Jupiter Hotel

, Portland, United States
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Jupiter Hotel

, Portland
2 star

Rooms: 80

800 East Burnside Street - Portland - Oregon - 97214 - United States Hotel Website | | 5032309200
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We Didn'T Even Stay At The Jupiter--And We Didn'T Get Any Money Back!
Submitted by: Marisa in 05/10/05
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
We were so grossed out when we walked up...that we pretty much asked for our money back and we didn't get it, so we just left and booked ourselves into another hotel. The place is a cheesy motel 6 that they tried to make cool...and it's not.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Jupiter Hotel

Bring your own towels.... and soap

from cstravelhappy
Service is NOT their middle name. While the concept of the Jupiter is fun, it's not original and is executed far better in Austin TX at the Hotel San Jose. Off the beaten path, motel turned to better purpose, terrific music scene, etc. In Jupiter's case, though, it's a cheap stepchild to its Texas brethren.

Somewhere along the line, the Jupiter forgot that there are customers who need even minimal attention. My room had no towels for 2 days, in spite of several very polite requests. And in my entire stay I did not spy a soap bar or other toiletry item to be had.

The refurb of the building is nothing to write home about. Some fun touches (funky, IKEA-ish furniture'; blackboards on each door with chalk in the room; Jupiter Hotel condoms in the bedside table for those in need.) but the walls are paper-thin -- if the air conditioning is off, expect to hear every breath and mumble of your neighbors. The sinks were clogged and slow to drain. And there are 26 parking spaces for 80(?)rooms. The bar at the Doug Fir is open until 4am, so if there's a show during your stay, expect wild rumpus until then.

On the other hand, the Doug Fir is a fun, funky bar, with the usual Portland 20-something, tattoo generation scene. When the shift changes behind the bar, watch the departing bartenders take their places at the stools on the other side, drinking their wages away. Tragicomedy... But the music is fun, the food is adequate and the place is hip and hopping.

My advice...stay somewhere else unless you don't care about sleeping or drying off after your shower with your pillow case. You can find much better. But visit the Doug Fir for the music and the Portland scene! That part is worth the visit.


from A TripAdvisor Member
What a nightmare. Based on warm recommendations, we reserved two rooms for four nights at the Jupiter. As others have noted, it is pretty shabby and more than a little pretentious but I thought, even after one night, that the hotel had a lot of promise. Then, after one night and most of the next day, we were told that a party would be taking place the next night. We were told that we could move to another hotel if we wanted. We didn't want--after all, we were here for four days and didn't want to move for a single night. So we stayed. And the party raged--drunken, unfriendly 40-year-olds, an artificial beach that meant that all the outdoor space was off limits to us for two days, a band and then a DJ playing the WORST music--until at least 3:30 a.m. We were miserable, but whatever. I guess we were warned.
Not so the next night. We noticed another party being set up in the event space directly below our rooms. Anticipating another horrid night, we asked what time it would be over and were told 11 pm. Sounded reasonable. At 11:30 we called the front desk to ask why the music, which sounded like it was in our room, was still going. We were told, after much prodding, that the group had actually reserved the room until 1am. As a huge favor (it was implied) the front desk had told them to turn off the music at midnight. 12:30, 1 am, a crowd of people were still dancing to "I Will Survive," and the staff was completely unwilling to help.

The most unpleasant, least hospitable and most disappointing hotel stay I've ever experienced.

Trendy and distant

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I stayed at the Jupiter the latter part of May '06 for one night. The rooms were fairly clean and minimally furnished with Ikea-type decor. Our room had an air conditioner and was on the second level. The rear wall was close to the main street and when trucks passed, there was slight vibration. The stairs up to the second level could use some repainting. The underground garage was supposed to be gated but the gate was open during our visit; it also needed some cleaning and had some leaks in the ceiling which caused major puddling. The hotel is not the best for walking to downtown, Nob Hill/trendy sections of town. Closest shopping and movie theatre is Lloyd Center (about 6 blocks).

I rate the on-site restaurant higher - we ordered a burger (with fries), 2 side salads and iced tea for approx $18. The burger was meaty and the side salads were a fair size. We planned on having breakfast at the restaurant but it was closed due to flooding.

