Comfort Inn Hotel

, Sandusky, United States
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Comfort Inn Hotel

, Sandusky
5909 Milan Rd - Sandusky - Ohio - 44870 - United States Hotel Website | 419-621-0200
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Dirty Rooms

from JP572
We stayed at the Comfort Inn on April 21, 2007, along with family and friends who came to Sandusky for a wedding. Our room was filthy with many stains and splatters on the walls, carpet, and lampshades. My mother-in-law's room had potato chips on the floor. My brother-in-law's room had dirty sheets and human excretement in the toilet. The pool seemed clean and the continental breakfast was OK. We would not recommend this hotel because of the filthy rooms.

A Good Evening

from FarAndWide_Traveller
We stayed at this Comfort Inn for one night during the off season. The hotel is really large, well over 200 rooms on two floors. There were multiple ice machines, washers/dryers, etc. Everything you would need. Our room was very large with a comfortable king bed. There is an indoor/outdoor pool that we did not try. We had a smoking room reserved, but there was no ashtray. We called the front desk and the clerk said she would bring one up within an hour. She arrived in about 45 minutes. Also, there was no bathmat. We went down to get it. Also, one of the bedside lamp bulbs was burned out. A comp breakfast was included that was sufficient. The breakfast room itself was a bit small and we can't imagine it on a peak Summer day filled with guests. Not a pleasant thought. They automatically charge $2 for use of the in-room safe but, as the label on the safe states, just ask to have the charge removed if the safe was not used. The clerk was happy to accommodate this request. The room rate was great and we would stay here again, at least off season.

Had a wonderful time

from cutiepiem1
We stayed at the Comfort Inn August 25th - 27th. After reading the reviews we were nervous about the hotel so we went there without high expectations. We arrived late Friday night and the check in went smoothly. We paid cash for the rooms at check-in and got our receipt right then. That suprised me becuause I'm used to paying at check-out. I'm not sure if this is standard procedure at this hotel but just be prepared to pay at check-in just in case. We asked for non smoking rooms with our reservation however they didn't have any available so we ended up with two smoking rooms on the first floor. Upon entering the room we didn't notice an overwhelming smell of smoke or burns on the carpet or bedding. Both rooms were clean and stocked with towels, lotion (which we needed because I forgot). We wanted rooms with jacuzzi tubs so we payed a little more but it was well worth it after a tiresome day at the park. We planned on eating at the hotel that night but I thought the food was too expensive so we drove to Max and Erma's right down the street. The hotel is excellent in location because it's on a main strip where there are places to eat all up and down the street and we could drive without getting lost. The continential breakfast was great and since we were going to Cedar Point we didn't want anything heavy on our stomachs. It consisted of creeal, boiled eggs, fruit, english muffins, bagles, do-it-yourself waffles (a hit with the kids), orange juice and coffee. Slim pickings if you don't get there before 7am. Saturday morning we got up to go to the park and I took a closer look at the room receipt and noticed that the prices of the rooms were different even though they were exactly the same. The front desk noticed that the person that checked us in overcharged us for one of the rooms and refunded us our money. They were really nice and looked into the mistake as soon as I showed them the receipts. That probably only took 15 minutes. We had a wonderful time at the park getting on all of the roller coasters. The shuttle was an excellent idea. We asked the front desk what time the shuttle comes so we didn't have to wait a long time. They gave us soda cans so we can get a discount at the park. We timed the shuttle and only had to wait about 10 minutes when we left the park. We were able to get directions to different places on the computer they had in the lobby which was a plus. I doubt that we will take another trip to Cedar Point but if we did we would stay there again.

Good experience....

Reading past guest comments We were a little afraid to stay in this hotel. We stayed 8/23 to 8/24. We have a very good time staying here. Our check-in was very fast. Our room very comfortable (two double beds). The room was very clean and the bathroom too. Our two kids enjoy the swimming pools. The outside pool was great, including the Cabana bar beside the pool. The breakfast was ok (cereal, coffee, danishes and waffles). The houskeeping service did a good job. The shuttle service to Cedar point was great. If you are planning to go to Cedar point go during the week, weekends are to crazy. Good hotel for the prize, try it.....

ll do

from BossyLady
We stayed at the Comfort Inn over the weekend (7/29/06) and were a little dissapointed. The hotel certainly needs to be updated. The room we had was a 3 double bed room seperated into two different rooms - but only one had an air conditioner. We had to go to Walmart to buy a fan to make the other room even bearable!
The worst part about the room was that the lid over the toilet did not fit the toilet (it was too small) so every time you walked into the bathroom you had to look into the filthy, rusty part of the toilet that holds the water before you flush. That was just terrible.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out they had wireless internet access. The service was a little slow and choppy -but better than dial up.

