Ramada Inn & Suites Seatac Airport Hotel

, Seattle, United States
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Ramada Inn & Suites Seatac Airport Hotel

, Seattle
2 star

Rooms: 156

16720 International Bouelvard. - Seattle - Washington - 98188 - United States Hotel Website | 206-277-0700
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Reviews - Ramada Inn & Suites Seatac Airport Hotel

Greedy Hotel - Stayed 14 nights - billed for 6
Submitted by: Don in 30/06/09
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Budget Traveller
In early 2009 I booked 6 rooms with the Ramada Inn Suites at 16720 International Drive. Then as our friends gave me credit card numbers, I re-booked the reservations under their names and credit card numbers. I still believe that I cancelled the original 6 reservations, but can find no proof of that now. On 6/19 the 12 of us arrived at the hotel and checked into 6 rooms for 2 nights. The desk clerk said, "are these other 6 reservations your's?" I told her that it did appear to be my 6 original reservations, but that I was sure I had cancelled them on the internet. She said that I would need to speak to Manager Stephanie Green the next morning to work out the problem. Manager Green said that I would have to pay for the 6 "no show reservations". I reminded her that we were using a total of 14 nights and that surely she could forego the "no show" revenue on the double bookings. She insisted on billing me on 6/22 for the 1st night of the 6 duplicate reservations. We spent about $1,500 total for the 14 nights that we did stay. Two of the couples had reservations to stay again 6/28 and they did go use those reservations.

