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Cincinnatian Hotel

4 star

Rooms: 146

601 Vine Street - Cincinnati - Ohio - 45202 - United States Hotel Website | 800 942 9000
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Reviews - Cincinnatian Hotel

Submitted by: Jerry Hamill in 09/06/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Business Traveller
Perhaps for the market this is better than average but compared to other hotels throughout the country and for the price it was very average. Although there was nothing wrong with the hotel itself - it did nothing to set itself apart from other hotels. The historic facade is nice but inside it's just another hotel. There was also a problem with the HVAC at the time of my check-in and therefore I wasn't given the room I reserved and they actually had suggested I stay in conference room. Once the problem was fixed they never offered to move me back to my origional room nor was there any adjustment made to the bill. A missed opportunity for outstanding service.
If I'm ever in Cincinnati again I'll try one of the other hotels the city has to offer.
STUNNING hotel, but service fell short
Submitted by: Nathan S. in 09/06/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Weekend Breaker
We stayed at The Cincinnatian Hotel after we got a FANTASTIC rate at this site. The hotel is conveniently located downtown and near the Ohio River. The hotel is absolutely beautiful. The lobby is elegant and cozy with little sitting nooks that look onto the busy downtown street. There is a bar and restaurant immediately across from the lobby entrance, but we didn't try those.
Each guest room is uniquely decorated. There are two sides, an older side, which is still elegant and a newer-renovated side. The rooms are fairly large for what you might expect from a hotel. I don't know that many rooms have what one might consider a "good view," though.
When we booked on this site, they selected an older room for us upon check-in. The room had a beautiful oriental decor. A lovely armoire and spacious area. The bath was large, but very dated. Everything worked, but it had clearly seen better days. We had a minor problem with our room, so they moved us to the newer side. OH MY GOSH!!! If you can afford to pay their top-dollar rates to assure you get a newer room, DO IT!!!! We saw one king room that literally looked like it was taken from a mansion...I'm not kidding. It was the most beautiful hotel room I'd EVER seen (or any room for that matter). Absolutely luxurious and gorgeous. The king bed sat high and fluffy. The bathroom....*sigh*...the bathroom was PLUSH...all top of the line materials...granites, natural stones, marbles...brand new Jacuzzi tub, plus stand-up, glass shower with the jet sprays...I wanted to move in! Our room, was a king suite. Beautiful furnishings, window treatments...and the bath! Wow! It had this HUGE, MAMMOTH soaking tub that was the biggest tub I'd ever seen in my life, and it was porcelain, as opposed to fiberglass. There was a TON of space in the bath. We felt like we were RICH staying in that room. It was beautiful. Housekeeping comes around for turndown service and they leave you cookies...delicious. :-) The lobby staff were courteous, but I didn't feel like we belonged. Maybe it was just me feeling out-of-place because everything was so outrageously spectacular, but I don't think so. The hotel staff was a teeny bit snooty compared to other nice hotels we've stayed at...(i.e. Westin, Hyatt, Hilton, etc.). Granted, this hotel is NOT in the same class as any of those hotels...this is more along the lines of the Ritz Carlton or something like that, I's a *very* nice hotel. I didn't notice if they had a pool or anything. We weren't looking for that. Upon checkout, we noticed a ding on our front bumper when the valet returned our car (which we'd had for less than a month). They said they didn't know how they got it. I had never noticed the white paint scrapes on the front bumper. I tried not to make a major case out of it, but the manager had the attitude that they wouldn't do something like that. I'm sure they wouldn't have deliberately done something like that, but things happen. In any case, we made plans to discuss insurance later. We were in contact a couple of times. After I cleaned the car from our trip, the scratches looked minor, almost unnoticeable. I contacted them and told them that the scratches were far less serious than they looked at the hotel, and I explained that I was not 100 percent certain that they weren't there before, but that I believe that they had appeared during our stay at the hotel. She said she'd have their insurer contact me. They never did. Because the scarring was so minor, I just let it go. The experience soured me enough that I decided that while the rooms were beautiful, I don't know if I'd want to stay there again. The staff just didn't treat us in a very welcoming way from the moment we first walked into the hotel to the moment we left. Something didn't feel right. But obviously, all customers don't feel that way because I believe they do very well. Unfortunately, you might have to choose between luxury style and personal service...but the luxury style is definitely something to marvel at.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Cincinnatian Hotel

A Wonderful Hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have stayed at the Cincinnatian on several occasions, and each time seems to surpass the last. I am bewildered by the negative reviews I've read on this site; I have only praise to offer to this hotel and its excellent staff.

