cabs...the "set rate no meter" cabs are more expensive.

The bike rental place behind the hotel....ask the front desk for it's location. Cost is 5us per hour per bike minimun two hours. We road to Ipanema and around the laggoon....very nice ride...

If you are booking stuff..try and do it is cheaper to go to the source..the hotels, brokers, etc get and extra 10to can get some direct numbers of the frommer's web site....take cabs to palces's cheaper than getting the sugarloaf, christ the redeemer soccer stadium etc....

We felt safe where ever we went....but are in abig city and always be aware of your surroundings...over our 9 day stay we did witness a couple of snatching of belongings ...but the victims were easy targets and were not taking care of their is the same for New York or any big attention.

Any other questions...just send me an e-mail and I would be glad to respond

s a great hotel in a great location

from A TripAdvisor Member
We stayed March 4 thru the 13th, 2006. We loved the management and all the hotel employees. It is very well managed. The location is great (right on the beach strand) because the flea market is right across the street and the outdoor restaurants have excellent food and service, yet reasonably priced. We liked the Alcazar the best. This is my fifth trip and I love Rio. I like the casual rules as well - you can carry drinks anywhere in the hotels and on the streets, even into the restaurants to order food. The "Help" discothèque, the largest in Brazil, is a block away.

We did see packs of pickpocket kids assault the tourists in the afternoon and evenings within a block of the hotel almost every day. The taxi drivers and waiters told us that the police wouldn’t help with this problem for some reason.

t pay too much

from pann888
My then 15-yr-old daughter and I stayed here two nights in mid-November. We also stayed 6 nights at their other hotel, the Savoy Othon Travel Hotel, located about 2 blocks away. I posted a review for them, too.

Here are the pro's and con's for the Rio Othon Palace:

1) Beachfront location and beach service. They have a separate beach entrance into the basement where there is a desk next to the fitness rooms. You can check out towels to use at the beach. There's also a shower for rinsing off before going up to your room.

2) On the beach in front of the hotel they also provide umbrellas, however, you have to pay to rent chairs from someone on the beach.

3) The view from the room. We had a room on the side of the building (with a standing-room-only balcony), and due to the curve of Copacabana beach, we still had a really nice view.

4) Our room with two twin beds was spacious, the beds were comfortable and the linens & blankets were fresh. (see con's)

5) Bathroom. Pretty good size, with a hairdryer & separate bidet. (see con's)

6) Room safe (for $3.30 reais/day) was about 12"x15"x5" and had a lock and key set that could not be duplicated. I had to carry the key around with me, but I felt very comfortable leaving valuables there.

7) Rooftop Pool. The view is spectacular. The pool is about 12'x 20'. Bigger than a lot of rooftop pools in Rio, it's large enough to play around in, but just too small for real swimming. Plenty of lounge furniture for sunning. And the whole area is enclosed in glass with no roof. You can get beach towels at a desk before entering the pool area.

1) Our room was musty, with cheap, thin carpeting.

2) Although the TV had cable with a few English channels, I was surprised that there weren't as many premium channels as at the Savoy, a budget hotel, which had HBO and HBO Plus (both in English).

3) Bathroom. Fixtures were old, either chipped or rusty, and it took 10-15 minutes for the water in the shower to get hot...I guess due to old plumbing.

4) Staff. Efficient but not overly friendly...maybe due to the fact that I only paid $67/night and they knew it. In contrast, the staff at the Savoy were extremely friendly and very helpful.

5) Breakfast is not included, which I knew up front and it didn't bother me. I put it in the con's because, again, the Savoy included breakfast (a pretty decent one) in the room rate.

If you know of the con's up front and get a decent rate for the room, this is an OK place to stay. For someone on a limited budget, it's a good deal if you take into consideration that you get a beachfront hotel with a terrific pool area on the roof and a really nice view from a nice-sized room.