My advice is that you find a different hotel to book when you are at SeaTac Airport. If Manager Green is this greedy I doubt you want to get involved with her hotel.
Beware of your credit card!!!
Submitted by: Jesse in 28/05/09
  • Age Group:
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
On April 26th I stayed at the Ramada Inn at Seatac, I payed online previously. When I checked in I was asked for my credit card, and gave them the card, I was informed at the time it would only be held for phone charges in the event there were any. When I checked in I was not given any type of confirmation from them, even when I asked about that. On the 27th I checked out and everything seemed to be fine. However within the following week I noticed a charge of 304.00 on my credit card, charged on the 27th of April, which meant that it was charged on the 26th here in the US. I was furious and spoke to my husband about the situation. He inquire to Ramada Inn at Seatac and spoke to a Stephanie(who ironically has the same phone voice as the infamous Stephanie Green), who said she had no power to do anything about it and that he needed to call the following date and speak to Amy. He called and spoke to Amy the following day as informed, while speaking with Amy, she informed him that the charges accrued from another room and that somehow the credit cards had gotten mixed up. She also stated that it was odd, because somebody would have to gone behind the counter and charged the card. He was then told they would have to do a complete investigation, checking there film and questioning the people who were working. She also informed him that Stephanie Green, the general manager, would be contacting us Monday morning and that the charges would be reversed within 72 hours and that we should see the reversal by the following Tuesday. To date, I have seen no reversals on my credit card nor a phone call from the General manager, Stephanie Green. To make matters worse, my husband called this past Monday, 5/18/2009 and spoke with the General manager, Stephanie Green, who informed him, that Amy had indeed reversed the charge and that he would need to call back the following day and speak with her. When he asked her for a confirmation number of the reverse she said there was none and that she had no access to the file. Odd considering the General manager is the superior to Amy, information obtained from an anonymous employee.
I have decided to inform the authorities as this is credit card fraud and hopefully informing the rest of you that this type of behavior in business has no place in the US nor anywhere else.It may do good for Ramada Corporate to strip Stephanie Green of using their good name to front such an un-America, distasteful so called hospitality service.
The Most Horrendous Hotel Experience We Have Ever Had
Submitted by: Newnorb in 21/01/09
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I have never written a review for a hotel, but my recent experience at the Ramada Seatac hotel was so HORRENDOUS that I was compelled to warn everyone I can about how TERRIBLE the hotel and its staff are. A few weeks ago, on Thanksgiving weekend, we had a reservation at this hotel for 1 nights stay and 17 days of parking while we went on a family holiday. We arrived to the hotel at 10:30pm after a 7 hour drive(bad traffic) from our home in Vancouver, Canada. We had our 3 very young children with us, two of whom had just developed food poisoning along the way. Needless to say we were all exhausted and at our wits end by the time we arrived.
When we pulled into the hotel arrival area, the sign out front said Lot Full. I asked the 2 men on duty where our car would be parked if the lot was full and they said that they couldn't help me because they had no room left. Confident that the hotel would have kept a space aside for us because we had our reservation, I went into the lobby to talk to the front desk. I assumed that it would all get sorted out by the front desk clerk. I was sorely mistaken! This was made very clear from the minute I walked up to that desk and started speaking to the girl there. She was the RUDEST, MOST UNPROFESSIONAL, FLIPPANT and unhelpful service person I have ever come across. Her attitude was OFFENSIVE from the minute I arrived. I presented her with my email confirmation stating that we had a 1 nights stay and 17 days of parking, and asked where our car would be parked if their lot was full. Her response was that they don't offer parking anymore so parking wasn't her problem. The hotel had contracted out their parking at the beginning of that month- AFTER my travel agent had already made my reservation. (My travel agent checked into all this after the fact and was told that although they had contracted out the parking, all pre-existing reservations with parking should have obviously been honoured! ) When I showed the desk clerk my confirmation/contract that stated very clearly that I had booked the room AND parking and that now i was being told by the guys outside that they had no parking.....she shrugged and reiterated that it WASN'T HER PROBLEM. No matter what I said to her and no matter how much proof I had that the Ramada hotel had a CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION TO US to honour our reservation, it was very clear that she didn't care and wasn't going to honour it. I felt desperate, extremely frustrated, distressed after our long drive with sick kids and completely at a loss. It was very late at night, we had 3 sick and tired kids in the car who wanted nothing more than to be there, many of the lots in the area were full (as their signs said), we didn't know the city and feared that a lot of the hotels would be booked up because it was a holiday weekend. Our flight was due to leave early the next morning and here we were in a strange city with NO WHERE TO SLEEP AND PARK our car while we went