Riverside Tower Hotel

, New York City, United States
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Riverside Tower Hotel

, New York City
1 star

Rooms: 120

80 Riverside Drive - New York City - New York - 10024 - United States Hotel Website | | 2128775200
211 Traveller

Reviews - Riverside Tower Hotel

Just Nasty
Submitted by: Rob in 19/03/08
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
I'm by no means a picky traveller, but this hotel skeeved me out. The room, sinks & showers were clean, but I was terrified to think what might be living on the comforter & blankets. Most disturbing were the thin doors. I could hear everything.
Submitted by: Steve in 01/08/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Clean sink and shower, good location, s t r o n g smell of insecticide with no way to get good air exchange, comfortable bed but broken side piece, lamp missing switch, small but tolerable except for the insecticide.
Stay Away!!!
Submitted by: M in 23/12/05
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
This place is a dump with a good rate. The price is not worth what you get by no means. The only thing that was nice was one of the night ladies and that was all. The manager was very unprofessional and very unreasonable. When we arrived we found out that our suite had been given away to another party who had more people in their group. The purpose of reservations was a total misunderstood concept to this man. We ended up in a very small room that was not big enough for two people with luggage. This place was the worst experience with an out-of-town hotel that i have ever had.

Avoid this place like the plague - you will not regret it. I promise!!!!!
Overall Ok
Submitted by: George in 05/10/05
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: Bulgaria
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
really small rooms - but a nice almost central area for a mid-price: overall OK
Great Value And Location!
Submitted by: John in 05/10/05
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Budget Traveller
I've stayed here twice; the Riverside Tower Hotel is one of the best values for a budget hotel in Manhattan. Yes, the rooms are small (ask for a room on an upper floor with a river view), the elevator is slow and the staff seem distracted; however, the location on Manhattan's Upper West Side is ideal: two blocks from Broadway and 10 minutes from Times Square on the 1-2-3-9 subway line, four blocks from Central Park and the Natural History Museum, right next to the 79th Street Marina in a very quiet and pleasant residential area, plus good restaurants nearby. Best yet, you can't beat the price, especially the suites. I'd stay there again.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Riverside Tower Hotel

Hotel from Hell

from paradiselover_1
This past weekend my church group stayed at this hotel. The elevator was extremely small, only about three people could fit onto the elevator at a time! The place was practically infested with roaches. When my sisters and I entered our "Suite" (ha ha lol) we killed about 5 roaches. The next night one of them stayed up almost all night killing roaches because she was afraid the bugs would join her in bed. On top of that the room was filthy. It smelled bad and we used an entire can of Lysol trying to make it bearable. We booked what was supposed to be a 4 person suite but surely wasn't. They gave us a cot, but we had no place to put it when we tried to open it. Oh, and by the way, does a dorm size fridge with a small microwave on top make an extremely tiny "hotel room" a suite? My goodness, there was barely room to walk around in this matchbox. The dirty little (and I mean little) bathroom was just that dirty and little. I have seen pantries in small apartments bigger that that.
As for the almost nonexistent staff, they were horrible. Whenever we called down to make a complaint, they were supposed to send someone up but never did.
Boy were we SUCKERS, we paid $129 a night for this poor excuse for a hotel. We felt like Dorothy when she was leaving OZ. There is definitely no place like home.
If you want to feel like you're paying to stay in a facility that is probably worse than a homeless shelter, by all means stay here. But if you would rather have a decent hotel, do more research and stay elsewhere. Do not recommend this place to anyone you know, not even your worst enemy. No one deserves this. You may even be better off sleeping on a bench in Central Park.

couldnt turn around

from A TripAdvisor Member
I have never been in a room that small. Our "double" room was a walk-in closet sized room. Our 2 separate twin beds were a twin with a trundle. Once the bottom bed was pulled out there was less than 12 inches between the bed and the wall. We had nowhere to put our suitcases. We were told we could unpack them and bring them to the storage room but there was no where to put our clothes. The closet was so tiny that my clothes hung sideways. The shower didnt drain. The AC window unit above ours dripped onto ours with a racket so bad we had to buy earplugs to sleep the next night. The paint was peeling and dirty. They gave us 2 towels and changed them out 1 time out of the 4 days we were there. The beds were not changed at all over the course of our stay. The staff was very unfriendly. I went to ask about getting a better or larger room even if we needed to pay more and the man looked at me and grunted no bigger rooms and then preceded to resume reading his magazine. The neighborhood was very pretty and was only 2 blocks away from broadway and Zabar's (wonderful place). However, if it were a choice of coming to New York again and staying here or never coming back...I would never come back.

