Sheraton Dallas Hotel

, Dallas, United States
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Sheraton Dallas Hotel

3 star

Rooms: 1840

400 North Olive Downtown - Dallas - Texas - 75201 - United States Hotel Website | (214) 922-8000
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Historical Traveller Reviews of Sheraton Dallas Hotel

An unexpected Passenger

from Laureka
I stayed at the Sheraton recently for an event. It's a beautiful hotel, but I did have a few small issues.

The first was our cleaning lady. Now, I don't mind people from other countries. Infact, I love that we're such a diverse country. However, I didn't appreciate the fact that all the English our cleaning lady knew was "Me no speak english. I'm sorry." Every time I tried to ask her something or requested that she not move something from where it was, she just repeated it back to me. The language barrier caused a definite lack of understanding.

I didn't notice any roaches in the hotel room, but I know for a fact that I have never had roaches in my home. I got home from the Sheraton yesterday and unpacked my luggage this afternoon. Just recently I found a roach crawling out of the dirty laundry I'd set aside to wash that I'd taken to Dallas with me. I do not appreciate it one bit and hope dearly that it was the only roach that came home with me.

Those two incident aside, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Sheraton Dallas. The staff was nice, albeit a little flustered due to the massive amount of people who'd shown up for the event, but that's to be expected with any normal human being.
Management Response from WeBelongDallas
We thank you for your comments and concerns when staying at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel.
Please accept our sincere apologies in regards to our housekeeper and the language barrier you had with her, We at the hotel are striving to make our associates more knowledgable with their surrounding area and their presentation with guests.
Our associate should of immediately taken aciton in getting a supervisor to assist during this conversation.

In regards to the bug that was among your clothes, we at the hotel, do our best to get all rooms exterminated and prevent for this incident to happen.

We thank you for your feedback and will be addressed to the proper management in our hotel to better ourselves for you, our guests.

Executive Administrative Assistant

Looks good from the outside

from Bliss_Blister
The good is you can easily walk over to the Plaza of the Americas and Westin for lunch. There is a trolley stop close by to head to the West End for dinner. Rooms (some) have a wide screen hi-def tv.

Reviews about the location are correct. Downtown Dallas is on a down turn and the areas around this hotel show this. The lounge was nice, pricey but thats how it goes with hotels.

Rooms facing the bus depot will be entertained by numerous birds singing all night long. Its not a la la singing either, but loud screeching. The birds hide in the trees that surround the bus depot.

No free wireless in the rooms. You can print boarding passes in the business center but the staff get huffy because you are not paying like others do to check email.

I think the hotel was used to serving the larger conferences and everyone else could take a jump. Haliburton was there having a big shindig.

The worst thing about my stay: as I turned in one night, I noticed something on the wall. It was a cockroach about 2 inches long. Im not usually queasy or picky about insects, but not cockroaches and no way could I sleep while that was in the room. I should have called the front desk but didnt want to have to get dressed and wait for them to respond so I knocked the roach off the wall with the phone book then beheaded the roach with the trash can before it tried to hide. As both parts still squirmed I picked up the pieces with the do not disturb card and flung it outside by my door. In the morning the card and bug pieces were still there, which was understandable as they wouldnt vacuum at night, but when I returned to my room at 4PM the card was gone but the roach was still there. It stayed there until I checked out. The halls are NOT cleaned on a daily basis. As you might expect, that made the rest of my stay uncomfortable. I shook out all of my clothes and kept them in my bag, zipped up tightly. I would spot check the walls the rest of my stay on a regular basis. I had some snacks from a reception that was inside a drawer, but threw it away as I kept imagining the roaches eating the food while I was out.

Adams Mart was set to become a Sheraton shortly after my stay so hopefully they will improve the business aspects. Also they should call an exterminator and make sure the cleaning schedule is followed precisely.
Management Response from WeBelongDallas
We thank you so muc for your comments from your previous stay at the Sheraton Dallas.
We are in the process of making this hotel one of the best Sheraton in Dallas.
Your feedback is very appreciative, without your comments we will not know where we need to improve.

Again thank you for your comments, and we will address the issues to the proper managers in the departments mentioned.