on vacation. I felt so utterly and completely desperate and became very angry with this girl who so obviously could have cared less about her contractual obligations and our resulting dilemma. I almost got the sense that the girl found some sort of sick amusement in our predicament and her ability to hold all power over our situation. She told me that I could either to accept the room without parking, or to call her Manager on Monday. Neither of those were really options- we had to make a flight the next morning and needed somewhere to leave our car while we were away (as we had arranged)- and we would be long gone by Monday so little good talking to her manager would be by that point. I got so frustrated that I threw the business card that she handed me with her Managers number on it back at her. In the end, I left the hotel in completely shaken, DISTRAUGHT, in tears, unsure about what we were going to do and terrified that our whole trip was in limbo.
As it turned out, after driving around and checking with other hotels, we did in fact manage to find a hotel and parking (AT MUCH GREATER COST than we had intended or would have had to pay if we had booked with any other hotel in the area in advance.)
Although I had intended to pursue our completely unjust treatment when I returned from holiday, over the course of the holiday I decided that it just wasn't worth my time and emotional energy. You can imagine my shock when I arrived home to find that we had been CHARGED ANYWAYS by the RAMADA!!!!!!! That precipitated an immediate call to Stephanie Green, manager of the hotel. She further solidified my impression of the staff there as being COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT. She essentially said that because in my complete frustration and despair I used one swear word, threw her business card down and got so frustrated with her clerk (as I believe anyone in my position would have done), and I didn't cancel the reservation as per their cancellation policies ( I didn't arrive there wanting to CANCEL- I WANTED A ROOM AS PER MY BOOKING!!!!! ), that we would be charged for the room. After a very lengthy discussion she brought the charge down to a random $30 ($50 canadian). I FIND EVEN THIS AMOUNT TO BE COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. I find nothing less than a complete reversal of the charges in light of the fact that they did not honour their contractual obligations to be acceptable.
In short, I have been left with no option but to SPREAD THE WORD AS FAR AND WIDE AS POSSIBLE- on trip advisor websites, blogs, word of mouth, friends in the travel and travel writing industry and through any other means possible about the unbelievably terrible service and ATROCIOUS behaviour of the staff at this Ramada hotel so that no one else ends up suffering the same injustice as us. My faith in the Ramada chain has been broken and I will never again stay in one and will encourage anyone I know to do the same. Had Stephanie Green apologized for our inconvenience and issued us our rightful refund, I would not have felt compelled to broadcast this message as far and wide as possible, but unfortunately this did not happen. Be forewarned, if you book here, you may find yourself in a complete bind as we did. This was the most awful hotel experience we have EVER HAD!!!
(Having now gone on to these trip review websites, I realize that THIS IS A CHRONIC PROBLEM with this Ramada hotel and with the Manager Stephanie Green and her crew of terrible staff- I encourage you to read about this hotel carefully if you are considering it as an option).
Not very good
Submitted by: Ken in 24/12/08
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
We were surprised that they had some smoking rooms on the same floor as non-smoking. It appeared the staff was smoking while cleaning a room. Our room, even though it was non-smoking, smelled like it had been previously a smoking room. In other words, the room did not smell good and the hallways smelled smokey. Also, the sound from another TV in another room kept me awake until they turned it off later that night. The access is lousy and since it was snowing, the uphill grade was almost impossible.
Wonderful Place
Submitted by: Geoff in 11/10/08
  • Age Group:
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
For a full service hotel at a mid-level price, this place can't be beat. Good food, friendly and knowledgeable staff, 24 hour shuttle, and very clean newly remodeled room. Will stay next time for sure.
Great for an overnight stay
Submitted by: Marianne in 07/05/07
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I've stayed at this hotel 3 times now. I've only used this hotel for one night stays before an early flight out and it's always clean with a 24 hour shuttle. No problems.
Submitted by: Eileen Kelly in 02/08/05
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Luxury Traveller
I booked this hotel through hotels.com and when I arrived our PREPAID 2 bed room room was not available. According to them bedding is not guaranteed. The manager was rude and treated us like some kind of lowlife because we booked through hotels.com. He looked through us as we talked to him and was extreemly rude. The room was not up to standard. The remote for the tv did not work nor did 2 of the lamps. No breakfast was offered except at the chinese restaurant in the hotel lobby. This was terrible, expensive, and sat in our guts for the remainder of the day. The shuttle service to and from the airport was slow. We waited nearly 1/2 hr before it arrived. In the meantime we watched other hotel services go round 4 or 5 times. Be very careful if you choose this hotel. We are used to much better service and not being unreasonable people we re not used to be treated in this manner. BEWARE.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Ramada Inn & Suites Seatac Airport Hotel

