West Side Inn Hotel

, New York City, United States
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West Side Inn Hotel

, New York City

Rooms: 105

237 W 107th St - New York City - New York - 10025 - United States Hotel Website | | 212/866-0061
269 Traveller

Reviews - West Side Inn Hotel

Cockroaches not included!!!
Submitted by: Leasa in 12/02/08
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
My friend and I booked to stay at the West Side Inn for 5 nights via the internet. We requested a room with two double beds. When we arrived we were asked what kind of room we wanted...dorm, single!! so no actual room was booked prior to us arriving. Not the worst thing that can happen since they did have rooms available. How wrong we were. My friend suggested we see the room before parting with our hard earned cash. The lift did not work, the paint work in the corridor was peeling off, the linen & towels had actual stains on them. Broken furniture, paint on the windows, a 2 inch gap between the door and the frame, the fridge was infested with cockroaches and don't get me started on the shared bathroom!! We had no choice but to stay here for 1 night and paid a huge sum of $114.00 each. The next day (5am) we left this hovel and went looking for a hotel to stay in for the remainder of our trip. not an easy task since the tourist infomation office had moved, it was a week before Thanksgiving and everywhere was fully booked. However we did find the tourist infomation office and finally we booked into the Murray Hill East Suites at 149 E39th Street. We had a lovely suite of rooms and all for $700. I would suggest NO-ONE ever stays at the West Side Inn, as I can see from other reviews time has not changed a thing for these hotel, sorry hotel, owners!!
Submitted by: Franklin in 21/12/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
Do not stay in this hotel. Don't be fool by the cheap prices. The customer service is terrible. They say they do not take credit cards, but they will charge your account if they believe they have the right to do so.
Do not give your credit card number!!
Luxurious & quiet indeed
Submitted by: Elisabeth VanDeMortel in 27/06/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: Netherlands
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
The only thing I did not like in your hotel was all the waste at breakfast; dishes, cups, forks, knives, all only for using one time. I think that is an pity and not good for the environment.
Don't believe the pictures!!!
Submitted by: Aaron Calkins in 23/05/05
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
I was told that the West Side Inn was recently remodelled, and the pictures looked great. Misleading would be an understatement. The stairwell smelled of cat urine, the door barely closed, and those were the positives. I would not recommend staying at the West Side Inn.

Historical Traveller Reviews of West Side Inn Hotel

Avoid at all costs! Beware of shill reviews!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Funny how this awful hotel suddenly received three positive reviews within 24 hours after a string of dire warnings -- I wouldn't be surprised if the management wrote them, along with the very first, gushingly positive review. The West Side Inn is the second-worst hotel I have ever stayed at (to put it in perspective, the worst was a rodent-infested workers' hostel in the former Soviet Union, where the toilet was flushed with a 2-liter bottle). For nearly $100 a night, we got a concave bed with no other furniture; threadbare, unclean sheets; filthy carpet and walls; cracked windows; the ability to hear everything that happened on the corridor; and a bathroom that, well, wasn't very pleasant. Almost all the guests we talked to had booked via hotels.com, whose site makes the West Side Inn look like a basic but pleasant guesthouse. The West Side Inn management has clearly learned that hotels.com, once you have checked in, refuses to re-book you in another hotel or refund your money (and to make things more difficult, they don't list a telephone number on your booking receipt or have a listed toll-free number). The fraudulent westside inn web site shows a clean, freshly painted room with flowers that looks nothing like what you get, and views of the lobby, which is shabby but doesn't looks so bad in a low-resolution image. How this dump can claim one or two stars is beyond me -- it ruined our stay. Take our advice -- read the (genuine) reviews and stay far away from theWest Side Inn.