The continental breakfast left a little to be desired, but is what you'd expect from this kind of hotel. Pastries, Juice, bagels, toast, and a waffle station. It gets really crowded so go early if you can.

We didn't get fresh towels any of the three days we stayed either - and when we asked housekeeping we were told we could get some from the dryer in their laundry room! That [------]- but fresh, hot towels made up for it.

The front desk wasn't very customer service oriented - they kinda shrugged off our problems and gave us 10% off our stay. We paid an average of $150 per night.

I checked out a few other hotels in the area because we were considering moving after the first night. The Ramada was nice and clean and they had a Cedar Point Special for $59 on weekdays and $100 on weekends. I'd definitely stay there if I go again and am on a budget - otherwise I'd go to the Kalahari Resort. We took a tour of that and it was A++!


from kevca06
If you have allergies don't stay here. We slept in damp beds. The airconditioning ran and pulled in all kinds of mositure. So we slept in damp, almost wet sheets. The rollaway was the worst. When we called for help and more sheets they said they had nothing, because they were so full. The wake-up call system did not work and we did not get breakfast. The hotel has no directional signs up, which is confusing for children/elderly. Not offered the discounts at Cedar Point that other guests got. For the weekend premium price, we were upset and they offered only to adjust the rollover price.

Nice outdoor pool! Dirty jacuzzi!

What a dump

from F5
No need for a long review.......simply not acceptable at any price. Front desk help and manager are rude and the rooms are completey outdated, filthy and smell. No quality or satisfaction quarantee. We ended up moving to the Hampton Inn down the road where the rooms were clean and the front desk was courteous and helpful.

Reasonably Priced!

from BikeM0m
Very reasonably priced compared to many other area hotels close to Cedar Point. We checked in late at 11 pm and lots of activity in hotel due to last shuttle returning from Cedar Point. Nice lobby. Huge hotel with many rooms and long long hallways. Breakfast in large meeting type room with long tables, not as cozy as small round tables. Could have used more help in cleaning and replenishing this area but there were just so many people. Ended up not going to Cedar Point due to rain but if going there again would stay here based on price.

Much better than the reviews would suggest

from Pdj79
My wife and I took a long weekend trip to Cedar Point this past weekend (6/2 - 6/4) and stayed at the Comfort Inn on Milan Rd just south of Hwy 2. I read the other reviews of this hotel on here and my apprehension level was extremely high, but it was the only hotel in the Cedar Point area that could accommodate my needs within my budget (less than $85/night). My needs were not extravagant by any means (Non-smoking room, king-size bed, indoor pool, restaurant on/near premises, close proximity to Cedar Point, and above all else, part of a chain with a rewards program...I like to travel and am a member of several preferred guest clubs, so naturally I wanted to stay at a hotel that would not only earn me points, but also give me extra perks like later check-out, discounts at area restaurants/attractions, etc), so with this being a huge attraction town, I figured there would be plenty to choose from. Well, I thought wrong. Of the 10 motel/hotel choices I had, only 2 looked promising, and 1 of them was a Ramada, and I don't do Ramadas anymore...not since my last stay where I was hassled and overcharged for a room by almost $70, so that left me with this hotel.

Now, based off of past reviews, I went in knowing several things:
1.) Service is going to be appalling by the front staff.
2.) The maid service is going to not restock our towel supply.
3.) Loud parties are known to occur.
4.) The nightclub is too loud and would keep us up.
5.) The hotel itself is old and in dire need of remodeling.

Of these 5 things, I can agree on only 2. The hotel does need some updating to make it more modern and nice looking and the maid did forget to give us fresh towels. What's troubling about this is that obviously this has been a problem for a couple years now, seeing as reviews from last year and beyond mention this very issue. But, while most people had to deal with the suffering of calling the front desk and waiting 30 or so minutes for new towels, we happened to open the door and see a maid cleaning the room across from us and we asked for 4 towels, which she happily handed us.