one star hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
Poor facilities, TV with no remote, only one ice machine works in 3 floors, dirty room, cheap lights. One star hotel but rated 2.5. Graveyard across the street, my first time ever. Never again will I book this one.

Surprisingly upscale!

from lroden
We were placed in the Ramada SeaTac by United Airlines after a flight cancellation, and were surprised and delighted with the BIG, clean, luxury quality rooms: new adjustable-firmness beds, feather pillows, free internet access including printing capabilities, coffee maker and quality toiletries, responded to us in a flash when we requested toothbrushes... free shuttle service to the airport which is about 2 minutes away... the only bad part was the foodservice: people were waiting literally hours to get dinner in the restaurant, roomservice was worse, and the 2 restaurants within walking distance were poisonous. This would be a fantastic place to stay if you didn't want to eat there.

Have to agree with the negatives

from A TripAdvisor Member
I ALWAYS check trip advisor before booking. However, since the picture and description on all the hotel web sites said that this was a new hotel, I did not. What a mistake!

I picked this hotel for a business trip to Seattle because downtown hotels were all completely booked. I never learned until reading reviews today they had a downtown shuttle. I rented a car to drive back and forth, and paid downtown parking fees.

I also was seeking a resonable priced room because I had not allowed for overnight stays when I bid my contract. I stayed and worked in the hotel room and at my client's office three nights, four days.

I immediately began have breathing problems the first night and had to check out the morning of the fourth day because I was having asthma/breathing problems from the heating system. The room billed as non smoking smelled smoky to me too. I kept the window open full all the time I was there.

This hotel has no business center; I had to use the Raddison's across the highway. I carry data only and no longer bring a laptop.

There was no light over or anywhere near the desk [which by the way was a kneehole, reminded me of the one in my room as a kid].

I booked a double queen; they only had crowded single kings when I arrived at 3 pm.

the room was extremely dirty. the furniture was very crowded into the room.

And on the first floor from the front desk to the elevators you had to negotiate a narrow gauntlet, and make a sharp turn. the luggage cart, with a broken wheel, turned over when I tried to make that turn. On the mezzine the entrance from the garage to the hotel looked like a storage delivery entrance.

the smell from the restaurant kitchen came into my bathroom fan vent---fine if you like garlic in your clothes.

hotel staff kept parking in the handicapped spaces without permits near the front entrance.

depite a coffee maker there was no coffee, cream or sweeterner in the rooms. Once I got it from the front desk, but had to really wash out the coffee maker before using it.

the next day the dregs of my coffee remained in the coffee maker when I returned to the room, and there was no new coffee makings. the desk was out when I asked.

What ever I asked for at the desk was a big deal...and they did not have it. I asked for laundry bag, I asked for a directory to the hotel, I asked for a phone book, etc. Basic things normally found in your room--but not here.

I did have them remove the charge for the safe before checking out. On the good side they did not charge for local calls. Thats the only good thing that I can say.

I shall never never ever stay at a Ramada again. I have used at least six other hotels near the airport that were light years better than this one. And I am sorry that I did not check trip advisor first--learned a lesson that even NEW hotels can be awful if not well managed and maintained.

Unfriendly front desk clerks, toilet that needed plunger everytime

from A TripAdvisor Member
I stayed at this hotel, located at 16720 International Boulevard, SeaTac, Washington 98188, during the first week of September 2005. I stayed with a friend of mine for a few days. At first, it seemed odd to me to see a plunger in the corner of the bathroom, but it didn't take long to find out why. We mentioned to the housekeeper but all they said was they'll look into it, and so did the desk clerks. Everytime we used the bathroom, the water would rise up so we had to use the plunger to flush. And when you go downstairs to ask about the public transportation from and to the downtown area, the front desk clerks will shove their "in-house" towncar service that cost $35 each way, rather than going over different options that were quite convenient, such as utilitzing their free shuttle service to the airport and catching the bus straight to downtown for only $1.25 per person. And let me tell you about their front desk clerks, the whole time we were there, everytime we had any questions or concerns, their answers were all short and abrupt. They would just give you the look. The vents in the room had cakes of dirt and grayish thick matter on it, I was just so disgusted.
If anyone's traveling to that area, do not, I repeat, DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!

Never Again.

from A TripAdvisor Member
This is the first time that I ever made a hotel review. An experience that I felt the need to share in order for other people to make a good decision for their travel arrangements in Seatac area.

Primarily reserved the place for the reasonable price and free hi-speed internet access. What I got was the following:

- Crappy room, supposedly a non smoking one but I ended up seeing cigarette burns/holes in the curtain and bedsheet. ( I have pics to prove it)
- Cigarette ashes, potato chips, dusty carpet/aircon on the carpet. ( I have pics to prove it)
- A working lampshade but the "shade" is falling off
- NO internet access/cable wire in the room. The wireless internet in the lobby has a signal but wont connect. I talked to 5 different guests in the lobby and they all have the same problem.
-I reported my concerns, the first 20 minutes that I was in the hotel and nothing was done. Even 24/30 hours after still nothing was done. Eventually I checked out after 31 hours at around 11pm and they charged me for 2 nights considering they never resolved any of my concerns.