There's also an on-site live music venue in the basement of the restaurant. We didn't experience any disturbances as far as noise.

Overall, we'd stay at the hotel again, but only if we could get a discounted rate.

t Bother. Stay somewhere else

from Travellin_Man
I never actually spent the night at the Jupiter, but I was in the process checking in at the front desk. I handed the desk clerk my credit card and as she was working on setting that up, she said that they charged for parking. I thought that was odd considering the room was 94.50 a night for a single. I said that in that case, I didn't want the room. She rolled her eyes and said in a snippity voice, "OK then" and handed me my credit card. I said, did you remove the charge from my card, and she said in a snippity voice "it's taken care of" I went across the street and rented a room for 60.00 a night with no charge for parking. I just got my credit card bill today with a charge for 94.50 from the Jupiter Hotel. I called them and she said that I didn't cancel my room within the 24 hour period. I told her that I never stayed in the room and what really happened. She said she would put the charge on my credit card, but I had failed to cancel the room per their policy. I didn't appreciate getting blamed for their incompetance and told her so. She said very snottily, "do you want to me to reverse the charge on your card or not" (a really dumb question), I said "yes" and left it at that. Apparently they are unable to fess up to being really stupid or they might lose the job. I'm pretty sure this was the same snotty clerk who screwed up the first place. We'll see now if I really get my money back or if I will need to contest the charge with the credit card company. Stay away from this place! I was at all times nice to this clerk and I don't appreciate being treated this way.

Personally, I liked it.

from A TripAdvisor Member
So, the hotel isn't perfect. The stairs up to the second floor are a bit shabby looking and the outside isn't all that impressive. I believe it's a work in progress. What's cool about the Jupiter Hotel and the Doug Fir is that it's such a good idea. Take something old and a bit of an eyesore and make it into something fun and hip. The bar and restaurant have a finished, polished quality that is lacking in the hotel itself. The insides of the rooms are actually quite fun if you are a fan of modern design or Dwell magazine. I recommend that if you plan on sleeping while you are there to ask for a quiet room. I had no problems with noise myself. You can tell that some thought went into making the rooms suitable for the modern traveler. Free wifi was available, and the room came equipped with speakers you could hook up to your laptop. I'd never seen that in a hotel before, and I used those speakers every day. My room had a mural of a desert scene on one wall, which was pretty darned cool in my opinion. The restaurant was good, but for lunch I recommend L'astra just down the street on 7th around the corner from ozone records. Such an unassuming place with mindblowingly good food and cheap prices. I had sauteed polenta with charred brussel sprouts and a roasted red pepper sauce and a side of herbed smashed potatoes for 10 bucks. It was one of the best and cheapest meals I've had in years.

Terrible Stay

from A TripAdvisor Member
I was looking forward to my stay at the hip Jupiter Hotel but was horribly dissapointed.
The neighbohood was seedy and as a female I did not like walking alone. Unfortunatly I had not option because nothing but the Doug Fir was within a resonable walking distance. It took me an hour to find fast food and walk back to the hotel. The staff was not helpful in cheap easy food suggestions or how I should spend my one day in town.
The rooms were VERY cheeply redmodeled. The first room I checked into smelled of mildew and had a large wet spot in front of the door which looked original. The face of the tub was painted white but opening the curtain revealed an old green tub! The sink looked kinda cool but obviously had the wrong type of fixtures (two holes on the side).
I was moved to the only other room in the hotel on the ground floor right outside the Doug Fir. Big mistake. I was tired from traveling and just wanted to relax and get some sleep for a big day of sightseeing. I am a heavy sleeper but no one could have slept through the music. After dozing for an hour or so I got up and started looking through my guidebook for another hotel. The band did not stop playing until 2:35am. Icing on the cake, this room came complete with mouse droppings.
Overall I was totally disgused during my stay and ate the $75 I had already paid for a second night stay in this hole. This was not a "get what you pay for" experience because my hotel in Seattle the few days prior was cheeper and much nicer. My only day in Portland was wasted sleeping and I hated my time in the city because of one bad night in this terrible hotel.