The Flea Pit of all Flea Pits

from kennydbell
If anything could be further from the advertisment this is the place.The first room we were given had no furniture apart from the beds and stank of urine.Room No 2 had no door lock and had the remains of someones music system strewn over the flimsy set of drawers,and it was impossible to see through the filthy windows.Perhaps that was to save them from putting curtains up?Room No 3 was worse.We found a used condom under the bed,and filthy towels in a corner.The bathroom was that dirty I would not have let a dog use it.When we questioned the man at the so called reception if we could have a room as shown on the internet,he told us that the photograph was of the managers appartment!Please Please dont go to this filthy flea pit. KB

Best value for the dollar

from A TripAdvisor Member
I check into this hotel and was surprised to see everyone spoke French, and was very accommodating. The lobby is old world Euorpe style with a bit of history. The rooms were clean and comfortable, the baths were also very clean, The staff was very helpful I liked it

Good enough for the price

from A TripAdvisor Member
I first stayed at the West Side Inn four years ago (before they remodeled) and just recently, again, in October 2003. Granted, it's not the Shangrila but the rooms are clean -- including the bed and sheets -- there's a working TV, the shared baths are clean and in working condition (hot water, good water pressure) and you're a block away from the train. I think this place is perfect for low-maintenance people who like to travel on a budget.

A hostel not a hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
The thing to realise is that this is a hostel not a hotel. You can't expect the Hilton when you're only paying a small amount. I was very dubious about going after I'd read the other reviews here after I'd already booked it. However, when I got there, although it is basic, it was adequate. After all, you don't go to New York to sit in your hotel room. It wasn't spotless, but it was reasonably clean, there was a TV with lots of channels, it was warm, the bed was comfortable, there were hangers provided in the hanging area, I felt safe and the staff were friendly and helpful. There are also good lockers to store your luggage after you've checked out. I took a sleeping bag just in case after I'd read these reviews and I did feel more comfortable in that, but the bedding was clean. I would advise ear plugs because the pipes tend to creak, but other than that it is quiet. It is situated in a good place enabling you to stroll downtown through Central Park and stop off on the way, and then just get a taxi back at the end of the day. I didn't pay more than $8 including tip to get back in a cab. All in all, I would say that if this hostel is all you can afford, it is worth it so that you can go to New York. You will have such a fantastic time, and spend so little time in the hostel that it will be adequate. Just make sure you don't expect the Ritz when you're paying for a hostel.

The hotel from HELL!

from A TripAdvisor Member
This was by far the worst hotel I have ever stayed in, and I have stayed in a few. The staff are rude, unfriendly and totally unhelpful.
The rooms were filthy, the sheets were not changed from the previous occupants and the televison did not work. The showers and toilets are disgusting, someone vomited all over the kitchen sink and it was not cleaned up for two days. By the way the kitchen contains a sink and that is all, no cooking facilities at all. You have no control over the heating in the rooms and we had to sleep fully clothed as it was so cold, thankfully we had our sleeping bags with us. We couldnt even close our window as it was broken. This hotel was so bad the company that we booked with refunded our money and moved us to another hotel.
Whatever you do, DO NOT STAY AT THIS DUMP! It is a health and fire hazard. Yes it is cheap, but believe me it is not worth it, it almost ruined our entire holiday.

For the love of God, please stay well away!!!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Where do I begin? Having booked an eight day trip to New York over the New Year period, my girlfriend and I were very exited, despite the fact that our "hotel" was expected to be basic. How wrong we were, The West Side Inn is most probably the worst hotel to ever exist ( that includes Pension Desvio in Murcia), basic would be a huge over exaggeration. The lobby was dirty and smelt of death, the lift did not work, the corridors had sticky floors and I swear the walls were sweating, the bathrooms were filthy and on more than one occasion the toilets overflowed depositing human waste on the floor, the showers trickled out icy water, and last but not least the putrid rooms. They were not fit for rats nevermind humans. Dubious stains on sheets, bare light tubes, no bin, damp pillows, just a bed and tv for furnishing. The only plus side was that the constantly noisy and scalding hot water pipes kept the room warm and that we saw everything of New York City if only to minimise our time spent in the Disgusting West Side Inn. Listen to the reviews and give this place a wide swerve.