Regards ,
Executive Administrative Assistant

Good Experience at this hotel

from sypCalif
Valet was professional and hospitable. My husband and I were here for a Board Meeting - so its good for business travelers. Gift Shop is really stocked w/alot of items you may need on the go (toieltries, etc). Parking was convenient w/standard cost of $12-14 for guests. The guestroom we had was in the South Tower on the 18th Flr w/slight view,very, very small guest room with King bed for two but functional, granite top countertops/floors in bath and granite counter top for the Flat Screen TV!!! The bathroom was super small as well about the size of an interior room on a cruise ship. Shower/bathtub was narrow and restrictive to bathe in. Decor: Attempting but not consistently the best - The A/C unit countertop finish needs fixing, the finish was chipping and slightly hanging off. Cosmetic observation. New Coffee dispenser brews cup instead of pot which is good. Chairs are not, not, not comfortable at all. ALL of the chairs were extremely narrow. Room service was timely and decent good. But expensive (hot oatmeal and side bacon (4 slices) was a total of $35 !! We have stayed at other hotels that have top quality service 4-5 Star and the pricing was conducive to the quality of food received. We sometimes have to do alot of room service due to schedules but this hotel we didn't. the restaurant is much better and hot food guarnteed. The breakfast buffet was wonderful. Lobby area is spacious and the desk clerks were very professional and kind at check-in. Hallways/elevators clean and decor nicely. Our colleagues had a beautiful guestroom just two doors down from us and it was extremely spacious. Their bathroom was a bit dated in decor though - lighting really bad like in an old gas station. This property was literally transitioning from Adams Mark to Sheraton during our stay - so when this happens it can be unsettling for guests but it was good and didn't affect us in anyway. Our general assembly meetings competed with a youth cheerleading competition and they were located upstairs above our meeting room and shook the floors to the level of the chandeliers on our floor were in earthquake mode with dust coming down...whew! All in all we would probably stay there again and would recommend it to our colleagues for the sake of convenience and location. Hope this review helps in your travel planning.
Management Response from WeBelongDallas
We thank you for your comments when visiting Sheraton Dallas Hotel.

Our hotel is striving to be the best vonvention hotel in Dallas.
With comments like yours, it makes us feel that we are going in the right path to be the best.

Thank you again and please come visit us again at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel.

Executive Administrative Assistant


from ATLNate
The only thing that made this hotel ok for me was that I only paid $68 on Hotwire. I was excited by this hotel due to it's location and size. I had hoped that such a large hotel would offer some excitement and glitz to my trip. That was not the case.

This hotel (formerly the Adams Mark) is run down and depressing. The area surrounding the hotel in downtown Dallas is devoid of anything interesting to do. I had hoped to enjoy some interesting night life, but apparently Downtown Dallas has not enjoyed the urban renewal so many other US cities have experienced. Walking outside the hotel at night seemed dicey.

Usually large hotels have some great entertainment oportunities and a nice lobbybar scene. Not this one. Nothing was particularly inspiring and the place was dead. Guess everyone else knew this hotel is a dud.

-Very friendly and helpful staff

-Boring/sketchy part of town
-$10 slow internet. I don't know for the life of me why hotels still do this.
-Boring boring boring
Management Response from WeBelongDallas
Thank you so much for your comments and we will take them in consideration for our future guests.
The Sheraton Dallas is striving to be the best hotel in Dallas and your feedback gives us more strenght to make it happen.
Thank you again for staying at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel.

Service was terrible--Would not stay here again

from tulsainok
I stayed here for 4 nights in April with a co-worker for a conference. We were looking for the Adams Mark, and drove right past the Sheraton, and finally figured out that it had recently changed names. After a big hassle at the check-in desk over credit card issues, we asked to be in a room near our friends, and a nice front desk man, who was helping our friends, placed us in rooms right next to each other. Very nice. When we got to our rooms on the 16th floor of the South Tower, they ended up being suites! 2 suites for 4 people. That was delightful, as was the gorgeous view. The rooms were very nice and spacious with nice up-to-date furnishings.