What a dump!

from A TripAdvisor Member
The rooms with views of the beach and a decent breakfast are the only things worth recommending about this hotel. The rooms are dingy and old. The bathrooms have rusted fixtures, and the carpets are thread bare. The lobby staff are cranky and there aren't enough of them during the busy times. In the 3 days I was there, I heard a number of very irate customers yelling at the front desk staff about the quality of the rooms--probably why the staff are so cranky. The signs in the lobby about prostitution aren't exactly comforting either. I would recommend either spending a little more money and staying in a nicer place on the Copacabana or finding a place of comparable price but better quality off the beach. I think the problem with this hotel stems from the confusion surrounding the star rating system of hotels. Generally the star system is indicative of a certain level of amenities not necessarily quality. There are nice 2 star hotels and poor 4-5 star hotels. This happens to be one of the latter.

t expect a 5star hotel or even a 3star hotel...

from kingster
we stayed at this hotel because we thought we were getting a good price on "skyauction". here is the deal, "skyauction" price- no free breakfast, $8/day extra. you cannot have breakfast on the 30th floor. no taxes repeat no taxes, are included. no room upgrades.
we paid $83/day on "skyauction". Add on taxes and breakfast and we could have stayed at a much nicer hotel.
The rooms, old and bad, they don't change your linen unless you ask. We had to request a change of linen every day. bottom line, this hotel should be rated 2 star. we stayed at some very nice hotels in iquasu falls, fortaleza, natal, and bahia. this is a dump.

t like it, you probably paid too much

from A TripAdvisor Member
I noticed that some people are really negative about this hotel, which is not fair. Of course the hotel is not four star. Just looking at the rooms it's probably not even three stars. But then again, the price is really nice compared to the other hotels on the beach. We just went to Brazil and booked the hotel there, which is much cheaper than what you'll find on the web.
The difference between the luxury rooms and the normal ones is that the luxury rooms have a view over the ocean, which is really awesome. You have a little balcony that overlooks the beach and the ocean. Really nice.
So, yes the rooms are old fashioned and not well lit but who cares with such a view!
Some people also worry about crime but that's in any large city, especially there where the tourists are. Then again, Copacabana is for sure not a high crime area compared to the rest of the city. Some Rio neighbourhoods are a no-go for even for police!
I stayed there with my girlfriend and had a wonderful time near the beach. We will for sure go back one day.


Rio Othon Palace (Copanbana Beach) is in a High Crime Area

from InternationalTrotter
If you travel to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil don't stay at the Rio Othon Palace Hotel on Copacabana Beach unless you want to get mugged and robbed. A couple of people in my group was mugged and robbed in front of the Rio Othon Palace Hotel. Also, don't use Gate 1 Travel because we used them as our tour operator to Argentina and Brazil, and they booked us in the Rio Othon Palace Hotel (Brazilian own) on Copacabana Beach knowing that Rio Othon Palace Hotel was located in a high crime area.
If you plan to travel to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil stay on LeBanlo Beach and/or Ipenema Beach especially if you are blond hair and blue eyed.
An American Travel Agent and Tourist.

Top Local Tips for Rio de Janeiro

Money Carry as little as possible, check your bill twicw, ask questions, count your change. Do not settle for paying too much, pay what you owe and walk away. Travel in a group day or night. Be very very wary of beggars, regardless of age. Don't plan on going in ocean unless you have a wet suit. Be prepared to be harassed on the sidewalks and the beach-police are busy talking on there call phones.

Power outlets Remember, the power outlets might look a bit different from North America. I hear its the same kind found in Isreal, two round prongs, spaced widely apart. Adapters are probably relatively cheap and easy to find in North America, but i dont know how many the hotel has, and they didnt seem to understand me when i asked for one. The power is 110v compared to our 120v, so most devices should work fine.



Other names for Rio Othon Palace Hotel

  • rio othon palace hotel
  • rio othon palace de janeiro
  • rio othon palace
  • Address: 3264 Av. Atlantica - Rio de Janeiro - 22070-001 - Brazil
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