Worst hotel ever

from A TripAdvisor Member
This place was awfull, we stayed for all of 2 hours, at least they refunded us what we had already paid. the room for 4 was far to small. Beds had no pillows, or headboards. there was a pull our bed for our 6ft + son but no where to put it in the rooms. Doorlocks were poor. En-suite non existant a toilet between the two roms with a filthy shower. Its also miles from anywhere. I just could not stay, and we instantly checked out and found another place. If you are not a student don't stay here.

The price was right

from TerriM
Our family of 4 stayed in a two-room suite for 3 nights in May. I had read all of the other reviews here so had prepared everyone in advance concerning the small elevators and very small rooms. I checked very carefully for bed bugs and roaches and found none--the rooms were clean, no problems at all. The staff is very helpful. There is a lobby with chairs and couches if you need a little more roomy area to relax in. There are about 12-15 permanent residents. Everyone on our floor was quiet. There are 2 washers & 1 dryer in a very damp sub-basement. I wished the door locks were more secure, and that the outside noise did not leak right in around the air conditioner units. Overal this place is a great bargain in a nice, safe location near a beautiful park. It was nice to have a frig, and they loaned us a hair dryer, & a hot pot to heat up water for coffee.

The best staff in New York!

from A TripAdvisor Member
My sister and I stayed at the Riverside Tower in early June. At first we were taken aback by the small room size. However, when we learned that the hotel was formerly a Columbia University Residence, we relaxed, remembered, and settled right into dormitory life. The two rooms connected by a toilet/shower combo were ideal for two singles travelling together. Shower pressure was great. Rooms and linens were clean, with lots of clean towels every day. I did have the urge to decorate my walls with posters, but limited myself to vases of fresh flowers instead. The location was ideal, safe, and convenient, with free parking on the street. Best of all this hotel has the friendliest, most helpful desk staff in New York! As I was checking out, I heard one return guest calling out, "Honey, I'm home!". She was greeted with hugs. I will certainly use this hotel on all my future trips to New York!

An excellent experience!

from membc
My wife and I just returned from a fabulous weekend in NYC. After searching tirelessly for a place to stay, we finally found the inexpensive Riverside Tower Hotel and found it to be clean and convenient. The great rates, helpful front desk staff and the close proximity to the 79th Street subway station make this hotel a great value. For those who are just looking for a place to sleep, this is it. Rooms are SMALL and nothing special. We were also able to find street parking for free!

Cramped but nice

from starrynight_lb
I stayed at this hotel last year for spring break.It is very affordable for students.It was clean and the staff were very nice.The rooms are very small, but since most people are out during the day anyway, it really doesnt matter.I would recommend this hotel to students because it is clean, close to the subway,to the famous Zabar's, and is in a safe neighborhood.

Very affordable rates in a good, safe neighborhood

from A TripAdvisor Member
I stayed at the Riverside Tower hotel 7 years ago, in 1997. It seems nothing has changed in regards to remodeling/upgrading.

I would have given a 1-circle 'Terrible' rating, but gave a 2-circle 'Okay, but some problems' instead. When I first arrived at my room, I walked into the bathroom. There was urine in the toilet bowl and a pubic hair on the seat. I kid you not. This to me is unacceptable (not exactly sanitary!), however I decided to "overlook it" and make the best of it. I stayed in a 'Single' and had a fully-private bathroom.
The linens smelled clean and laundered however. The drain in the shower was stopped up, and water rose to my ankles. Water pressure was great however! The walls were thin and I heard loud voices. I personally did not see any bugs, however I did smell bug spray. If I had seen bugs, I would have been out of there in a flash! That would have been the last straw!