Stay somewhere else and visit the adjacent restaurant/bar/club

from answermeplease
Going into this stay we had seen the mixed reviews and figured that since we were young, easygoing, and enjoy nightlife-even though we are not heavy 'partiers'-that we would also enjoy staying close to such a fun venue as the Doug Fir. The restaurant IS great and hip and relatively inexpensive with good service. The adjacent bar was fun and stylish with friendly staff. The downstairs music venue was a blast with a packed house for an indie surfer rock band that cleared upstairs to leave a handful of eager dancers to enjoy the dj.
And here's the BUT:
With such a great public transportation system and easily accessible cabs, it's probably a better idea to pay a bit more to stay in a nicer room elsewhere and come to the Doug Fir for the nightlife. I've stayed in nicer motel 6 rooms along I-5. The motel is a converted Travelodge, but perhaps not as completely 'converted' as could be hoped. There was an obvious attempt in the rooms to add a slightly hip edge with 99 cent Ikea vases in the bathroom and interesting, small platform beds, but it didn't completely mask the shabby quality. It was like someone trying to spruce up their old apartment. New sink, but the bathtub/shower was ancient. Interesting light fixtures, but a blackout blind instead of curains. We took showers after 10 am on Saturday and were shocked to find that the hot water had been used. Neither of us had encountered this problem in a developed country. Even hostels always have hot water! The staff was immediately defensive and stated that no one else had complained. Wrong answer! Why would we complain for no reason? The water was tepid at best and not much fun in the early Portland springtime weather.
Take home message: stay away from the motel, go to Doug Fir and have a blast.

Great Place for Young Hip Crowd

from carling20
I chose to rate this hotel experience as above average. I thought this place rocked! Not only were the rooms clean and chic, the entertainment was fabulous. There was lots to do and plent of good music at the adjacent bar. Not to mention the drinks: Strong, and good. The bathrooms are a little small but they are cute and the water pressure was awesome! They have cable, and a restraunt that has great breakfast...what more could you ask for? Overall, for the price, and location, it was a great value. I loved it, and would definetly return!

1st stay our only stay...

from hellokitty99
Definitely for the 20's crowd. Our room was quiet, away from lounge, except for screaming girls outside our room. Room was clean, some light bulbs burnt out (1 out of 3 lights working), tub stopper broken, so no soak in the bath after a hard night. A big band was playing at lounge that night so parking lot full, had to wait for a paid parking spot. Bed was hard as a rock and the decor was right out of Target. We got what we paid for. The 'Doug Fir' Restaraunt was good. Would not stay again after experiencing it the first time. Nice that they offer the hotel brand named condoms in the room.

Funky hotel, converted Travelodge?, Doug Fir Rocks!

from minibargrrl
We stayed a couple of night at the Jupiter hotel while in town visiting family for the holidays. At first glance, this hotel.motel seems to be a converted Travelodge that has been updated and given a "funky spin" to it.
Our room was tiny, but cozy and warm. Be warned, this hotel does cater to a specific younger crowd, but we were on the "quiet side" on a weekend and never heard a thing (I'm a light sleeper!). Tons of cable stations on TV. It rained the whole time we were there, and we were very cozy in our soft sheets and comforter(well done!) and our little heater kept our room very cozy. We've stayed in alot of tiny room in NYC, and this place tops those "European style" rooms all the way!
The best part - this hotel is attached to a rockstar restaurant, Doug Fir. We at breakfast there twice. The staff was awesome, our food was quick and oh so tasty - the orange juice is delish!
Pros: Funky theme, hotel room bedding, and the Doug Fir
Cons: Tiny rooms, location (a little on the seedy)

Top Local Tips for Portland

Art Museum Be sure to go to the art museum, especially the mask room and check out the galleries.

sushi heaven check out Saburo Sushi in the S E area of Portland, off Milwauke (sp?)

Eating in downtown Portland on Sunday or holidays -- challenging! Portland is apparently big on brunch. We had an amazingly difficult time finding places to eat (even the restaurant in the Hotel Monaco was closed!) in downtown Portland on Sunday and then on New Years Day. I had no idea! I love Portland though!


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  • jupiter hotel portland
  • Address: 800 East Burnside Street - Portland - Oregon - 97214 - United States
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