But the service in the hotel was atrocious. When we got there we had Starbucks coffee for the coffee maker in the room along with teas, cream and sugar, and 2 big styro cups. We had 2 glass glasses and 2 styro drinking cups. Although the cleaning crew left more coffee each day, they only replenished the coffee cups once, leaving us with coffee but no cups, and never brought new sugar and creamer, or new styro small cups, and I didn't trust the cleanliness of the glass glasses. They never brought new toiletries after the first day, and we ran out.

The prices for food in the shop in the lobby were amazingly high: $3.50 for a water or a pop. There were pop machines at the pool and on our floor, but they were both empty.

The $9.99 internet charge was ridiculous, so we used our laptop in the lobby to check our mail. We could not use the phone system to call our friend's room, or for them to call us. Our cell phones worked sporadically in the building. When we called the front desk, they never answered, Finally another dept would answer and transfer us back to the front desk again. We had to go to the desk and wait in line to ask about checking out. Then wait in a very long line, at least 30 minutes to actually check out and another 30 minutes to get our car out of the valet parking.
Management Response from WeBelongDallas
We thank you for your comments and feedback on your visit to the Sheraton Dallas Hotel.
During the time of your visit we were going through a transition phase, and we apologise for not being as efficient as a Sheraton associate should be. All of the things you mentioned in your comments will be addressed and are being mentioned in our Manager meetings to make sure that our leaders from each department makes sure that our associates are also aware that guests comments and concerns are one of our priorities to better ourselves and the property.
We thank you for your feedback and we wish that you choose Sheraton Dallas Hotel for your future stays.
Executive Administrative Assistant

Really bad experience for the price

from Phalarope
Stayed here for a conference. Evidently AM changed overnight to a Sheraton . . . but it took 5 requests (both by phone and in person) to get a single garbage can in the room (there were supposed to be 2 and we had none). The 5 requests were over 2 days. Also, there was no plastic bag for the ice bucket and that took 2 days to get as well. Cleaning service did not come the second day until after 5:30. Me and my roomie were getting ready for a dinner - - (I guess they do the people checking out first and then go to the rooms who are staying - - - - but still) and had to leave early. Checking out seemed to be rather complicated too. Although we had a 'manager' - - dividing up the bill (requesting two separate ones) required us to 'have a seat' - - good grief. The price on the back of the hotel room door said the regular price for 2 beds was $300 - - ouch. We didn't pay that much but I have stayed in much cleaner and responsive hotels than this. Never have experienced anything like this - - especially since we aren't talking about a 'cheap' hotel. Good luck . . . .
Management Response from WeBelongDallas
We thank you for your comments when you stayed at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel.
During your stay, we did had a transition taking place and we apologize for the inconvenience we had cause and hope that you come visit us now that we are officially the Sheraton Dallas Hotel.
Our associates are striving to make this hotel one of the best in Dallas and hope that on your next visit you try us again.

Hotels this large do take time to change from one day to the other, but the feedback like yours allows us to put more effort in our goal on becoming a great hotel and great staff for our guests.

Thank you agian for your comments
Executive Administrative Assistant

Horrible Hotel That Steals Your Forgotten Items

from sirreal34
Do not loose or forget anything in the room. There lost and found department steals. I know I forgot to get my charger. Ofcourse they never found it. The service is terrible. It is a rip off joint for the price you pay at this hotel. Rooms are too small, and dirty. The bathtub belongs in a slum. DO NOT STAY HERE

Got the run around

from chirpie53
booked a reservation in May of 2007, for this long weekend in Dallas. I requested a room with 2Queen beds. Upon arrival, I was told that only Kings were available. I reminded the clerk that I had resevered this room many months ago, and he said it was "first come first served."There were four of us! I showed the date of the reservation from my confirmation printout. I requested rollaways, if that was the best they could do..They insisted that this was the only room available since there was a couple of groups there for conventions. The room I was given was a corner room with barely a place to open our luggage.Rollaways were not a possibility in this room..I called the desk to complain, to get the same answer; that there were no other rooms. This is a high rise hotel. I asked to speak to a manager and they assured me that one would call me back. A voice did call me back very quickly; I was quite certain it was the same guy from the front desk, who proceeded to tell me the same story again. I expressed my dissatisfaction. They finally agreed to move me to two adjoining King rooms, but charged us for another room.