For me, first impressions are everything. The trip to the hotel was a pleasant experience, so naturally I wanted the check-in to continue in this tradition...and it did. First off, we were almost 2 hours early for check-in. Granted we could have went and had lunch and checked out some sites first, but I had just spent 4 hours driving and wanted to sit and relax for a bit. So when I approached the front desk, I was a little concerned that we would be turned away. This was not the case at all. The woman at the front desk was courteous, polite, and very friendly, cracking jokes and laughing. My wife took a little dislike to the fact that she had a couple piercings in her face...but as I tried to explain, in this day in age, you take what you can get. Check-in was a breeze and we were on our way to our room in no time.

We were located on the 2nd floor further back in the hotel, close to the pools. It took a little work to get to the room because, unfortunately due to its age, this hotel does not have elevators. But the exercise is good for us (considering they don't have a fitness center, this was the only exercise we would get here besides the swimming) and we made it to our room with no further "complications".

This hotel does NOT use the cardkeys travelers have grown accustomed to using in recent years. Instead, we were given 2 key-shaped chips that you would push into the slot and after a brief moment of verification, would illuminate green and sound an audible tone to alert you that the door is unlocked. I checked on the door to the room next to us what it would do if the wrong key was entered and the light burned red and the same tone in a quick beeping fashion alerted me that I couldn't get in. So at least they work.

Upon entering the room, I noticed that the room smelled a little chemically, but it wasn't overpowering the senses like usual. Obviously this was the smell of cleaners, so at least we knew the place was clean. And it was. The floor was freshly vacuumed, the TV and table/counter tops dusted, and the bathroom given the usual once-over and stocked with all the goodies (toilet paper, towels, Kleenex®, shampoos, soaps, lotions, etc).

Taking in the cleanliness, we took an inventory of the room itself. The king bed was very firm (which we like) and had 3 pillows, which were a little flat for our liking. All the lights operated on wall switches instead of the usual buttons/switches on the lamps themselves, and this took a little getting used to. The window in the room was looking out onto a wall, which I was disturbed to see. Next to that was a door. I opened the door to find out that we had a semi-private balcony with a table and 3 chairs. We shared this with the room next to us, which also happened to be joined to our room. This is a nice little surprise, but in the end, we didn't use it. The television was a decent size (25") and had one of those set-top controller boxes that limited your ability to watch anything other than their satellite system (I wanted to connect my camera to the TV so we could watch a slideshow of all the pictures we took, but the Video/TV button was locked, so I couldn't switch the channel). The bathroom, on the other hand, was my one complaint about the room. The layout is kinda stupid. The bathroom is shaped like a sideways T. From the doorway, you are looking at the sink area. Its roughly 8 feet deep, but perhaps 3 feet wide. Its a very claustrophobic space. In the middle of this "room" is a door that leads to the 8'x6' toilet/shower room. This room is way too small for any level of comfort. Oh, did I mention that there is no door on the doorway to the bathroom....if you have guests, you have to shut yourself into the bathroom for privacy...not good when you're trying to get ready after taking a shower and there's family in your pretty much have to get dressed in the shower....not cool.

The pool area was much better than I had expected. The outdoor pool is next to a cabana bar that is well-stocked with all the major liquors, is decently priced, has a limited, yet decent food menu, and is staffed by employees of the restaurant/nightclub attached to the hotel, Baci Niteclub and Fine Dining. The water was a little chilly, but considering its an outdoor pool, that is to be expected. The indoor pool, on the other hand, was perfectly heated to around 82 degrees. The area around the pool was very clean, and the walls had recently been painted with murals depicting ocean life and other kid-friendly drawings. The hot tub is not really my thing, but my wife said it felt great. The bathrooms were a bit on the disappointing side. They smelled pretty bad and were maybe a couple notches about truck stop-grade. Definitely wear shoes into there, as it doesn't look like the floors were cleaned.

The arcade room was alright. I noticed a lot of the games were fairly ancient by gaming standards (I saw Off Road in there...that was available on the Super Nintendo in 1992). But for kids who need entertainment and parents who don't want to spend $6.99/hour to play Nintendo64 on their TVs, its a decent option.

The room where they held the continental breakfast was large and spacious. They had the traditional fare (toasts, bagels, donuts, muffins, etc), skimped on the expense of fresh fruit for canned fruit cocktail, had several types of cereals, and 2 waffle machines. Also included were your standard coffer makers and juice dispenser. Decent spread.