words fail me

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have just read the other reviews of this hotel for the first time and
couldn't help but laugh - it is somewhat a relief to see that we are
not the only ones who fell for the description of the West Side Inn.
Reading people's descriptions brought back awful memories of that dirty
hotel which thinking about it now makes my skin crawl.
Each morning we were awoken to people shouting, the first morning someone was shouting 'it f@*king stinks in here', the next morning someone was shouting 'this place is a dump' - what more can you say, apart from we had to spend 8 sorry nights there. Honestly DO NOT GO

Worst Ever!!!!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I don't even know where to begin, I wish I had read these reviews first! Unless you absolutely cannot afford anything else don't stay here. Great neighbourhood, seems safe but the hotel itself is very bad.
The whole place is very dirty and old. I couldn't guess when they had last vacuumed the carpets. My sheets were unclean and ripped. Very hard to take a shower with the water either scalding hot or freezing cold.
There is nothing in the room, no clocks, side tables, remote control or anything. Just a very uncomfortable bed and a TV. You have to bring your own everything. I didn't feel unsafe, I just couldn't believe I paid more than $50 a night to stay in that dump!!!!!

worst hotel in NYC and maybe the world!

from A TripAdvisor Member
From all the hotels I have ever stayed in (about 40 countries), this was definitely the worst. We (two girls) prebooked and prepaid this through British Airways and therefore were condemned to stay for the whole 4 days. The entrance to the hotel looks reasonable, which is very misleading. First, the Indian man on reception was very rude and took our passports (illegal) and made us wait for ages because he couldn't find our reservation. He told us that we had to pay a daily tourist tax, and we said we would once we'd got money. We had booked a twin room but he tried to give us a double bed, fortunately we had the booking form and insisted on 2 beds. The room then had beds with very sagging middles and in one the spring was protruding through the mattress, and the sheets had holes in. The room was dingy and dim and the view out the back behind the filthy net curtains was like something out of NYPD. There were only 2 bathrooms per floor and they were dirty.
After going out, the Indian man came up and started banging on our door shouting "you owe money" (tourist tax), this happened on several occasions - even though we kept telling him we'd pay it before leaving.
During our stay we also saw that there were weird people actually living in the hotel, there was an old oriental woman living in a room filled with junk and with several cats in cages. We were just so glad to leave!

Top Local Tips for New York City

Getting to and from the airport The Airlink shuttle service is an excellent, low priced way of getting to and from the airport and can be booked online or via the telephone providing you have a credit card. It's quicker thn public transport but a lot cheaper than a taxi ($14 compared to $45 to LaGuardia) as it's a shared service. The drivers are extremely friendly and helpful. Highly reccommended.

Lower East Side Find some of the Live music venues around the Lower East Side, there are some AMAZING times to be had. Tip Will, and don't take the New York Attitude personally, it's not meant personally !I Found 2 great Venues and watched several bands, not bad in Just 4 days. Club Midway, and Sin-E both on the lower east were great. The Public Transport here is Awesome and is only confusing for the first day. after that you'll be hopping on and off the 1, 2 or 3, changing to the F or V and getting to where you want without even thinking about it. not only that, but a Taxi at 3 am from Lower East Side Manhattan to Upper West almost as far as you can possibly go will cost only about $20 ! Please, when In NYC take 2 hours to walk the length of Central Park !

Subway I've never done public transportaion so I got lost alot. I would say (1) choose a hotel NEAR a subway station and (2) buy a pass that allows you to travel unlimited the entire time you're there.


Other names for West Side Inn Hotel

  • west side inn new york
  • west side inn hostel
  • west side inn
  • west side hotel new york
  • west side hotel
  • hotel west side
  • Address: 237 W 107th St - New York City - New York - 10025 - United States
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"Cockroaches not included!!!" - Leasa

"HOTEL HELL" - Franklin

"Luxurious & quiet indeed" - Elisabeth VanDeMortel

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