Way Overpriced!

from PittGrrl04
We stayed at this hotel from Thursday to Monday (President's Day) in February 2008, for a conference held on site. Unfortunately, our stay coincided with a national cheerleading competition, so there were loud girls running up and down the halls and clogging the lobby throughout our stay. Although this was not the hotel's fault, the hotel is so large (1800 rooms, 3 different towers) that if its filled to capacity, you will not enjoy a quiet stay whatsoever.

Unfortunately, we were placed in a non-smoking, king-size room on the 16th floor of the North Tower. I say unfortunately, because this is the tower which hasn't been remodeled yet. However, after traveling all day from Buffalo, driving from the airport, waiting in line to check in with all the other guests, waiting for an elevator to the 16th floor, to discover we were in the old tower... we were just too exhausted to complain and move. We paid the convention rate of $160 a night for a small, Motel 6-grade room. The bed was adorned with your typical mid-80s flowery duvet, and the mattress itself was incredibly uncomfortable. Ugly carpets and drapes, old tv with a remote that hardly worked, you get the idea. However, there was a nice desk and a sink outside of the bathroom itself, which is always nice. We also received a complimentary USA Today each weekday.

We were under the impression that we would have complimentary wireless internet in our room throughout the stay. However, on our second day, we realized that there was no wireless in the room, and only the option of an ethernet-type connection for $9.95 per day. Upon inquiry to the front desk, apparently only the new, renovated tower, the South Tower, has wireless, but they said we could sit in the lobby and access wireless if we needed to. Well, with all these cheerleaders running around, we were not about to do that, and just ended up paying the day rate. However, if I would have known this when I checked in, I would have definitely insisted on being placed in the South Tower. And when I finally visited a friend's room in the South Tower... the difference in comfort and style was ENORMOUS!

The hotel features a casual restaurant that offers a buffet and menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we ate their our first evening. It was decent food. There is also a lounge (where a friendly bartender lent us a corkscrew for a bottle of wine in our room) as well as a sports bar. The hotel also has an upscale restaurant, Chaparral, on the 38th floor of the Center Tower, but we didn't eat there at all since they were only serving a special Valentines Day special (ie $$$$$$$$$ for a small selection of food) throughout the weekend.

Parking onsite is $12 a day with in and out privileges, and valet is also available. There wasn't much to see in the immediate area of downtown, at least without walking distance. So luckily we had rented a car to get around.

As far as the conference itself, everything seemed... too confusing. Upon asking the front desk when the meeting started on Friday, they had no information and seemed to think our group didn't even exist! We met on the 37th floor of the center tower, which meant catching our elevator on the 16th floor, going to the lobby, and then walking to another elevator to get to the 37th floor. Very annoying. And then, our final banquet was actually across the street, and we had to walk through cheerleader practice to get there! I can't really blame the hotel, since it was probably the conference planners' fault, but nonetheless.... this hotel is very large and you will just be one of a crowd.

Would I stay here again? No way. There are several hotels in the immediate area that I would try over returning to the Adam's Mark.


from heysugar1
On business trip and shared the room with a co-worker. The room (e.g., beds, bathroom) is very spacious. Had 2 queen sized beds. Was less expensive for us to book the room directly than it was to book the room using the 'special conference rate'. The hotel is very business oriented. Not recommended for anything else. Restaurant on the 1st floor is a bit pricey but the food is good. Be aware that the later you go, the more likely the food runs out. Great for business folks.

Top Local Tips for Dallas

Place to Eat Try Tucker restaurant when you stay at the Adams Mark in Dallas. It's a very short cab ride from the hotel. The food is excellent and the restaurant has both cozy and comfortable seating inside and outside. A unique restaurant to be enjoyed by a group of friends or a romantic couples place to dine.

Pleasant and speedy Definitly check out the public transit to and from the hotel. You can travel almost anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex for only $4.50 for the whole day. The bus drivers were really nice and pleasant.

Chaparelles Great restaurant on the top floor of the Center tower. Delicious steaks, cocktails, etc.


Other names for Sheraton Dallas Hotel

  • sheraton dallas resort
  • dallas sheraton
  • dallas adam mark hotel
  • adamsmark hotel
  • adam mark dallas
  • "adam's mark dallas"
  • Address: 400 North Olive Downtown - Dallas - Texas - 75201 - United States
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