I always book a hotel that have internet access because it is a necessity for my line of work. In my 5 yrs of traveling in the US. So far the most lousiest service I ever had.

Also,my room view is a Cemetery right accross the hotel. See for yourself, search it at msn earth, click aerial photo - Washington Memorial Park Cemetery - FYI


from A TripAdvisor Member
My daughter and I recently stayed at this hotel. Being booked through "hotels" via the internet it looked very nice and appealing.
Upon arrriving we were shocked to see how unkept the hotel was not only on the outside, but inside as well. Since our 1st room was on the main floor we entered through the back door of the parking area to be closer to unload our luggage. What a surprise we saw upon entering the hallway. The carpets were absolutely FILTHY and there was profanity written on the walls! Upon entering our room we were hit with the smell of nasty cigarettes. ( this was a non smoking room) We immediately asked for another room. This time the room was on the second floor. This room didn't smell like smoke but the bathroom had hairs all over it and also the sheets of one of the beds! It looked like the sheets hadn't been changed. It was the most unpleasant hotel experiences I have ever had. Today I found an additional charge on my credit card for $23.00. I have no idea what that could be for since the room was completely paid for in advance and I didn't not use anything at this place, ( incidentals as they called it when they asked for my credit card number upon arriving). I have placed a call to the hotel. I was told by the front desk clerk that she could see no charge. But my on line banking site shows differently. I am awaiting a call from the hotel accountant to clear this up.
DON"T STAY HERE> I would not feel safe at this hotel if I was alone.

t Stay Here

from A TripAdvisor Member
This is the worst hotel I have ever stayed at. DIRTY, rude staff, NO high speed internet as advertised, NO remote for the TV,garbage in room,screen hanging off the window.

We booked through hotwire and ended up getting a full refund(after spending over a hour on the phone with them and speaking to 2 different supervisors)and they rebooked us at a new hotel for the second night.

hotel review at seatac

from A TripAdvisor Member
i recently stayed at the ramada inn and suites and was pleasantly how responsive the front desk clerk were after being stuck at the airport for all delayed flights the staff put me up in a very comfortable room and next morning they got me to the airport to the right terminal with all suppport helping me with my baggage and my kids for a modest three star hotel they exceeded my expectations

Beautiful Rooms

from A TripAdvisor Member
The Rooms were kept very well and were very enjoyable to stay in. It made you feel just like home.

Not Worth Even a Discount Price

from A TripAdvisor Member
Got a discount price on Expedia & didn't expect the Ritz - just wanted a clean place for the night since we had an early flight. The restaurant, which is right next to the front desk, gives off a strong aroma of Indian food that overwhelms you when you enter. Desk clerk was abrupt and indicated that since I booked on Expedia I could expect nothing beyond a room. The room itself was dirty. A chair was shoved between the nightstand and window, so we moved it to find a leg was missing. I pulled back the bedspread to find brown spots all over the blanket - two of which were sticky. The shower wand was laying in the tub, giving us the impression that the room had not really been cleaned, so we didn't even shower. Watch out for the airport shuttle; it accommodates only 11 people, so if you aren't one of the first people there, you'll have to wait for the next one 30 minutes later. We were there 15 minutes early and just barely got on; two people were left behind.

Top Local Tips for Seattle

free shuttle to and from airport take advantage of the free shuttle service they offer to and from the airport

casinos there is a casino on international blvd called the silver dollar, near the hotels, if you like gambling it is a nice place with some good games.

Do NOT Stay Here Wasnt worth a thing. Very RUDE and incosiderate Staff. RIP OFF!!!


Other names for Ramada Inn & Suites Seatac Airport Hotel

  • ramada sea tac airport
  • ramada inn seatac
  • Address: 16720 International Bouelvard. - Seattle - Washington - 98188 - United States
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