Each guest room and suite I have stayed in has been immaculate and inviting. I've never had a problem with noise from the lobby coming into the room. The staff has always been kind and unobtrusive, and quick to deal with the smallest need or whim. I have always found that any problem, once reported to the staff, ceases to exist almost at once.

The Cincinnatian is a wonderful hotel and I urge anyone visiting Cincinnati to stay there if you are able to. It is a rare luxury.

Very pleased with our stay

from cbkingery
My husband and I chose the Cincinnatian Hotel for an overnight weekend stay. All staff we encountered were friendly and helpful. We felt very welcome.
We booked the $99 weekend rate for a standard queen. When checking-in, I was given a choice of rooms on upper floors. Our atrium-view room with a balcony was very clean and neat. While it was small, it was simple yet elegantly decorated. The carpet appeared to be new, the bed was comfortable, and the linens crisp and clean. The bath area was very clean as well. We thought there could have been better lighting in the separate sink/toilet areas but we liked the large tub/shower area. The cookies at turndown were a great touch. We were not bothered by the music in the Cricket Bar partly because we didn't return back to the hotel until after midnight. We could understand however, why others mentioned this as a problem in their reviews. We also chose to park in a public lot on Vine Street for $8. It might not have been as safe as the hotel's lot but we took our chances because we didn't want to pay $25. We didn't encounter any problems and felt the garage was not creepy and well lit.
We would stay at the Cincinnatian again but would request a room overlooking the street. I caught a glimpse at the room across the hall from ours and it had a higher ceiling and a large window - it was more fitting of the historical nature of the hotel (this aspect of the hotel was a large reason for booking it instead of another).


from queencityfan
Having already reviewed this hotel last year I will not repeat all the nice things I said then, because they are all still true!

We spent a very busy Aniversary weekend exploring our favorite places in town, The Contemporary Arts center, Rockbottom Brewery, Barleycorns (site of our first date over 25 years ago) and took a short cab ride up to Mt Adams for dinner at the Celestial. After watching the famous laborday fireworks we were so glad to walk a few short blocks "home" and not have to worry about the traffic!

Our home base at the Cincinnatian was peaceful and welcoming after a long afternoon and evening. The hotel personel from the doorman to the deskclerk and the housekeeping staff treated us so well I can't see ever staying anywhere else downtown.

Our room was spacious and very comfortable. Of course the cookies were delicious at turn-down. Thanks to all who made our stay special, we look forward to our next stay.

nice but some perplexing things

from A TripAdvisor Member
We didn't have a noise issue like other reviewers. Lobby was nice, staff was helpful, they put us on the top floor as requested. Real keys! How often do you see that now?
Got to the room and spent the rest of the time getting over it. The room was quite small. It wasn't really bad, it just wasn't what we anticipated. The bathroom was very spacious and nice, two sinks, good size closet, good quality robes and the best, softest towels of any hotel we've been in.
But the room size and a few other little things kept us from just loving it. There were 2 skylights at the entrance, but only a small window in one corner, starting over 4 feet from the floor. Just a small sliver of the outside world. The work area was built into that area beneath the window, but the surface was very high compared to the chair. Not comfortable for working any length of time. Someone thought it would be cool to have all the hotel info, menus, etc. as a pile of loose sheets of paper (did we have all the pages?). No drink machines, so you'd use the minibar (and no gift shop downstairs that we saw).
Turndown cookies were really good.
Overall, it looks like they thought of a lot of things in planning the hotel, but not everything.

Nice hotel and love the cookie

from hermars
I stay here all the time for business. The rooms are large and clean. Make sure to stay in a room in a higher floor due to the noise in the lounge. Location is prime for shopping and sports. I always look forward to staying there.