In a nutshell, this is a BUDGET no-frills hotel, and this is why the rates are kept low. This also explains the ancient-old-barely-working furnishings! Yes, it is pretty shocking IF you're not used to it. NYC hotel rooms are well-known to be SMALL (budget ones especially), and this hotel is no doubt the winner!

Now, for the positive side, the hotel IS in a SAFE desirable neighborhood, and has lots of eateries and grocery stores nearby within comfortable walking distance. Broadway is about 2 blocks from the hotel, and it's safe to walk at night. This hotel is also in a quiet, lovely neighborhood away from the hustle-bustle city life and traffic.
If this is what you prefer (like I do!), then you simply can NOT beat the convenience and location and SAFETY in the Upper-West Side.

I will not stay at this hotel again though unfortunately. For me personally, I love the location, however I am a light-sleeper and had difficulty sleeping. It also was a little too-budget for my tastes.

So...for someone who can sleep through anything, just needs a bed to crash in, doesn't watch T.V (no cable there, about 3 stations and bad reception), and doesn't mind the ultra no-frills and old furnishings, but SAFETY, convenience, and great location are important and a priority, then I DO recommend this hotel! :-) For NYC it IS a "little kept-secret." :-)

Riverside comparable to European hotel experiences

from A TripAdvisor Member
I just spent two nights at the Riverside Tower with my husband and 89-year-old father. We had a three-person suite, and found it a great bargain. My husband and I have travelled in Europe a good deal, and are used to picking two-star hotels that get good ratings from "Let's Go" or similar budget travel guides. The Riverside fit right in with those: very small, not much to look at, but clean, comfortable, and quiet.
Where the European hotel will give you some sort of breakfast that may or may not suit you, the Riverside gives you a fridge and microwave and both neighborhood-style groceries and Zabar's bakery a short two blocks away. The mattresses and linens were excellent quality, and we were not disturbed by noise despite being directly across from the (tiny) elevator. We would definitely stay there again.

Fun and cosy

from A TripAdvisor Member
My teen daughter and I stayed at the Riverside Towers and we loved it!
We were a bit taken aback at first - it is old - and the single room would not do. Once we got the suite it was fine! It is a great location for the budget traveller with Zabars on the corner when you get off the subway. It was quiet and a lovely area for walking. The location overlooking the Hudson was just great. We could lay in bed and look out at the lights on the river. Also being on 80 Street we experienced more of Central Park as we would walk through to the Met etc. Hey, it's a budget hotel, an excellent price. Cosy. We did not see any bugs, it was clean and we felt safe and comfortable. We will be returning!

Top Local Tips for New York City

Metro Card Get the 7-day Metro pass for $24. It's the best deal going! The subway is ultra safe (use normal big city smarts!), well lit and goes everywhere. I don't think we had to wait more than 5 minutes for a train, ever! Word of caution, be sure you know whether the station you enter is going Uptown or Downtown BEFORE you swipe your card. Otherwise you'll have to wait 10-20 minutes before you can use it again. Not so bad in sunny weather. A royal pain when it's raining cats and dogs!

taxis Taxis are pretty cheap in New York best way to get around

Public Transportation As soon as you arrive at the airport, make sure you purchase the Metro Card. it is good for all subways and all buses, and it can also be used on the Roosevelt Island Tramway (which is an awesome trip in and of itself). You CAN take a bus from Laguardia to Manhattan to 110th street. Take the M60 bus from the airport terminal directly to Manhattan. Buses arrive about every 10-15 minutes at airport. Watch out for taxi drivers. Only take yellow cab taxis. You should determine the cost before you commit to riding. One driver we had said that his meter was broke as soon as I got into the cab. Don't fall for that trick. Thank him, then get out of the cab and take one that you can understand the price. Dont' be shocked when its time to pay. Be prepared.


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  • riverside tower hotel
  • riverside tower
  • riverside hotel new york city
  • Address: 80 Riverside Drive - New York City - New York - 10024 - United States
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