High-speed internet is not available in the rooms, but they do offer dialup through a data port on the telephone. If you require high-speed internet, you can use a public PC in the lobby. Warning: this is the only PC available to the guests and we had to give up waiting to use it when the person in front of us decided to check their MySpace page and typed in a blog post, knowing full good and well by the conversation we had that we needed to find the location of a place we were seeking out. I ended up winging it and found it on my own, but still, my need far outweighed their desire to post a blog.

We ate dinner at Baci on Friday night. We didn't know what to expect because no one from the hotel, it seemed, had ever eaten there. We walked in and noticed that the place was dimly lit and the tables were crescent-shaped, obviously for romantic, side-by-side dining. We were a little intimidated because we were just expecting your usual hotel restaurant, not some fancy schmancy restaurant. We were greeted by a friendly waitress and shown to our seat. The restaurant is billed as fine Italian cuisine, but the meals for the evening (there isn't a menu, the waitress comes to you with a tray containing all the meats/seafood they will prepare for the evening). We both ordered the Filet Mignon and I must say, it was fabulous. The prices for the meals range from $25 and up per person, so don't expect a cheap dinner here. But if elegance is your thing...then Baci will not disappoint. We were informed that they have a live DJ that comes in at 10 and "spins the wax" until 2:30...that's not really my cup of tea, so we didn't partake.

All in all, the duration of our stay was quite pleasant and despite other reviews stating the contrary, we definitely going to stay here again. For the price, the proximity, the amenities, and the quality of service, we were left with smiles on our faces and no regrets. Take it from me...I'm one picky customer.

NIGHTMARE at the Comfort Inn

from A TripAdvisor Member
If you are thinking of staying here, please rethink this decision. When we arrived at the hotel after a day at Cedar Point there were a pack of kids having a little party out in the hallway that we had to wiggle through each time we left our room. As for the room it was filthy - the floors were disgusting and the bedding wasn't much better. My Sister-in-law's room was connected to ours and when she turned down the beds she discovered that the sheets were flat - not fitted and threadbare. When we went down to the front desk they told us (at midnight) that there were about 25 people that had complaints lodged before us that needed to be taken care of and that the two people who were their "housekeeping" department would get there in under 30 minutes, it took an hour and a half. The party going on outside our room finally was told to "keep it down" or they would be asked to leave due to the ten different rooms that had complained in the past half hour. When my sister-in-law finally got her sheets only one set was fitted and she had to put them on herself at 1:30am. The next morning at checkout there were no appoligies - just nastiness and major attitudes. I would NEVER think of staying at another Comfort Inn ever again - this is the worst and most unclean hotel I've EVER stayed in. We went to the Clarion hotel by the Sandusky Mall and what an amazing place to stay - it's beautiful and the people there are amazing.

Top Local Tips for Sandusky

DONT STAY HERE Try and stay at the Great Wolf Lodge or Castaway Bay if going to Cedar Point

Don't miss Cedar Point I can't imagine a trip to Ohio withut a day at Cedar Point.

Nasty Poohl/HotTub Upon check-in, things looked pretty good on the surface. Lobby and room seemed pretty clean. We changed and went to the pool area where we found a real mess. The pool and hot-tub water was the murkiest I had ever seen, most generally meaning bacteria levels are high. My 12 yr old son was incredibly disappointed when I wouldn't allow him to get it. The sign in the entrance said no alcohol permitted, yet everyone in there was drinking/drunk, destroying the place and there was unacceptable (sexual) behavior. There was no one around to monitor the area. We decided to to back to the room to kick back and watch tv. When I pulled back the sheets it was quite clear that while the sheets had been changed... the blanket and bedspread probably had not been changed through several different quests. There was food and God knows what stuck on them. We just tossed them off to the side since we had it warm enough in the room to do without them. We ordered Evan Almighty. When the movie came on it was so distorted we had to strain to make out the picture. We called the front desk and they said in a few minutes, they would restart the movie to see it that would take care of the problem. Two hours later... when the credits were rolling, we got a call telling us they had forgotten and wanted to know if we still wanted it restarted.


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  • Address: 5909 Milan Rd - Sandusky - Ohio - 44870 - United States
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