We loved it

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just got back from a two nighter in Room 401. I was a little nervous based on some of the reviews, but found the place very nice and the staff very attentive. No problems at all. If you are concerned with band noise, make sure you do not have a balcony room or you will most likely hear the music. Our room was a corner Deluxe Queen with a view of the alley behind the building. Not a huge room by any stretch, but not tiny like I was expecting based on previous reviews. No noise, no problems, comfy bed, nice feel to the whole place.


s true: earplugs needed

from lurker01
I want to agree with the previous reviewer: the jazz band in the bar can be heard throughout the hotel until 11:00 pm, drum solos included. I thought it was outrageous to rent someone a room for $200 and then not provide a quiet environment to rest. In addition, the cable to the tv was broken and wouldn't stay in the tv, so reception came and went. As with the other reviewer, they offered to move us, but we had settled in and didn't want to move at a late hour. They offered no apology when I complained at check out. Just seemed surprised that we would have been trying to rest before 11 pm. Good grief.

A Throwback to the past.

from A TripAdvisor Member
We loved our stay at the Cincinnatian, we felt like we were back in the good old days where everyone had a smile and couldn't wait to help you. Everything from our cocktails in the bar to our wonderful room and exceptional treatment by the staff made us want to stay longer then our time allowed. We can't wait to go back and visit again.

Hated It!!!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
The staff was rude, and the room smelled like an old shoe. Not to mention we requested a hot tub and even paid more for it but when we got there no hot tub and no price reduction! To top it off there were mouse droppings in the drawers! Yuck!! Save your money and go somewhere else!
Management Response from DanBrookbank
On behalf of the entire staff and management of The Cincinnatian Hotel, I would like to profess my utter astonishment at the vitriol expressed by this particular reviewer. Quite frankly, I doubt its veracity, as no complaint even resembling the one posted by sandpiper sally has ever been expressed in the almost 10 years of my tenure. I believe that my reasons for holding this review suspect should also result in reasonable suspicion ofrom almost any unbiased peruser of its content.

First of all, why not contact management on the night in question to express your frustration, especially if what is alleged to have taken place is so egregious? I can unequivocally attest that had mouse droppings truly been discovered and reported to management, the room would have been comped with no questions asked. It is blatantly irresponsible for Ms. Sandpiper to post an unfair and misleading opinion without giving management an opportunity to rectify the situation. There is absolutely no record of such a complaint being voiced.

Second, it is possible that Ms. Sandpiper did not receive the room she "requested" and for that I am sorry. Unless the room is guaranteed at the regular room rate, complimentary upgrades to rooms with Jacuzzi's are based upon availability at the time of check-in only. It never hurts to ask such questions and, of course, the Cincinnatian Hotel will always strive to accomodate its guest in every possible fashion; but unfortunately such requests must often be declined if the room can be sold at the prevailing rate.

Fianlly, since Ms. Sandpiper didn't give us a chance to respond, we are immensely grateful for the opportunity provided by Tripadvisor to salvage the small portion of our reputation that Ms. Sandpiper has done her best to savage. In the future, I hope that any previous or potential guest who has questions will contact me at the E-mail I've listed, so that I may personally assure them of our generally consistent and superb reputation as Cincinnati's leading hospitality property.

And, one more thing, you have my personal gurarantee that none of our rooms smell like an "old shoe."

Thank You.

your friends in Cincinnati will be impressed....

from A TripAdvisor Member
By staying here you will definitely impress whomever you are coming to visit. As others have mentioned, the lobby and greeting staff are great. Our room was spacious, but mediocre in terms of furnishings and amenities. Lights did not work, fans did not work and the heat sort of worked.

The things that leave a bad impression are when you order breakfast room service and receive the breakfast only to find that one of the side items is not with your meal. You call down to Kelly who promptly tells you that it does not come with your meal. Even though you are holding the menu, which clearly states that it does, in your hand.

Then, the same Kelly barges into your room to check the minibar, while you are trying to shower and dress. Apparently she has to clock out because she refused to come back at a later time. So, the minibar seal was broken when the bellman brought the bags in. She checks the minibar and declares that a Toblerone is missing. As we have not touched the minibar, we raise our objections, which fall on deaf ears.

So, stay away from Kelly and your trip will be enjoyable. The receptionist took care of these problems on our bill.

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  • Address: 601 Vine Street - Cincinnati - Ohio - 45202 - United States
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